Xbox One Users Complaining About UI Slowdown, Happening Due To Memory Dump Issue

The next gen issues now include the software as well.

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Xbox One UI (2)

The Xbox One’s main claim to fame, aside from a ton of about-turns in its key policies, is the new interface which allows you to seamlessly transition from playing games to watching movies and other functions, all within a second. This interface seems to be having problems lately though. A thread on Reddit has reported that lately, the UI tends to slow down after enough time is spent using it.

One user suggested that you should, “Just hold power button for 10 seconds. Xbox One has a memory dump issue that’s been reported.” Some have reported this as ineffective though. Another suggestion was that, “You can also change your power setting to power saving. That way, when you turn off your console, it’s a full shut down; not a hibernating mode you get with the instant on option. Then, when you turn on the console afterwards, the stuttering should be gone.”

It’s not just Reddit users – even media figures on Twitter have reported issues, including The Verge’s deputy managing editor Chris Ziegler.

As of now, there seem to be tons of these threads floating about the internet. Have you seen the same issues on your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • jackburtonHERO

    Had this happen to me yesterday had to hold the power butting down for 5 seconds everything came back up fine. The system needs an update so bad!!!

  • trfe

    I’m sure you can find people tweeting anything to support your point.

  • jb223

    Wow, sounds almost similar to the Windows OS…couldn’t be any correlation there….in all seriousness, all the more power to those who enjoy MS products, but I have never had anything other than bad luck w/ them, viruses, identity theft, slowdown similar to this, bricking and breakage…going from Windows to Jaguar or apple’s other os’ are like night and day, never had any issues w/ viruses, never had any info stolen, still runs seamlessly….hopefully Microsoft’s Xbox isn’t going the way of windows for those early adopters, but when i jump into next gen, I’ll be going w/ Sony personally because they were the only ones out of the two who didn’t sell me a broken console last gen.

    • HalfBlackCanadian

      Windows has always been a large target for viruses though.
      I left Win OSes and moved to Mac 9 years ago. Three computers later I have moved back. I have had the opposite experience (Apple laptop slowdown, random shutdowns, owning a product that is over 2 years old and can no longer upgrade OSes, having a phone that is obsolete by it’s own revision 1.5 years after purchase…)
      Everyone has their own experiences, but people like to dogpile on bad news so we tend to hear more of it.

    • Joseph Sanz

      it´s impossible to run from the technology problems, but can be avoided mantaining the systems as free as possible, and the X1 has 3 operative systems… so will have 3 times more problems

    • jb223

      Yes, you are definitely right about Windows being the largest target for viruses, I just feel like they could do a better job of protecting their consumers from them without forcing them to buy antivrius software, and keep their own products from shaving useless add ons and malware. They essentially give you the problem, then try to sell you the solution, and while I will admit that my Mac has slowed and quite a bit, I’d still take it over a slow system, and a constant risk from virus and security issues. Like you said though, different users have different experiences, I’ve talked to people who say they’ve never had a problem with a Microsoft product, but for my experience and every member of my family and friends experiences that I can substantiate, they’ve typically been negative, so I try to steer clear personally….hopefully the move to more PC like architecture won’t open up these new systems for PC like problems, there’s something to be said for a stable and reliable experience.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Have played avg 1.5hrs per day since launch, personally nothing like this. Not everything is smooth (have had some online stuttering once, and a friend had a reboot issue) but other than that the system has run fine.

    • StrongIsland

      Same here everything works fluid and fast for me on the dash even when multitasking. Never had a single problem.

  • Microsoft sux

    Maybe the power of the cloud can help

    • RoadShow

      I think I read that microsoft had 10 xbox ones in the cloud per every physical console.

      So I guess PS4 is more powerful than 11 xbox ones then because COD and BF4 look so much better there.

  • StrongIsland

    Huh??? My doesn’t slow down whatsoever. I play all night and multi task flawlessly. I don’t keep my xbox in standby when I’m not playing. Idk why these people are having issues.

  • John

    Hmmm….this sounds like ALL PC’s that run windows. I wonder why………tbh I don’t even know why you Americans even bother with the xbone!

  • d0x360

    Its happened to me but it only lasts about 10 seconds then clears itself up. It almost seems like certain apps might have memory leaks and refuse to let go of the ram but if you exit the app all is well.

  • chris

    i couldnt log in to xbox live after a week. rang support and they got me to flush the cache (holding down the power button for 10 sec) looks like i might be doin this in the future! on a similar note i often have to reboot my nokia lumia (windows phone) also due to memory issues 🙁

  • Wasted Rage

    I have the same thing. It’s a real issue.

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  • RoadShow

    I’ve got a 100% fix for anyone having this issue.

    (1) Completely power down Xbox one.
    (2) Place in box you got it in.
    (3) Return it
    (4) Get a PS4

    More power, army of Sony studios, free exclusive content in AAA multi plats, better resolutions/frames per second/stability, only online multi player behind PS+ paywall (nothing else unlike xbox where every feature is paywalled), huge free games on PS+. .

    • dxironman

      Sony sucks

    • RoadShow

      Any facts to back up that claim?

      Xbox One still sucks because

      (1) Ads on home page. M$ even said one time “ads are just part of the experience”.
      (2) Can only play single player games and watch disk based movies (both 360 & X1) without xbox live $300 every 5 years.
      (3) No games with gold on Xbox one (it will though, but games with gold needs some vast improvement).
      (4) More expensive but less power and performance.
      (5) Accessories are overpriced and lack some features that could be really great. (Xbox one controller $60 without battery pack, $25 per pack making each $85, PS4 all included and @ $60). But light bar, touch pad, speaker could seriously do well with a specific title. Xbox would have no way to play it. We will see if there ends up being a perfect title.

