Xbox One Dev Debunks OS Issues: QFE5 Is Several Weeks Old, OS Has Been Improved Even Further

“It’s like Xbox One has become Britney Spears back when every part of her life was under constant surveillance by the media\paparazzi.”

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Yesterday it was rumored all around the internet that the Xbox One Operating System and Xbox Live are currently in shambles. However it seems all those rumors were being made up. A confirmed Xbox One developer has debunked this rumor whilst comparing the console launch to a paparazzi.

“It’s like Xbox One has become Britney Spears back when every part of her life was under constant surveillance by the media\paparazzi. Every detail, relevant or not, could be taken, fed, digested through social media, and emerge as a complete new beast over the span of a day. A console launch is huge and intricate. Every product has bugs and will have bugs throughout the entire product lifetime. I suppose media outlets need to dig for straws to create “content” for their readers,” he said on Reddit.

He also confirmed that the “QFE5 is several weeks old” and they have “improved the OS even more since then.”

A journalist has also confirmed the Xbox One OS is stable and the rumors are simply false. “To all the friendly redditers, I have a very reliable source who has used the QFE 5 version of Xbox One’s OS and it’s perfectly fine,” he said on Twitter.

Xbox One is due November 22nd.

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  • demetrius87

    Typical Sony trolls believing all the shit they see on the internet because hey, if it’s on the internet it must be true!! Now I’m going back to cuddle with my new French model gf who I just met on the internet………..bonjooooor!

  • Rocco


    • demetrius87

      Is there a point to your post?

    • Rocco

      It’s “QUEEN” to make it funny.

    • demetrius87

      Go back and fire up your bong……you make zero sense.

    • Rocco

      It’s quite apparent you missed my while joke. you stated a joke from a commercial and so did I. Either way it’s all good.

    • demetrius87

      Go back and fire up your bong again and maybe the English language will come back to you.

  • Axe99

    This be good news. I have no doubt there will be issues with both OS’ at launch – there always is with these things (I think there have been significant issues with every MS OS launched in the last 20 years, and Sony’s PS3 OS design could deffo have been better at launch as well, and while there weren’t as many issues, it was also far less complex than either OS in the next-gen machines), but hopefully both will just be the usual teething troubles, rather than anything significant.

  • ruefrak

    It just seems that when there’s an onslaught of bad-news rumors about the Xbox One, they turn out to be true. Required online, used games policies, region lock, no indie support… all true. Then Microsoft did the 180 and changed most of that. Now the rumors are flying that the OS is a mess and the SDK is buggy, and these are things that have been leaked for months. There’s a good grain of truth there and even if what they have is now better, since it’s less than a month until launch, it better be. Still seems like there’s some problems that will need to get worked out.

  • Mark Danger Hopps

    xbots believing everything that M$ tells them lol

    give me some independent unbiased dev’s opinions and i may give there words some credence

    • Dal Dudas

      Good luck playing your PS4 when it overheats and burns your house down…oh wait,that can never happen cause Sony has a great history of testing their products before release*sarcasm*

    • Mark Danger Hopps

      u mad bro?

    • bludwurm

      How can you be such a constant punk, pu$$y all the time? Bwhahaha! U mad Bro? What a bitch. Sad really.

    • Mark Danger Hopps

      lol yeah u mad

    • bludwurm


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  • Phil Balliet

    Xbox One Day One.

  • Dal Dudas

    I wonder why so called ‘journalists’ aren’t talking about PS4 overheating every time its been shown to public…E3 overheated,Games Com overheated,TGS overheated,PAX Prime overheated….or is Saint Sony beyond approach….and what about the fact you DO require internet to play it,unlike what Sony said at every single conference and trade show to date….

    Gaming journalism has turned into ‘We are Sony drones’ since May O.o And then there are articles that just make shit up about Xbox….so called ‘uncomfirmed source’ articles…,I am getting a XB1 and the rest of you can go f*** yourselves

    • bludwurm

      Well said.

  • bludwurm

    There you go. Now don’t you feel stupid for all of your idiot posts?

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