Xbox One Sells 1.5 Million Units in December 2016, Nearly Ties With PS4 – Report

PS4 Pro apparently sold 238,000 units in December.

Posted By | On 19th, Jan. 2017 Under News

With the Holiday season coming to a close and PS4 having a monstrous year already (with more than 50 million units sold as of December 7th), who eked out the highest console sales in December 2016 for the United States?

While the NPD Group’s report is usually the go-to for such information, industry sources who receive the actual figures spoke to Windows Central about the number of units sold in December. The Xbox One and Xbox One S sold 1,511,000 units combined while the PS4 sold 1,568,000 units. The PS4 Pro apparently made up 238,000 units sold which was the difference maker for Sony being on top. Nonetheless, Xbox saw a 10 percent increase in sales year-over-over for December.

Take this with a grain of salt but the site vouches for the validity of its sources. It’s certainly interesting to see the reception of PS4 Pro especially with Project Scorpio out later this year. Stay tuned for more details and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    I’m sure those people who bought those Xbox consoles in December didn’t expect to hear that the Xbox One’s biggest 2017 exclusive would be cancelled the following January after the Christmas shopping season was over. Perfect timing Phil. Get that money first, then pop the bad news on them. Microsoft will always be Microsoft.

    • Pamrfason

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    • greatnessIsaLIE

      Haha good one. Don’t act like people buy xb1 and ps4 for the exclusives. No one was going to buy that game. Jrpg are garbage that only 1 in 15 gamers enjoy.
      If you want that garbage get a ps4. Then again ps4 fans don’t like games like that either.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Oh, they don’t buy them for exclusives? Oh so they must be like you idiots who only bought an Xbox because “you like the controller better”, and simply because “all your stupid friends bought one”. PS4 people don’t give a damn what their stupid friends bought because NEWS FLASH….we love those single player “exclusives”, and the PS4 console doesn’t completely suck like an Xbox console does.

      I wonder why you guys even care that your friends are on Xbox One when the stupid chat feature on Xbox One never works right any damn way, and there are practically no headsets that even work great with an Xbox One. That console is just error prone Windows based trash.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to

      Ps4 people love single player exclusives? Is that why they all flopped?
      How many exclusives have hit the top 10 in ps4 software sales?
      Only hahaha you don’t even know that ps4 exclusives aren’t popular at all. Only 1 in 10 ps4 owners are dumb enough to like that junk. 9 out of those 10 are also on xb1. So it seems that ps4 owners are just as dumb and have the same taste as xb1 owners.

    • Dougdec92

      For someone who goes with your username, you wouldn’t be open minded enough to value greatness, like ps4 and Japanese games, as if Recore and the overly rehashed halo would put a halo on the xbox

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      4 years later greatness still awaits… least I hope it does and that by greatness Sony didn’t mean the ps4 pro or psvr. I was excited about those two but now I feel that Sony just wants our money. A sub 4k 4k console, and a sub 1080p vr headset. Oh well they actually aren’t bad at all but nothing about them equals greatness. I’m even skeptical that the Scorpio will be great, but I’m a gamer so I’ll still buy it. I may not value the ps4 and jrpgs as much as you do ,but I probably own more of both than you. So I at least support the industry.

  • Mr Xrat

    Jez “Swallower” Corden making up numbers again to try and mitigate every Xbone failure during their precious holiday season. At least he waited a week this time so he didn’t look so craven.

    Sick of Xbox fanboys playing at journalist and failing miserably.

  • greatnessIsaLIE

    Not surprised to see ps4 on top again,but it is surprising to see how bad the ps4 pro is doing. At least it’s doing better than the psvr. It’s also amazing that ps4 pro is making up less than 10 percent of total ps4 sales.
    I actually believed that the xb1 was outselling the ps4 because people were waiting for the ps4 pro. Wow I guess I was wrong. Looking at the numbers it looks like more people were waiting for the wii u than a ps4
    The Scorpio will probably flop like the ps4 pro and psvr. If you want power get a pc. Exclusives are overrated not many people buy them. Out of the top 10 best selling ps4 games only one is an exclusive and it’s not even top 5.

    • Dougdec92

      PC overlords scream with muscles taut in the form of gtx 1080s and what does it give them?, poor ports mostly and the fact that the master race is used to make games for the console slave race, now that is ironic, pls don’t waste money on a pc because you can see clouds in 4k , plssss, buy a console for its undisputed value

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      I buy it all. I’m a true gamer and will play on any platform.


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