Xbox One To Receive Cortana And Ability To Play Background Music, New Features To Be Announced This E3

Tons of new features coming to Xbox One, Windows 10 and UWP.

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During the on going Live Build 2016 conference, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer revealed a number of changes and features that are coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10 in the near future. Spencer revealed that they will be adding a single unified store across all devices thereby “giving developers new features and consumers new experiences”. This update will be a part of Windows 10 Anniversary Update which will go live later this year. Spencer did not revealed more details about this unified store but did stated that it will support the usual bundles, season passes and more.

He also revealed that the Xbox One will be receiving Cortana in the future, “who will be the player’s personal assistant”. Cortana will help players with game recommendations, challenges along with providing them with tips and tricks. New features such as background music are also coming with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Spencer revealed that Microsoft will be showing off more new Windows 10 Anniversary Update features at E3, both for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Furthermore, UWP will be receiving updates too. Players will be able to disable v-sync and adding the ability for G-sync and FreeSync in May along with support for modding and overlays.. Microsoft also demonstrated Age of Empires II HD and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as modern desktop applications although this is an on going research at this point. (Update: This is actually a converter which converts a package from a platform such as Steam into a modern desktop application whilst taking advantage of Windows 10 features such as notifications.)

It looks like Microsoft is listening to its fans and it will be interesting to see what new features Xbox One and Windows 10 will receive in the future.


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  • Brian

    NICE!!……great job MS…

  • Living While Alive

    Microsoft is the best!!! I’m all in. Xbox One, Windows 10 phone and a intel i7 yoga tabet/labbie. Next Windows 10 car infotainment system

    • Mark


  • Riggybro

    I own a Microsoft tshirt AND coffee mug! YES!

    • Mark

      Ahaha. Send me them when ur done

  • Ian Henry

    Looking forward to their conference and the new features that will be displayed.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    I’m glad I own an X1. So much to look forward to, other than games.

  • Truthhurts24

    Xbox FTW

  • along with support for overlays…. such as the STEAM overlay?! That’d be awesome! I’d give the MS Store a second chance if I can at least still use Steam with the games 😀

  • BillyHoWCR

    No mention of the biggest addition?! “…the new update allows users to turn a retail Xbox One and turn it into dev kit with a simple registration and a click of a button.”

  • lagann

    and the Steam/Gave fanboys tried to bash ms’s move into pc gaming…..Phil just owned every single one of them. It was just ridiculously shortsighted of them to think MS is/was the same company that gave us gfwl.

    Them putting literally all their big franchises on the PC platform, short of Halo, basically showed how serious they were in regards to PC gaming. The only reason they are probably still debating putting the Halo franchise on PC is because of the negative PR like we’ve seen so far.

  • Mr Xrat

    Still slowly catching up to where the PS4 was years ago.

    • Catherine Gans

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    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      PS4 is just as dead as the xbone now. What a shame

      E3 is going to be hilarious when Nintendo wipes the floor with Sony after they alienate the majority of PS4 owners 🙂


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