Xbox One Scorpio Has A Lot Of Potential, Final Fantasy 15 Director Believes

“It’d be really great if we could put it on the newer, stronger hardware too.”

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final fantasy 15

The Xbox One Scorpio is now finally ‘real’ (as is the PS4 Neo, to a lesser, more muted extent)- which means that developers are free to talk about the new console and consider it in their development plans. One such developer, who sounded off on what Microsoft are calling the ‘most powerful console ever made,’ is Hajime Tabata, director of the eagerly anticipated Final Fantasy 15.

Speaking to Gamespot, Tabata revealed that even though he was a part of Microsoft’s E3 presser, he had not been briefed on the new machine, so the announcement took him by surprise. “I was there waiting in the green room, and I go ‘Ooh wow, what’s that?'” he explained. He also said that, based on the specs, the machine appears to have a lot of potential- and that it is something he would be interested in making Final Fantasy 15 compatible with.

“It’d be really great though if we could have Final Fantasy 15 something we can play on the current-generation Xbox One and PS4, also give them that choice that when the new, stronger-generation hardware comes out, to have them play at that level as well,” he said. “I’d really like to be able give them that.”

Final Fantasy 15 is due out on September 30 on Xbox One and PS4. The Xbox One Scorpio is slated for a release in Holiday 2017.

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  • ryan

    Well with the upgraded specs that would be obvious… Lol

  • Doggystyle

    Sure he would. But when will the price of this new Scorpio console finally be revealed? We can talk about specs in every future article, but it all means diddly squat until the price is announced. That’s when the real discussions begin. Until then, this is just free advertising for MS.

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

      Both will be underpowered compared to PC. Just the Cuckstation poor neo even more so.

      And with Nintendo NX having better power than the pee-o. It’s going to be a long few years for sonycucks with no games as Nintendomination returns 🙂

    • If your a PC guy then why even waste your time in console articles. Are to many of your pc games broken from poor optimization that you have nothing better to do


      The more powerful XboxOne Scorpio killed the PS4 NEO’s buzz before it’s even released lol
      Microsoft will probably price the XboxOne Scorpio at $600 or $500 but with the Scorpio being extremely more powerful than the PS4 NEO Sony should at least launch the NEO as cheap as possible

    • Mr Xrat

      What buzz? Oh, you mean Phil’s backtracking? LOL! By the time Shitpio is out Neo will be half the cost. It’s all over.

  • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

    2017 confirmed as the year as Nintendomination returns as everything is ported and looks better on PC. $ony and M$ consoles are dead. Everyone celebrates as Ruggarell immolates himself in the middle of san francisco 🙂


    Can’t wait to play Final Fantasy 15 on the XboxOne Scorpio

    2017 console power stats will be

    XboxOne Scorpio>PS4 NEO>NX

    • Mr Xrat

      You’ve been doing a lot of waiting this gen, Xgimp. Keep holding that L. 🙂

  • Mr Xrat

    Don’t forget the part where he admits he doesn’t know anything about it.


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