Xbox One S Already Selling Out In The UK

Microsoft’s new Xbox off to a flying start?

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Xbox One S

Looks like Microsoft’s Xbox One S is already a huge success in the UK, in spite of the already announced Xbox One Scorpio. Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox games marketing, tweeted that the console already seems to be selling out in the country, with both GAME UK and Amazon UK reporting that their inventories of the system are depleted already.

The most amazing thing here is that this is only the most expensive SKU of the redesigned Xbox One- the cheaper Xbox One S units, which come with 1TB and 500GB of on board storage space (as opposed to 2TB in this one) haven’t released yet (and won’t for another three weeks)- so if this more expensive unit has already affected the performance of the system this much, one has to wonder just what impact the cheaper Xbox One S systems will have

Microsoft will probably be hoping that this kind of performance is reflective of how the Xbox One S will perform in the rest of the world, too- if this launch, as well as the launch of the Scorpio next year, help reinvigorate the console, then it might be too early to count the Xbox One out of the race just yet.

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  • Gamertag:WECKLESS

    It’s Very good to see All the Xbox One S doing Very good sale’s wise looking forward to getting mine Tomorrow.

    • Mark

      Can u do me a favor? Do u have an HDR enabled tv? If so, can u play ur games and tell me how much of a difference HDR colors look from non HDR? Oh wait, there isn’t any game support for it right? Lol. I’m bugging man. I think Forza 3 may be the first. Uggh, nevermind. Well then again u could still see the better colors just from regular tv too….so if u can I’d appreciate hearing what u think about the HDR images.

    • Gamertag:WECKLESS

      HDR is not only for Games that Support the Feature it is also for Movie content that uses HDR Technology I will let you know Tomorrow When I Watch Batman VS Superman. HDR Dose Make A big Difference by the Way.

    • Tachyonic Cargo

      You should see The Martian: Extended Edition, and Mad Max Fury Road, both in HDR.

      Gorgeous. Absolutely, f’ing gorgeous.

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  • Mr Xrat

    Took long enough, and it still isn’t in the monthly bestsellers on Amazon UK. Oh well.

    • Nintengods

      Dropped as harder as Nu-Male’s Sky and your defending of it.

      Hilarious scenes.

  • lagann

    man this thing looks mighty appealing. Really finding it hard for me to not buy the thing and sell my og x1….but with my recent move to another state, funds are a bit tight right now and my wife would kill me if i spent on something that’s “really not needed”.

    • Mark

      Do u have a 4k and HDR enabled tv? If not, I wouldn’t sweat it, and just wait for Scorpio. But if u do, then that does sound attractive.

    • lagann

      I do have a 4k vizio tv i bought last year. Not sure if its hdr though….probably not. The thing is that i have yet to actually watch anything at 4k on it lol…so itching to actually watch something at those resolutions. Watching Batman v Superman at 4k would be glorious.

    • Gamertag:WECKLESS

      4K Movie’s Look Beautiful in 4K With HDR So Happy with My Xbox One S.

  • SlutMagnet

    Mcrosoft finally coming to their senses. Hopefully the Scorpio presentation won’t be a shitshow like the Xbox One one.


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