Xbox One Gets ‘Temporary’ Price Cut To $249 In US

Now cheaper to purchase than a Wii U.

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Ahead of the launch of the Xbox One S next week, looks like Microsoft and retailers are desperately trying to offload all of their existing stock of Xbox One consoles, because the Xbox One is now being sold at firesale prices. Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will now be available for $249.99 in the United States.

To be clear, it appears as though this price drop is ‘temporary,’ because that’s what Microsoft are claiming- but, well, anyone familiar with the console knows that any price reductions it sees rarely are. At the current price point of $249, the Xbox One is now actually cheaper to purchase than a brand new Wii U, which still goes for $299.

Given that the Wii U will be effectively replaced with a new console next year, and that its third party support is limited at best (to put it charitably), this makes the Xbox One a rather good purchase- even with the impending launch of the Xbox One S next week, and the more powerful Xbox One Scorpio next Holiday season.

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  • Doggystyle

    Scare tactics. Now they are “temporarily” selling it for the actual price it was worth at launch? That’s so Microsoft. Lets all just rush out and buy the original garbage Xbox One console now before the newly upgraded garbage Xbox One S console arrives. Give me a break. This is how you do consistent business when you have a damn fool for a customer.

    • Michael

      Stop crying, pony. Don’t get mad cause sony isn’t making any money and can’t afford to do stuff like that. Speaking of damn fools, those vita customers are still ,ad they do that have games.

    • Doggystyle

      Pony? Is that really supposed to be an insult?

      Sony isn’t making money?

      I’m sorry, how old are you again?

  • Mr Xrat

    Good, this’ll drive down used prices even more.

    Yoo hoo, Kirk? Where are you?


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