Xbox One Will Have ‘Nice’ E3 And Console Is The Current Focus – Spencer

The next focus is the desktop, according to Spencer.

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While there are some who wonder whether or not Microsoft has strayed a bit too far from the Xbox One with their interest in Windows 10 and the PC, Phil Spencer recently sat down with Venture Beat in order to make sure people knew Microsoft was indeed still plenty interested in the Xbox One. In fact, the Microsoft exec said the firm’s short term focus is decidedly on the Xbox One. In order to demonstrate this, Spencer talked about all the cool things the company is going to bring to this year’s E3.

While we know some of the things planned for the console, it’s the fact that things are planned at all that should make some feel better. “In the near term, our focus is on the Xbox console. We’re going to have a nice E3. The next focus is how we come to desktop. I’ll call it that. A lot of our franchises map better to desktop. A lot of our players play on both console and desktop. So let’s go after that and see what issues we run into, like control or voice communication or cross-buy, things we’re trying to enable. Let’s solve one big issue first and then look at the next wave of touch in mobile as a place we can go,” Spencer said.

Spencer added that the long term strategy is still to make sure that the PC is supported and brought under the fold even more. With games like Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2 and Crackdown 3 getting more information, the company will indeed be looking at a very nice E3

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  • Dotcum22

    I want a great E3 a nice one won’t be enough!

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    *Why would you care about any conference other than Nintendo this year now Sony is embarrassing themselves again and PC already won as usual?

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  • Mr Xrat

    More spin from Phil as he writes off the rest of the first half of the year. Sad! Xgimps just keep taking those slaps.

    • plop6759

      Sorry. I haven’t slapped you down in a while. I’ve been too busy enjoying Killer Instinct Season 3, Quantum Break & Dirt 3 on my Fanatec rig as well as catching up with some cool backwards compatible games. How are you doing? Visiting another Xbox One article despite the fact that you hate it so much? If the first half of year on Sony’s side is so great, why do you still prefer to troll Xbox comment sections? Maybe that dusty PS4 of yours isn’t so compelling after all.

    • Mr Xrat

      Looks like the grinding boredom got to the better of you. Finally get through QB after leaving the game at the pause screen for a few hours to make it look like you got your money’s worth? LMAO! Hope the Ratchet and Clank reviews didn’t make you too suicidal.

    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      Ruggarell you already finished your five hour rehash?

    • plop6759

      Me? Bored? I think you’re confusing me with a PS4 owner. I never said that I’d completed Quantum Break, only that I’d been enjoying it. Regardless it’s a stunning looking game isn’t it? Those tactics that you mentioned, are they the same that you employed to get through The Order 1886? I haven’t seen any Ratchet & Clank reviews because I’m not obsessed with a console that I’ll never own, unlike some. I did stumble across some gameplay though and it looks like Sunset Overdrive for children. You’ll probably enjoy it!

    • Mr Xrat

      Yet you crawled back here like the worm you are. My skillful, systematic destruction of your pathetic fanboyism must have cut deep. Giving you the mockery you deserve takes mere minutes. I’d be able to tell you what QB looked like if I could see past the Vaseline smear. Shame the PC port is such a mess I can’t use that either – another MS screw up.

      Ignorance is bliss, poor lad. If anything, SO got more cues from R&C. The only original elements were cringeworthy writing and awful jokes.

    • plop6759

      Do you ever read your own posts and realise how pitiful you appear? Skillful, systematic destruction? Are you some kind of super villain? I proceeded to counter your lame arguments with reasoned logic while you sidestepped and avoided all the facts that I threw at you because your “mockery” fell short every time.

      Calling someone a fanboy whilst trolling the comments section of an article about a console that you don’t own is the act of an imbecile. Don’t worry though. Quantum Break is really good on Xbox One. If you’re having trouble appreciating the graphics then a trip to the opticians should be on the cards for you.

