Xbox One Cloud Can Save A Lot More Memory & CPU Processing, May Improve Pathfinding AI

David Miles, CTO of BabelFlux details the advantages of the cloud.

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xbox one cloud

Just before the new generation of consoles began, Microsoft have been pushing the so called power of the cloud for the Xbox One. A few months ago, Microsoft showcased their Xbox One cloud technology indicating that the new gizmo indeed has the potential to ramp up the physics and save processing power. In our interview with David Miles, CTO of BabelFlux LLC which created Navpower, we asked whether this could probably be used for improving the AI in the company’s  pathfinding package.

“That’s definitely something that we’ve considered. Although the new console machines have a lot of memory and CPU horsepower compared to previous generations of consoles, most of those resources are continuously in use rendering and simulating the world. Being able to leverage cloud resources would let you temporarily run processes which might consume a lot more memory or a lot more CPU,” he said to GamingBolt.

He also revealed that one of their clients is already using the cloud to build worlds. “For example, we already have clients who are using the NavPower build process on PC games, both locally on the client machine and on MMO server machines to dynamically rebuild sections of the world. Of course you can do that directly on consoles and we’ve had people do that in more limited situations but by leveraging the resources available on the cloud you could do that for a much larger section of the world.”

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Bliss Seeker

    Good. But this is old news.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    the only issue i swhen u dont have internet then the game might not even work.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Kind of like playing a multiplayer game.

    • corvusmd

      Or PS now. Plus each game will be different, but some games may still be able to run at current levels but lose any extra benefits that they get from cloud processing

    • hesoyamdonMonster

      Its sort of DRM, in the future to play the full version (definitive version); better AI, better graphic, huge world, where we need to subscribe to live. If not we would be paying $60 for a demo. And if this model succeed, Sony will soon adopt to this model. If this happen, as console gamer i will surly shift to pc.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Every gaming platform will adapt to it. We stay connected all the time. If people love MP gaming they should be excited.

    • Failz

      You clearly only look at the negatives which is all an assumption. PC gaming already does this sort of stuff. Jumping on PC wont be any different, its better because there services are free and the games are cheaper. I doubt Sony will implement this as MS invested 8 billion on there cloud service. Don’t think Sony have that sort of cash laying around.

    • Not_true

      Sony is investing money in improving PSN. More “hurr bankrupt” lies.

    • Failz

      Investing millions maybe. We are talking Billions my friend.

    • bardock5151

      I’m personally glad Sony is aiming to improve their network as it helps to keep Microsoft moving their side along as well, however this all comes at a large outlay then continues to require large sums of cash to keep running. And the only reason they started improving is because its one space they have never been able to say they’ve joined the big boy’s and they correctly predicted a large adoption rate of new subscribers.

    • hesoyamdonMonster

      yes your right i am looking at negatives side of cloud gaming and yaa its is assumption, if what all i have doesnt happen i will be very happy. Developer like EA are trying out different ways to rip us off and to stop to piracy, so time will come when all our game will require internet, but they will name it something else rather than DRM.

    • bardock5151

      Sony is pushing from another direction with ps now with full games streamed to you, whereas Microsoft is aiming to compliment local hardware with server support.
      PC is going to fold the same way seeing as publishers will push for it, just look at the rise of mmo’s can’t pirate those. The biggest DRM push started with pc being relatively open and accessible compared to a watched and locked platform, PC just isn’t the safest bet for publishers to make money anymore not for a long time.

    • Failz

      MMOs and all multiplayer games require a online service so unless you only play single player games and haven’t got the internet your the few that wont benefit. This is targeted for the majority.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Yup. And they all complain about lag.

  • brianc6234

    More crap about the cloud? It’s worthless for real gaming. It can only handle small tasks. Not enough to make Xbone games look and run better. And then you have to play online.

    • bardock5151

      How do you know this? Have you tried developing with it? No. Then let the professionals tell people what it can and can’t do and seeing as how its only relatively new there is no need to be so close minded. Almost every body is connected now anyway.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Yeah that’s all they do indeed: they tell. What about actually showing something? I’ve found the cure for cancer and AIDS, you know.. Just Wait!!

    • bardock5151

      Okay one thing AIDS is not something to trivialise by bringing it to try and prove your opinion. Next they have proved server co processing works with titanfall the ai reaction time is the same as a humans reaction time, its actually slowed down a bit as a computer reacts faster than we can. The ai has also been purposely turned down to leave it accessible to more players, you know to give people a high so as they keep coming back wether or not they do Is another matter. So we can all cross ai computation off the list and wait for the next milestone. Anyone 30 years ago if you told them that we all have phones with touch screens with the ability to play graphically and mechanically better games on them they’d tell you your full of it, but somebody somewhere thought it up and made what others thought impossible possible. Also look at the rapid advancements being made with server tech and GPU’s, they are far from a standstill yet CPU’s are stalling and that’s where all these different ideas and workarounds come from trying to give us all a better experience in whatever form of computing we desire. So please stop “telling” everybody its not going to be what they say it could be and just enjoy the ride.

    • Mark

      People don’t get that cloud compute is being used everyday. And that regardless of bandwidth, algorithyms (cpu based) are smaller data packets than graphics based packets across the net. I remember reading about Respawn saying most of the gaming industry didn’t think they’d develope a game based in the cloud (servers). Afterward, they stated there were a number of studios knocking on Microsoft’s door. Lol.

      It’s on the net somewhere. Anyway, cloud services are making boatloads of money and helping many big and small business using workstations for compute, daily. There’s huge bonuses for getting gamers on cloud games (Titanfall), for platform holders and developers. The cloud took alot of stress off Respawn because of the finances needed to keep an infrastructure up. And less piracy for MS.

      People had better believe Amazon and Google’s soon to be released consoles will be using their cloud servers for compute in gaming. Some of these journalists think those micro consoles need a ton of hardware to consider them next gen, but that is the point of compute. All that u really need in ur device is an HD Decoder, according to Square Enix’s Red Flare cloud page.

  • *stifles laughter* Whatever. Cloud-this, cloud-that. Whatever you want to cram down my throat. No Kool-Aid being consumed here, Microsoft.

    It does nothing, and will continue to do nothing. At least as far as the dying Xbox One is concerned.

  • HisDivineOrder

    Kinda irrelevant for any multiplatform game UNLESS the solution is done in a multiplatform kinda way.

    Given the performance advantage the PS4 has, exclusives will still favor PS4. Multiplatform games will favor PS4.

    Yeah. Best case for Xbox One it catches up, most common case it lags behind in resolution and framerate.

    • bardock5151

      The possibilities and capabilities of this tech could be far more important to performance than we think though. I put my expectations at a more populated, interactive and engaging game world, you know bigger and better destruction, smarter and more numerous NPC’s. At least for 1st party this is a highly likely outcome, another possible situation is a pc and xbox shared exclusive based on what has been said about dx12 with easier porting and all. And multiplatform games are marginally better on ps4 but this tech could sway alot of people over to the green camp once its fully running. Just like how it took ps3 quite a few years to actually come up to somewhere near how Sony hyped it and put some good benchmarks on the table.

    • Mark

      To me, comparing these 2 systems is like SNES and Genesis! Lol.

    • Mark

      What were their specs anyway? Lol


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