Xbox One Crosses Million Units Sold in the UK

You go, Xbox One!

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Xbox One has now sold a million units in the UK, MCV reports. This milestone comes after three weeks straight of the system outselling its chief competitor, the PlayStation 4, in the region (although the Xbox One is still trailing the PS4 in the region in terms of overall sales- the PS4 managed to hit a million units sold in the region a while ago).

However, the recent momentum is definitely good news for Microsoft, and puts the Xbox One squarely back in the race with the PlayStation 4- the lifetime sales of the Xbox One currently stand at 10 million, compared to the PlayStation 4’s 13.5 million units worldwide. In the US and in Japan, the Xbox One has been routinely outsold by the PS4, and in Europe, it has been a bloodbath. However, a series of aggressive bundling, pricing, co-branding, marketing, and game release tactics seems to be putting Microsoft back in the sales race now.

This holiday season promises to be interesting from a sales perspective for all three consoles. Let’s see how it goes.

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  • rodney patrick

    the xbox will win the this holiday with out a dout

    • Michael Norris

      I don’t know,you would think so because of the games.I see it being very close in America i give it to Xone.In the UK i give it PS4 just by a hair,and everywhere else i give it to PS4.

  • Mark

    This IS good news for all of us. We all want our respective systems to be treated like it’s in a pay per view fight……what gamer doesn’t want that? Anyway, everytime I see a sales story about PS4’s dominance globally, it baffles me how people seem to forget that;

    1) Sony unbundled the PS Eye (camera) before launch, giving the PS4 8 solid months of a $100 price advantage.
    2) Sony released PS4 in more than 50 countries at launch (compared to 13 for the One)
    3) The Kinect GPU reserve and pre June SDK allowed the PS4 to give the Xbox some of the blackest eyes ever in gaming, from a media and perception perspective. #ResolutionGate

    If I’ve ever observed a perfect storm for a platform holder, to the benefit of another, this is it. Thing is, Microsoft has the bank to lose a big Poker hand, and get back in the game. Yoshida and Kutaragi are some smart dudes (atleast for the Playstation division), and they went HAM on Microsoft lol. All in all though, both systems will be goin hard this gen, at pricing and added value for potential upgraders and newcomers.

    • Michael Norris

      The reason why MS has changed is because of those who invested into a Ps4.If MS was winning all of those things you listed wouldn’t had happen.Sony got it right from the start and it seems MS has changed for the better…for the most part ”the 3rd/indie parity is still bullshit”

    • Mark

      I wouldn’t say “Sony got it right from the start” as much as I’d say “Sony capitalized on Microsoft’s E3 conference intelligently”. They went second, and boom. Along with Don Mattrick tripping over himself.

      1) They changed the original plan to include the camera, and unbundled it, to launch below the X1’s price

      2) Microsoft’s DRM announcement HEAVILY influenced Yoshida and Sony on their DRM stance.

      Do u really think the Xbox had a chance to outsell the PS4 at $100 less and existing in way less markets? Pay attention to the recent surge in Xbox sales this holiday. Why? Cheaper than PS4, and it’s now resident in more regions. Simple. Check my original statements Mike, what do u have issue with there? #PerfectStorm lol


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