      I don’t have a problem with Ratchet & Clank because I’m not a fanboy and can see the similarities between it and Sunset Overdrive but it’s obvious that R&C has a younger target audience. It’s odd that you appear to like Insomniac Games but the one exclusive you can’t play, you have to slate to make yourself feel better. Never mind, chicken!

    • Mr Xrat

      Another boring rant because you have nothing better to do while you wait for your filler beta. Only thing you ever countered with was your fanboy tears that I easily dispatched. Remedy patched out that Vaseline smear yet? Oh wait, that’s actually written into the engine. Ouch!

    • plop6759

      If you find my comments boring then blame it on your own fluff for being so childish and inflammatory. I only have your weak arguments to respond to. Your responses have only ever been “Xbone has no games”. That is your whole pathetic agenda and you take it to Xbox articles to peddle your sad mantra. I have enough great games that I don’t need to troll another console’s comment sections. You apparently do not.

      You’re obviously having trouble with your eyes. Didn’t you once enter a store and leave with a PS4? There’s no hope for you!

    • Mr Xrat

      Blah blah blah, the same old crap excuses I’ve come to expect from a useless Xgimp. Clearly my cutting arguments hurt you deep if you felt the need to come crying back because the stress of no games was getting to you. 🙂

    • plop6759

      I don’t need excuses because my console suits my needs more than a PS4 could. I’ve over 280 titles on the system but you’re still clinging on to your “no games” mantra. Is that an example of your “cutting arguments”? Or are you refering to your previous claims that the unfinished Street Fighter 5 and Driveclub are superior to Killer Instinct and the Forza games?
      You overestimate your own importance. I came back here to read an Xbox article which as an Xbox owner is to be expected. What’s your excuse, troll? I love that you think that I’m stressed because of no games and yet only a few posts earlier, I mentioned enjoying Killer Instinct Season 3, Dirt Rally & Quantum Break. Still, it’s the kind of delusional response that I’ve come to expect from you. Stay trolling you sad sad man.

    • Mr Xrat

      Another boring rant from another Xgimp suffering through another horrible drought. Another content update more minimal than the others and the only exclusive until the end of the year, again. Sadly for you, the PS4’s lineup crushes the Xbone’s.

      You came here to rant and cry and get slapped about by me. Satisfied yet, you little deviant? Not to matter, you’ve got that beta, which you’ll be able to play if MS get its act together.

    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      Ruggarell watching your all day meltdown now that Sony has decided it wants to crash out of the industry spectacularly is hilarious. Keep on going and make sure to live stream your suicide on E3 🙂

    • plop6759

      PS4 line up of Uncharted 4 aaaand nothing else of value. I know you’re enjoying Ratchet & Clank because your mental age matches that of its target audience. The Show is just The Show again with a +1 at the end. No Mans Sky? You’re welcome to that dreary snorefest. At least by having no good games you can save up for a Playstation Neo. Then you’ll have two dust collecters with no decent exclusives.

    • Mr Xrat

      “nothing else of value” according to your worthless opinion. In reality, the PS4 has a far better lineup than the Xbone’s worthless dust. Such a shame you can’t enjoy a great game like R&C, guess you’ll have to stick to that grimdark dudebro shooter beta for a few days before it’s back to collecting dust.

    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      Ruggarell your meltdowns are hilarious lately. Especially shilling a PS2 remake with less content and half the framerate of the PS2 game 🙂

    • plop6759

      Oh please, sell me on this awesome PS4 line up of titles that nobody’s heard of. Apparently there’s too many great titles to mention. Hurry up, we’re all waiting to hear about this “greatness”.

      I can enjoy a game like Ratchet & Clank. It’s called Sunset Overdrive.

      I have the Gears 4 beta code but haven’t got around to trying it yet because I have so much to play. Don’t worry, it’s not as if you’re going to find yourself in that situation with a PS4. Stick to kids games. I’ll enjoy my dudebro shooter thanks.

      When you finish playing your games, your console is off whereas on Xbox One it only scratches the surface of what it can do. My console is on most of the time that I’m home because it’s simply the more complete machine.

