Xbox One Games With Gold Stays Winning in June, With XCOM, The Crew, and Super Meat Boy On Offer

Some excellent games on offer this month.

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Not that long ago, Microsoft’s Games with gold service for Xbox Live was considered to be a bit of a joke, with the games Microsoft offering frequently being bottom of the barrel- something that made them look even poorer compared to the then excellent offerings that Sony used to make on PS+.

However, over the last few months, the tables have now changed, with Microsoft putting in the effort to make Games With Gold more attractive to subscribers, while PS+ has gotten steadily less appealing over time. And this month’s Games with Gold offering is another strong showing from Microsoft, making another compelling case for Xbox owners to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold.

On offer this month for the Xbox One are Ubisoft’s The Crew, their open world racing MMO; also available will be Goat Simulator. In addition, Xbox 360 players get XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Super Meat Boy, both of which will also be available to Xbox one players thanks to the console’s backwards compatibility.

It’s a very strong month- and I am having a very hard time seeing Sony top this with PS+.

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  • Michael

    Games with gold is awesome. Much better than the competition has to offer.

    • Doggystyle

      “Much better than the competition has to offer”.

      The competition offers an actual next gen gaming console with actual exclusive games that are not found anywhere else,…and they seem to be in the console sales lead for that exact same reason. Good luck with your continuous daily hard resets to get something to work on your Xbox One like it was advertised to. How’s that great “snap feature” working out for you these days? Or the Kinect games? Or the background music? Or Spotify? Or not having any great new exclusive games to play? LOL.

    • Michael

      You mad? Sounds like it. Don’t hate. My xbox live features are all good. When xbox live goes down for more than a month you can talk. Until then enjoy the service you had to settle for.

    • Bad wolf

      Michael I think this Sony pony is mad at you

    • Riggybro

      Yes much better than Xboxone’s closest competition – Wii U and PS Vita.

    • Mr Xrat

      Turds with Gold remains a pale attempt at imitation, just as Xgimps remain disgusting.

    • bewareofZ

      What about the first 3 years that PS Plus gave Playstation owners free games whilst Xbox owners got nothing? Without the “competition” from PS Plus, there would be no GWG.
      GWG has a looooong way to go to catch up.

    • Michael

      Without xbl there would be no psn. No psn means no Ps plus. So either way you look at it ms opened the door.

    • bewareofZ

      Sega had an online game network before MS, so I think you’ll find that Sega opened the door and MS and Sony just went through it.
      XBL members got NOTHING for over 10 years, whichever way you look at it.

    • Michael

      Sega also partnered with ms for that network by using windows in their platform. Xbl members got plenty, and they still to this day have the best and most reliable network. Sorry, but psn got hacked so they are in no way even close to ms. When xbl goes down for over a month because of a lack of security you can talk. Until then xbl >psn. Always have and always will be.

  • Mr Xrat

    The Crew? Ooof, no thanks. You’d think MS would chuck in Forza 5 at some point.


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