Xbox One S Theoretically Supports Native 4K Games

Or at least the option for those for developers.

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Xbox One S

Microsoft’s Xbox One S seems to be a bit more powerful than the standard Xbox One console – the GPU saw a bump up, and the eSRAM seems an according increase in its bandwidth – so maybe it should come as no surprise that games on the system can look and perform a bit better than their counterparts on the original Xbox One systems, too.

Although Microsoft maintains that the spec increase in Xbox One S is marginal, and mostly for video playback support at UHD, HDR, and 4K resolutions, Microsoft’s Albert Panello revealed that developers also have the option to run a game at native 4K resolutions on the Xbox One S, should they wish to.

“If they want to [run at 4K], they can. As you said, if a developer had a game that could use it we are enabling 4K framebuffers, but only on Xbox One S consoles,” Albert Penello, senior director of product marketing and planning at Microsoft, told Digital Foundry.

So, it sounds like the Xbox One S is a decent incremental bump for the console and its specs, as opposed to being just a simple slimmer, aesthetic revision of the console.

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  • red2k

    That’s a lie. The system can output native 4k but the GPU is too weak. Probably he is trying to mislead the people saying incomplete information and then said “its for apps” or things that are far away from games.

    • kma99

      Please inform us sir Microsoft

    • Psionicinversion

      it could run pac man in 4K so no its not a lie. any gpu with hdmi 1.4 and displayport 1.2 or 3 has the bandwidth to run at 4K 30fps that simple. its just more marketing BS and you take heed with the same crud with the Neo to

    • kee1haul

      up to the devs. If they want to run a 2d platformer in 4k, they can.

    • Clint Hoffman

      Its not a lie. They need to develop in 4k, then use dynamic resolution to scale to something appropriate for the system. This way more powerful console versions can run at higher resolutions automatically.

      One of the Sony game devs noted this exact issue about a year ago. At the time (and maybe even still now prior to Neo), they wanted to develop with 4k as the system was capable to do so but the SDK was artificially limiting them to a lower resolution.

      This does not mean the systems (any of them) will automatically start pumping out 4k games. Far from it…it means the game development standardizes AND dynamic resolutions make new hardware much easier to absorb into development.

    • Demetrius Radford

      No they’re not. if they want to run 4k with last gen graphical qualities they can.

  • Mr Xrat

    Yeah, they said the same thing in 2013. It won’t.

    • Nintengods

      Much like $ony pushing 1080P 60FPS. They won’t even hit that on the Neo 32X.

      Embarassing. Nintendo about to wipe the floor with Sony in the same week in September. It’s 2006 all over again.

    • Doggystyle

      Sad. Nobody talks about Nintendo anymore but you. Very, very sad.

    • Nintengods

      Sad, P$4 still has no games and the Neo 32X won’t even get 60FPS. Sad!

    • Demetrius Radford

      The Neo can if developers want it. I mean every game doesn’t need 60fps it’ll be nice but every game doesnt need it

    • Nintengods

      Not with only a 0.5Ghz boost to the CPU. SAD!

    • Demetrius Radford

      i mean. the cpu is weak. way to weak for a gpu with 36cu thats facts


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