    • Mr Xrat

      Why should I waste my time? You’re a dyed in the wool Xgimp. If you were capable of absorbing reasoned argument you’d have ditched this crap brand years ago.

      Nice, expose just how clueless you are about anything concerning Ratchet and Clank.

      You have a time limited code but you aren’t using it “because you have too much to play.” Yeah right. Unlike your pathetic excuses, I made the time to fit in the Doom beta because I knew it would be finished soon. You aren’t very bright, are you?

      No one cares about your worthless features. Go order another pizza and repeat hilarious marketing phrases from the reveal if it makes you feel better about wasting your money.

    • plop6759

      “Why should I waste my time?” and the spine of your argument is broken as your baseless claims lie in tatters. I was a Playstation guy, then I saw how much greener the grass was on Xbox and bought one. Your interpretation of “reasoned argument” is “I love ‘A’ and want everyone to love ‘A’. If you love ‘B’ then I hate you as much as ‘B’ itself and will dedicate what remains of my worthless life to ruining the lives of those who do not see the world as I see it.”
      I’m more of a “I liked ‘A’ but noticed ‘B’ offered more so chose ‘B’ instead. I’m content over here and don’t care who picks what but if you keep coming on my turf and attacking my choice then I’ll continue to put you down and make you look like an idiot.”
      If I ditched the Xbox brand years ago, what would I have played my games on? A PS3? No thanks, I already had a bluray player.

      You’re right. I don’t have enough interest in a platformer about a cat and a robot to invest in a second console when I already have a similar game by the same developers on a system that I do own and prefer. Meanwhile you feel qualified to give your impartial view on the Gears Of War series despite hating the console brand that it’s exclusive to. Troll much?

      I had a time limited code for a weeks early access to the beta. The open beta goes on for another week so I can still play if I want to. You aren’t very bright, are you?
      I downloaded the Doom & Battleborn betas as well but didn’t play them. I enjoy games but I’m not consumed by them, unlike you. I have a life and family as well so if I miss the odd beta, it’s hardly the end of my world. I love how you “made the time” to play betas. You have a PS4, what else are you going to play?

      Why should you worry about the great features that your chosen console can’t replicate? I could order a pizza whilst playing a game if I decided to using Xbox One’s Snap feature. I never have and probably never will but the fact that I could seems to really upset you. Are you hungry for some pizza? Try Sony’s feedback page and check when the PS4’s O.S. will be implementing true multitasking. (hint: It’s never coming)

      Do you mean Sony’s own marketing campaign slogans are hilarious? I can only agree with you there because they weren’t lying. Greatness truly awaits but takes about 3 years and is an entirely different console. Well done Champ.

    • Mr Xrat

      Hahaha, yeah right, I’ve heard that before from you losers. If you weren’t a dyed in the wool Xgimp you would have ditched that failure already. No amount of logic will ever get through to you. How’s the daily XBL downtime treating you? And that weaker lineup? And that dumber community? “Greener grass” indeed! There’s no accounting for insanity.

      Yep, keep exposing your cluelessness.

      Yeah, I made the time around three other games I was also playing. It’s called being intelligent. So you’re wasting that thin window of access you get. Good job, idiot. You’re perfectly suited to that crap console.

      Take your remorse to someone who gives a damn for your pathetic excuses, loser.

  • Mr Xrat

    Another boring rant from a boring Xgimp. Fun fact: the PS4 has a
    better lineup and a better future. Ni-Oh right now has more interest on Twitch than that latest overhyped rehash on Xbone. PSN cards are a top-seller on US Amazon because other people in other countries want them, idiot. I never said those other games were less compelling, you abject dipsh1t, I said I made room for it among the three other games I’m playing because you’re too dumb to manage your time effectively. You should look up what “variety” means as well. Funny how that “downtime” means you can still use it while XBL has daily issues – guess it’s time to do some maintenance.

