Xbox One Getting Beam And Dolby Atmos Support, Windows 10 To Receive ‘Arena’

New features incoming.

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Xbox One S

The Microsoft Xbox One has had a bit of a resurgent 2016, especially in the second half of this year. While most people believe it’s still not selling as many consoles as the PS4, the Xbox One S has certainly helped things. Microsoft has even claimed this console is the best-selling model in the United States.

Now it appears Microsoft has doubled down on its success. During Microsoft’s Windows event yesterday, the company announced it’s about ready to integrate the Beam service. This service is said to allow users to watch live game streams and interact in “near real-time” with broadcasters according.

Basically, this will work quite a bit like Twitch, though it will be native to Windows 10 and Xbox One devices. The other feature that was detailed Arena on Xbox Live. This service will allow users to set a tournament’s style, as well as define the rules for those tournament, invite friends and track tournament progress across XBL or Windows 10. Furthermore, the company also announced that Bitstream Audio Pass which supports Dolby Atmos was coming soon to Xbox One.

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  • Gabriel Porto

    With bitstream audio I think Xbox One is becoming the perfect media player for a bunch of people like me. Plays Blu-ray (3D, 24p), Netflix, VLC is becoming better, Kodi is coming, OneGuide, other apps, has the games that I want and now bitstream. That’s really great.

  • crazy_black_man-

    And the unsupported bloatware continues. More bloat than features. My friend started installing a game last night. He said it would take a while and to come back over today to check it out when it’s ready to play. I installed the same game on my PS4 and started streaming it within minutes of installing it. I also called him an idiot. He said that ever since choosing buying the Xbox One over the PS4, he gets that a lot from his wife too.


      I can install a game in minutes on my Xbox One and i had and sold a PS4..the install times are equal. Also BEAM and atmos support and custom Arenas for xbox gamers isnt bloatware more options and features and apps are never a bad thing.

    • crazy_black_man-

      “I can install a game in minutes on my Xbox One”

      Yeah? How many minutes? Two hundred and forty? Hilariousness!


      Depends on the game size but i’ve owned and installed games on both systems… difference. The only difference is on XBL if your console is set to online it will take longer..i have no idea why. Maybe your “friend” is new to Xbox One but like since launch its been know if you set your Xbox to offline it installs faster. PS4 and XB1 use the same similar optic drive so they install at the same speed…you keep talking nonsense.

      Now downloading and installing games…lol no comparison..XBL is faster and more reliable to get your games downloaded faster than PSN.

    • crazy_black_man-

      First of all, in order to install a game fast on the Xbox One, you have to go into the settings and put the damn thing into “offline mode”, and its still not as fast as the PS4 install. You’re a liar and a fool.

      This common complaint was just posted today…

      Apps won’t install with installation stopped message (self.xboxone)
      submitted an hour ago by molotovtommy

      I can’t get Netflix to install. I keep getting the repeated installation stopped error message with the code 0x80246002. I tried googling that and everything associated with that code pertains to a windows OS update error… not very helpful. It happens on other apps too, such as the bluray app, though others work, such as YouTube. I tried a hard reset, but the issue still remains. I have two external drives, ones a smaller ssd and the other a large tradition hd for my games, but I made sure that the apps were removed and installed on the internal drive while I have been troubleshooting. I also tried a method to go offline, remove the app, restart, and reinstall without luck. Has anyone encountered this error?


      Yeah i dunno why you have to go offline first on guessing it is because it was meant to originally be an always online console…as both XB1 and PS4 mainly are anyways. And as iv said i’ve owned both i know how fast each installs and i’ve disassembled both i know the drives in both well…read speeds are the same so install times are around the same but you keep grasping. oh and i can copy and post a 12.000.000 page novel on PS4 complaints about downloads and installs and whining all straight from avid PS4 owners and everyday players on the PSN forums.

      “So I just got GTA V for PS4, since I am a massive fan I have it on PS3 and PS4 now. Though I am currently installing it, it went pretty quick from 0 to 53 after that it took about an hour for it to get to 76 and then it took about 40 min to get to 92… And it takes 30 min now for every % I have searched for problems like this and I see a lot of solutions. Though I am too scared to try them out in case they fail and I have to install the same thing again. This is a digital download by the way, could someone give me some information on weather, deleteing the whole game you just installed. And install it again but do not download the update? I have heard people say this would take 30-60 min for it to install. Currently it has been installing for almost 4 hours. And it looks as if it is stuck on 92% though I think it will take 30-40 min for every % now…

      My internet download speed is 250 (megabytes per second) Incase you were wondering.”

      I recently bought NBA 2K14 in the PS store for $60. I downloaded the game and then the install is taking me forever. I have restarted my ps4 several times to try to increase the speed of the installation. I have left the ps4 on stand by mode too. Nothing is working. The game is stuck on about 25% install right now and all I can play is the Spurs-Heat game in the quick game. The install has increased by about 2% in 4 or 5 hours. Also, my internet speed is very fast, so I don’t think that is the problem, but who knows? I haven’t seen a solution to this problem yet on other posts like this one. Also, I have tried the Initialization too.
      Any help? Ideas?”

      “Customers should be notified of lengthy install times BEFORE purchasing a “Next-Gen” game. The PS4 menu should also CLEARLY specify when a game is ACTUALLY READY for use. No more hidden downloading. If the notification center states that the download is complete, the download SHOULD BE COMPLETE. Sitting here at 9+ hours to “install” a game which has “completed downloading” is ridiculous. Rockstar should be ashamed of this and Sony should not allow this practice to continue. Pre-loading for this title is nonexistant when the PSN tells you the preload is complete, and the game still takes over 9 hours to “install.””

      I can keep going all day…install times for both consoles are the same.

  • Mr Xrat


    Worthless brick.



    • crazy_black_man-


      Really? You silly kids today and your stupid behavoir.


      Yes “really”, If you dont like Xbox is an idea..dont click on articles about Xbox One. Seems pretty simple Mr Wizard but apparently you two geniuses cant stay away from news about the Xbox. You’d think if the PS4 was so great you’d be on articles about it. My guess would be you spend far more time bashing Xbox than you do socializing on sites and articles in a positive manner about Playstation. I’ve seen Mr Xrats post history so i know it to be true. For every one PS comment there are 20 negative Xbox comments. You two really enjoy being so negative? Pretty bleak existence.


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