Xbox One SDK Update And Freed GPU Resource Is A Welcome Change – Witcher 3 Developer

It ‘seems’ that CD Projekt will be using the 10% GPU reserve for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Back in June, Microsoft released a new SDK update for the Xbox One that made life easier for developers who are working on games for the platform. Microsoft also managed to decouple the Kinect from the Xbox One  which resulted into 10% of free GPU resource. Several games like Destiny, Skara: The Blade Remains and Sunset Overdrive are already using the freed resource to push their games for better resolution and effects.

Continuing our month long coverage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, GamingBolt asked the game’s lead engine programmer Balazs Torok about how the recent Xbox One SDK Update and GPU being freed due to Kinect not being used, helped matters for the Xbox One version.

“This change was very welcome across all developers who don’t rely on the Kinect for their game,” Balazs  said to GamingBolt. “As we are trying to push the limits of the graphics capabilities of both consoles, any resource that we can use is important for us, however small it might be.”

It is interesting note that Balazs does not explicitly state that they may be using the new SDK but he did mentioned that any extra resource is going to be important for them, so they may use it after all. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases in February 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Guest

    Good. The last thing that needs to happen is to reenable the two disabled GCN clusters. They’re not hardware disabled apparently.

    • demfax

      They are disabled for yields, they won’t be enabled.

  • Illusive Man

    I know someone is going to come in here and say the 10% reserve enabled a bump from 900p to 912p for Metro Redux but that is pure speculation by DF. The developer has never stated or confirmed it was true.

    Only games with confirmed June SDK usage are Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, and Diablo III.

    • JudgeLOL

      “Only games with confirmed June SDK usage are Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, and Diablo III.” Which many thought wouldn’t even help at all…

    • Michael Norris

      Destiny is a cross gen title and Diablo III should be running at 1080p/60fps.That said we don’t know if the Xone version D3 will have screen tear or not,Bungie had MS engineers to help them get to 1080p.

    • JudgeLOL

      “Bungie had MS engineers to help them get to 1080p.””Has Microsoft done that for every other game?

    • Michael Norris

      4A was going for 900p with a lock down frame rate.I really think people are going stupid over this 10% increase.The fact is its harder for Xone to achieve that 1080p resolution,also seems developers are cutting back in certain areas.Both D3/Destiny should be able to run at their magical 1080p mark.

    • Michael Norris

      Personally it doesn’t bother me that Xone folks are getting the same game as Ps4 folks,the simple fact is last gen most 3rd party games ran/looked worse on Ps3.

    • bardock5151

      900p for me is fine, especially if graphical effects are improved along with frame rate. I honestly don’t remember seeing so much focus on res last gen, was it a big thing? Not trying to troll just cant remember if res was on parity or not.

    • demfax

      Yes and over relatively smaller differences than this gen (640p to 720p).

  • andy

    Sounds good especially if its coming from these guys. Maybe people will stop trying to desperately defend the mandatory Kinect being scrapped now. Oh wait, they DID stop 1 week after all these positive declarations from devs started.
    Resolution doesn’t mean anything but it apparently does when a dev can bump up a game’s resolution on Xbone to a degree, only THEN is it something that actually matters.


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