    Had a 360 but RROD and Kinect put me well off the brand and the Xbone’s reveal just ended it for me, like most other rational people. Xgimps like you stayed on that sinking ship – no amount of logic will ever save you. 🙂

    Go and prepare another rant because you know deep down that Phil has screwed you royally and made you look like a fool. When NX and Neo have rendered the Xbone utterly obsolete, don’t forget to beg him for a do-over. 🙂

    • plop6759

      Poor little fanboy can’t back up his claims again. Actual fact: the PS4 has a terrible lineup and is already being replaced.

      The only game raved about on the PS4 this generation is Bloodborne, a single player adventure where the player roams about killing demons with a sword. The game you’re raving about now is Ni Oh, a single player adventure where the player roams about killing demons with a sword. Is this the ‘variety’ that Sony fans claim to care so much about? Is that what Sony fans do? Sit around watching Twitch, waiting for greatness because they have no games.

      “PSN cards are a top-seller on US Amazon because other people in other countries want them”. So it’s globally accepted that no one trusts Sony with their credit card details. Very wise.

      You still won’t mention the three games you’re playing. Are you playing any of those embarrassing Japanese school girl games? Or maybe one of the plethora of walking simulators available on your console of choice?

      I’m sorry that you think that I’m an idiot for not being bothered about playing a beta. It speaks volumes about YOU though. Maybe you should open the curtains and go for a walk. Then again maybe the world’s a better place with you staying inside in your own little lair.

      I rarely have any problems at all but then again Xbox Live can have issues without the whole service grinding to a halt. It’s not a basic online infrastructure like PSN, you know. Sony shut’s everything down for maintenance and the network is still shoddy afterwards.

      My PS1 & PS2 died on me so I’ve never looked twice at a Sony product since. It’s bizarre how Eye Toy and Knack managed to not put you off. You’re very forgiving when you want to be.

      You really don’t want to enter an argument on logic. Logically speaking if you were totally happy with your system you wouldn’t have to cry on Xbox forums every day, would you?

      I look forward to another garbage response to swiftly dismantle. It’s almost as if you’ve stopped believing your own lies.

    • Mr Xrat

      It’s funny how your pathetic rants get longer the more agitated and frustrated you get. It’s hardly surprising from a fan of CrapGamer and nxtgen720 though. Take it up with your psychiatrist, because I don’t care for your mental problems.

      Funny how your derangement flies in the facts of reality, and the reality is the PS4 has a better lineup and a better future. Demons? Yeah, good job not knowing what you’re talking about again. Allow me to take this opportunity to disregard anything you have to say about Bloodborne and Ni-Oh. 🙂

      Doesn’t take long to glance on Twitch, and right now no one cares about the first open gameplay of the only Xbone exclusive left for the rest of the year. 🙂

      Try reading, it’s a novel concept. It’s people who want funds for their US accounts. Nothing to do with your sad damage control, you little loser. 🙂

      No, I think you’re an idiot for failing to manage your time adequately. It’s probably because of these long, boring rants you go on while you wait for games. 🙂

      “It works for me!!!” Of course. Again, try reading, they don’t shut down everything, but you wouldn’t be a snivelling Xgimp moron if you weren’t misinformed. 🙂

      Try playing games instead of getting mad people recognise the Xbone for the joke it is. 🙂

    • plop6759

      Your posts are quite unintentionally funny. You claim I’m irate but it’s you who’s bursting a blood vessel. My only mental problem is YOU and you’re hardly worthy competition. Here we go….

      I asked you for more details about this superb line up and all the great games you’re playing. Once again I’m left wanting because you can’t back up your claims. I don’t care if you’re fighting sausages in Ni Oh. It still looks like Bloodborne and it’s titles like those that makes me not care about a PS4 in the slightest.

      What sort of sad loner watches other people play games for kicks? Twitch serves ONE purpose. To check out gameplay of smaller titles to see if I’m interested in them or not now that demos aren’t mandatory. That’s it. No one’s watching the Gears 4 open beta because anyone interested in it can play it, moron.