      Finally xbox is getting some free exclusive content but it’s still few and far between. I believe Fifa 14 & Metal Gear finally have true exclusive content (instead of pay to play timed DLC like 360) but it’s few and far between compared to playstation still. Destiny, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed, Metal Gear.

      Also friend spectate/take over mode is truly a gamers feature and we will see how well Gaikai works. Then PS Vita is a superior experience (outside of 3DS) for handhelds.

    • dxironman

      someone sounds angry. enjoy your PS 3.5 and chill out

    • RoadShow

      I said nothing of the sort to even slightly indicate I was upset.

      I know you are just trolling and that your initial comment was bait but I like to prove my point so that no one is confused. As you will now tuck tail and run away.

      You see son….you have no leg to stand on. There is absolutely no reason to hate on playstation 3 or 4 yet there is a huge list of reasons why xbox sucks and I find it so funny because morons like you can only curse and try to change the subject.

    • dxironman

      ok “son” I will bite. 1. I haven’t noticed any ads actually

      2. you can now play multiplayer without PS+? 3. you said it, in the future 4. more expensive with more features and actually innovative. if you’re concerned with actual power get a PC. the PS 3.5 is a poor man’s gaming PC.

      5. any accessories for any console are “overpriced”.

      you forgot to mention dedicated servers for every game and multimedia integration. let me know when your PS 3.5 can play audio CDs.

      PS- I never cursed and you resorted to name-calling. Very intelligent.

    • RoadShow

      (1) 360 has ads on home page. Xbox one has been commented on heavily that “ads are just part of the experience”. Kinect terms & conditions about gathering information with advertising in mind.
      Xbox one without xbox live: Single player games and disk based movies.

      PS4 without PS+: Single player games, disk based movies, internet browser, streaming services, online movie rentals, Free to play online games, friend spectate/take over mode, cross game chat. (Everything other than non free to play multiplayer).

      Then with PS+ huge free games. Games with gold is only on 360 for now and needs vast improvement to be even close to PS+ quality.

      (3) Yeah in the future. Xbox needs better games than 6-7 year old $5 bargain bin games. PS+ is massive. 64 games last year alone, huge titles too and not old stuff.

      (4) MORE FEATURES!!!!!????? WTFE dude. All xbox has is cable pass through. Playstation has Friend Spectate/take over mode. Far better. Then Gaikai streaming we will see where that goes. then controller has blue tooth, gyroscope, touch pad, light bar & speaker and for cheaper. Cable is freaking stupid anyways. Everyone I know got rid of or are thinking of getting rid of it. $60/month for 4 good channels riddled with commercials. No thanks.

      I have a gaming PC and I play supposed xbox exclusives on it. Titanfall, Project Spark, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left4Dead, all the Fables, Both Battlestations, Alan Wake. But I personally get more from my PS3 and PS4. My PC goes well in conjunction with my PS3 as my home media server.

      (5) With 360 it had $100 wifi adapter, $100 HD DVD adapter, $50 controllers + $20 battery packs. Oh and $120 limited capacity hard drives. The Xbox one mainly just has expensive controller $60 + $25 battery pack making each $85 VS PS4 $60. Big difference.

      Dedicated servers ha! PS3 had more games with dedicated servers than 360 and anything that needs it will get it. PS4 is the more popular place to play already, tons more hardware and software sales and not just worldwide but in M$ home turf and precious US. COD and Battlefield are far better than X1 in terms of resolution and frames per second. The hardcore that really care will get it there as evidenced by more sales on PS4. That’s a snowball, just like the 8 million lead 360 had. It will be close but PS4 will have the advantage all generation.

      MP3 & DLNA support will come to PS4 you can bet on that.

      No you didn’t curse but you are the type and I figured that was the next step…always is. I school sons like you as a hobby and to help fight disinformation. You aint gonna win buddy. You got nothing.

    • dxironman

      you just wrote a novel because I said Sony sucks. LOL@ your life. You’re not winning anything, you’re sitting on here defending your PS 3.5 rather than playing it.

      “Cable is freaking stupid anyways.”

      LOL great argument!

    • RoadShow

      Fast typist, at work in between jobs I school fools like you who then again like you try to insult me, curse at me or change the subject.

      Friend spectate/take over mode is FAR better than cable pass through. PS4 exclusive feature is good for anyone, cable pass through mostly US and small percentage IMHO.

      Then we have yet to see Gaikai and all speed tests are much faster on PS4. Not just game performance but cold boot, stand by boot, game load time everything is much faster on PS4.

      Xbox sucks in every measurable way. You calling PS4 a PS3.5 is only proof of your insecurity and how you are just a lame moron trying to insult playstation with really no leg to stand on.

      Good bye

    • RoadShow

      June 2012 to June 2013. Since then Battlefield 3, Machinarium, Uncharted 3, XCOM, Jet Set Radio, Hitman Absolution, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Binary Domain, Grid 2, Boarderlands 2 and a ton more.

  • Joseph Sanz

    X1 is based in windows, so will have the windows problems, and this is just the start of them, next will be driver issues, daily updates, crashing, slow system problems are only the first, and the X1 also have other 2 operative systems, so will have surely more problems than a simple windows pc

  • i’ve had no issues with UI

  • Jeffrey

    just found this article today looking for a solution to this.. Looks like I’m not the only one.

  • Cody Reddoor

    I just bought the xbone yesterday and from the second I turned it on I’ve gotten unbearably slow responses when using the controller. I’m thinking I’m going to return it and stick with the ps4 exclusively. I wanted both but the xbone slow and the UI is god awful.


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