      Do you actually think that the hacking of PSN, bringing the network down for weeks whilst personal details were stolen had no affect on consumer’s confidence? REALLY? Sony sat on the knowledge that they’d been hacked for a week before coming clean. Only after this event was there such a demand for prepaid cards. Even you’re not stupid enough to believe otherwise, then again Sony’s brainwashed you to the point where you probably are.

      You’re an idiot for believing that a beta is soooo important that I should move mountains to play it. I didn’t fail to manage my time. I chose to play something else that was er…. finished!

      So, I’m unaffected by issues but I should be mad anyway? Why? I’m unaffected by the dust on your PS4 but it’s still there.

      “Try playing games instead of getting mad”. This one’s priceless. You’re the PS4 owner who spends all his time trolling Xbox articles such as this instead of enjoying the “superb” library of PS4 games. The only joke around here is YOU, buddy.

    • Mr Xrat

      LOL you claim I’m irate yet you’re the one whose posts can longer and less coherent. Good job, idiot. Is that long wait for games breaking your patience? My heart bleeds.

      It doesn’t matter what I list, you’re an Xgimp so anything I bring up you’ll downplay. You already did it with Ni-Oh. So why should I waste my time with a dyed in the wool fanatic? You should be used to wanting by now, you’re an Xgimp. 🙂

      More desperate excuses from the Xgimp. So Twitch is perfectly acceptable as a means for checking out smaller games but for your precious blockbusters like Gears of War, it doesn’t count, right? If that was the case every other beta wouldn’t have done massive numbers. Only Gears has completely flopped. Explain that, if you have the intellectual power to smash through that cognitive dissonance. 🙂

      I don’t. What I am saying is that the biggest online retailer is going to have a lot of people from other countries buying US cards for their US accounts. The really funny thing is, only a really stupid Xgimp like you could presume that people buying a load of PSN cards, which will have greater profit margins than disc-based games, is somehow a bad thing.

      Cutting 15-30 minutes from your usual games for a week is “moving mountains?” I sure hope one of those games you played wasn’t Halo 5 because that certainly isn’t finished.

      “It works for me” is not a good excuse for XBL’s almost daily failures and issues.

      I repeat: trying playing games instead of getting mad because the brand you’re stuck to has failed. You might be able to produce a cogent, coherent argument if you didn’t spendnevery waking moment brooding with anger. 🙂

    • plop6759

      Oh the irony in your first sentence is so sweet.

      “LOL you claim I’m irate yet you’re the one whose posts can longer and less coherent.”

      And again at the end.

      “I repeat: trying playing games instead of getting mad because the brand you’re stuck to has failed. You might be able to produce a cogent, coherent argument if you didn’t spendnevery waking moment brooding with anger.”

      I suggest that you never use the word “coherent” again because you’re hardly in a position to judge.

      Yet again with the “no games” mantra? You’re like a broken record buddy. As a satisfied Xbox One owner with over 290 games on my system, I’ve already stated that in the last month, I’ve already purchased Killer Instinct Season 3, Quantum Break & Dirt Rally as well as several other digital only releases and a couple of backwards compatible titles.

      Whereas you can’t tell me what you’re playing, what you’ve played or what’s coming out. Oh sorry, you “effectively managed your time” to play the Doom beta. Well done! Oh yes, you’re spending plenty of time on Twitch watching Ne Oh which looks like Bloodborne Lite with optional 720p (gasp). Yet still you believe Sony’s line up is superior.

      Let’s look at E3 2015, Sony’s showcase for their upcoming titles. The five titles that Sony pushed hardest.
      1) Uncharted 4 – almost a year late but well done for having something this year. It’s a pity nobody charged that controller for the live stage demo. Ahem!
      2) The Last Guardian – almost a decade late and the PS4 trailer looks almost identical to the PS3’s. There’s still no sign of it.
      3) Horizon Zero Dawn – Delayed until 2017. Confirmed.
      4) Shenmue 3 – Have they even started this game yet? It must be exciting to get an exclusive, low budget, crowd funded ending to a game series when none of its predecessors have appeared on your system.
      5) Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Did you cry at the reveal? I bet you did. That was hilarious. Still, there’s no sign of the first bite sized chunk appearing yet.

      Then Sony dodged Gamescon (through lack of content) and went to Paris to announce a price cut to try and derail Halo 5 (the biggest selling current gen exclusive). Then on to Tokyo to announce King Of Fighters exclusivity and some controllers in funky shades.

      Then to top it off, the Playstation Experience, ooooh!
      We had 90 minutes of indies, VR and an Uncharted 4 cutscene (very wise). I’m sure you cant wait to spend silly money this year to play Modern Zombie Taxi Company, Tron Frisbee, 100ft Robot Golf and Virtual Rez.
      You’re right. The PS4 line up is BEAST!!!!?

      Yes. I have a life. The thought of watching Twitch is not even mildly entertaining to me. It’s useful to check out new digital games that appear in the store to see if they’re of interest to me. Do I need to watch Gears 4 being played? No! I’ve got all the other games in the series so of course I’ll get it, day one. There’ll be plenty of time for that in October.

      Simple question. Why do people in other countries need a US account? I live outside the US and have still bought content from the US store on my credit card. Explain!

      Did I imply that “move mountains” refered to my gaming timetable? I have a life, a job and a family who I enjoy spending time with. I’m not going to sacrifice time spent with them to play some unfinished code with the likes of you. I game with friends so we decide what we should play together, not you!

      You seem obsessed with little niggles that occur on Xbox Live that generally go unnoticed by people who use it. Then again with all that scheduled maintenance and game delays, it frees up more of your time to troll Xbox One articles.

      Once again, please tell me why I’m angry. I’d probably appear angry if I vented hate on another consoles forums but I don’t do that. YOU DO!!!

    • Mr Xrat

      Yes! Keep giving me those dull, long rants! Gives you something to do while you wait for games on that worthless Shitbox Done!

      Oh no, I accidentally pressed the n key instead of the space bar, which are next to each other. If you had rudimentary knowledge of the English language and weren’t an angry little loser, you’d be able to work out what it meant. 🙂

      Yes, that’s right, with all those multiplats. Why’d you get an Xbone again? Oh wait, I remember, because you’re a sad little fanboy with too much invested in a dead brand. 🙂

      Like I said, I could list just a tenth of the library that destroys the Xbone’s garbage alone, but you’d just downplay it like a loser, just like you downplayed Sony’s winning E3. Try and get some facts straight – Horizon Zero Dawn’s delay is not confirmed at all. What is confirmed is half of the Xbone’s 2016 lineup getting delayed just a week into the year. A week! They didn’t even bother stringing you along like they did in 2015. And let’s not talk about the rest of that awful MS E3 conference – a controller and yet another overhyped feature. And you keep taking it like a prostitute behind on her rent. Poor fool. 🙂

      MS’ Gamescom was utter garbage (two announced games, one of which is on PC. Fantastic) while PGW (which Phil Spencer actually managed to vindicate by agreeing that GC and E3 were too close to each other) annihilated MS’ sad little GC with far more games announced – so much for “too little content.” Ace Combat 7 at PSX alone gave the Xbone a total whipping, and I look forward to Xgimps pleading for VR in not too long. You haven’t taken the Shitbox’s destruction this gen too well, have you? 🙂

      So you can’t explain it then. Figures. Take it to your psychiatrist, loser. 🙂

      Nobody cares about what you do. All that’s important is, people with overseas accounts use pre-paid cards to avoid stipulations. Deal with it. 🙂

      So you can’t manage your time effectively, which is something a child can do. Don’t take out your inability to plan on me, loser. 🙂

      “Little niggles” = hilarious amounts of downtime. You’re going to have to do better than that. 🙂

      Nice caps lock and multiple exclamation points there, loser. Keep exposing your own anger. Sorry about your struggle through you complete lack of games, post another fact-free rant full of excuses for your own failures and watch some more trash Youtube videos by nxtgen720 to pass the time. 🙂

    • kee1haul

      3=============D~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    • kee1haul

      3===============D~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    • kee1haul

      3================D~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    • kee1haul

      3===============D~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Mr Xrat

    I’ve been mocking your trash electronic toy since the start. Of course, you can’t actually address the points so you need to find another way to deflect as a means of passing the time while you wait for games. 🙂

    Of course I did. That’s why you only provided the one example. Go on, go crazy. It’ll give you something extra to rant about to make the wait less painful. 🙂

    They certainly wouldn’t be sub-1080p. Of course, that’s not a guarantee, especially after the disaster that is the QB PC port. Another winner from MS! You bought an Xbone because you’re one of the few people still beholden to that dead brand. 🙂

    “Relevant,” gives you a nice out from mentioned SFV and R&C. You actually think E3 games are meant to be some demonstration for the next year? If that’s the case, where’s Scalebound? Where’s Phantom Dust? Why did Quantum Break take three years to show up? And why do MS never release anything before your precious holiday? That overpriced controller is a laughing stock among anyone not a dribbling Xgimp and your weak BC becomes more of a disappointment with each duff announcement of XBLA games. What a shame! 🙂

    Yep, they all came out on time! Except for Fable Legends, which was postponed then cancelled. Oh yeah, and Quantum Break, which was a bust so no one’s bothered about that. Halo 5 came out on time with a short campaign and an incomplete MP. Of course, it has to be “on time” because MS releases just about nothing else outside your wonderful holiday. Would be very embarrassing for the Xbone’s 2015 lineup to be worse than it already was!

    Delicious damage control. ReCore isn’t showing up this year if Mighty No 9 isn’t out yet. Scalebound isn’t “early” 2017, it’s 2017 at some point. Only an MP beta for Crackdown 3 is showing up this year. Fable Legends got cancelled. Your precious lineup got butchered. 🙂

    Maybe you should look at CrapGamer’s and nxtgen720’s friends trying to downplay it every day. Like everything else, it’ll end up being pleading. Because along with these rants, that’s what you do to pass the time. 🙂

    I already told you if you could read. It’s to avoid stipulations. Man, you are dumb! Typical Xgimp. 🙂

    You’re cool at time management. That’s why you couldn’t make an hour to play a beta. The evidence is against you. 🙂

    Again, your inability to read strikes! I’m not, but people who still struggle with Xbox but aren’t as deluded as you are noticing, and they’re not happy. Seems it’s touching a nerve if you have to do that much emoji spam! 🙂

    You used caps lock, which we all know is cruise control for cool. Can’t get out of it now, loser! Any more sad points I can easily dismantle because you are dumb? 🙂

    • plop6759

      You’re a troll, pure and simple and you try to mock but fail at every turn. I’d love to know what points you’re refering to because as yet I haven’t seen one that’s stood scrutiny. Again with the “no games” argument despite having over 290 titles on my Xbox One. By ignoring the facts, your position will always be incredibly fragile. You’re yet to address why you’re so insecure that you have to attack Xbox One on a forum that doesn’t even mention your beloved PS4. If you genuinely believed that you had the better product, then you could just get on with your life.

      Your grammatical errors are obvious to anyone who can read. Go back and reread the passages that I highlighted in quotations.

      Sony fan plays his joker card. Oh no! Now I can’t possibly enjoy my game with exactly the same graphics because it renders at a slightly lower resolution despite most games running at the same resolution and many current titles using a scalable solution and Xbox One being able to multitask as well. It’s funny that last generation when most games ran at a lower resoltion on PS3, it was never deemed newsworthy despite being more prevalent due to sub HD textures.

      I gave those titles as much coverage as Sony did. R&C is a low budget release of a PS2 remake and Street Fighter 5 is still a glorified demo at this point in time. R&C is selling well due to pricing and that it’s an oasis in PS4’s gaming desert whereas SF5 flopped hard. Scalebound was shown at Gamescom, Phantom Dust has changed developers. Uncharted 4 was revealed before Quantum Break and yet Quantum Break still shipped before it. The Elite Controller is universally acclaimed as the best first party controller on the market, hands down. PS4 isn’t powerful enough to do backwards compatibility. Get over it. The only problem I have is the need to purchase an 8tb external drive to store all my great games on. It’s just as well that you haven’t got that option, not that you have enough games to fill it anyway. The XBLA titles are generally superior to your beloved indie titles so I’m fine with that.

      Fable Legends was cancelled. Games get cancelled all the time, so what? I bet Sony wishes it hadn’t greenlit so many games that lost them money over the years. How is Halo 5 unfinished when it has more maps, modes and content than PS4’s premier shooter, Killzone? If that’s the case then any game with a season pass is unfinished.

      Crackdown 3 has never had a release date so how can it be delayed?

      You could add up all the Xbox One’s delays and you still wouldn’t have to wait as long as The Last Guardian. That game might actually skip TWO generations if it ever sees the light of day. This year I’ll enjoy Killer Instinct S3, Quantum Break, Sea Of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, Gears Of War 4 and probably Recore as well as more unannounced games like a new Forza title and some awesome digital games like Cuphead, Inside, Ashen & Below. I guarantee that I’ll have around 400 titles on my Xbox One by years end. Not bad for a system with “no games” as you imply.

      I go where I’m needed. Believe it or not, you’re not the only Sony troll that needs a slap now and again. I understand that it all stems from your misguided purchasing habits but normal people shouldn’t have to suffer because of it.

      It makes no odds, stipulations or otherwise. There’s not enough content on PS4 to warrant having a US account in the first place.

      I could have made time for a beta if I was so inclined but I wasn’t. You do know that betas are not compulsory, don’t you? It’s incredible how you attack certain games for being unfinished but then would rather play a beta than a retail game. Time management won’t be a problem for you when betas are the highlight of your gaming calender.

      By other people you generally mean Sony fans. Is Xbox Live perfect? No. Is Xbox Live still superior to PSN? Absolutely! I include emoji’s when the person whom I’m directing the post at seems to be struggling to understand logic so symbolic clues might help. Similarly you grin after every paragraph but have yet to show yourself to be humourous in the slightest. It gives the convincing impression that you’re a fool.

      The sad part is that I don’t care that more people are buying PS4’s. I just wish you were as satisfied with your “trash electronic toy” as those who enjoy Xbox One then at least I wouldn’t have to school trolls like yourself all the time.

    • Mr Xrat

      The loser who likes CrapGamer and nxtgen720’s videos and spends all his time making excuses for a dead brand and your own failures calling others trolls. Funny how all you have to show for it is multiplats, it shows that you got an Xbone for no reason and you’re little more than a fanboy. 🙂

      Provide examples then. Oh wait, you can’t. Poor loser. 🙂

      Hahahah, don’t cry because you set me up with an easy slam dunk. Potatobox Done. 🙂

      Poor backpedal. Funny thing is, Sony’s E3 already delivered without going into that killer trio yet and it’s provided more this year than that butchered line up of yours ever will. Funny how R&C did well because of a supposed drought (another lie by Xgimps) but SFV flopped. Gonna try and explain that or is it more cognitive dissonance? Scalebound is delayed, your controller is a joke, UC4 was announced after QB (December 2013 versus May 2013) and your BC is a laughing stock composed mostly of XBLA games. Try being right about something for a change. 🙂

      Three years of waiting for Fable Legends, part of “the greatest lineup ever” and it gets killed weeks before launch. You can’t even think up a decent excuse for that! Look at them still adding massive chunks to Halo 5 to the point where they have to do betas for it. This isn’t just a few maps. This is building it as they go along. And you try and shill for it! You’re a joke. 🙂

      Crackdown 3 was presumed for 2015 just like QB was presumed for 2014. It got delayed. Deal with it. 🙂

      You could say that but at least people care about TLG, unlike most of the Xbone’s dull lineup. You aren’t getting ReCore this year and it wouldn’t surprise me if Sea of Thieves is delayed too. Take out that content update for an already released game and you’ve a list so dire it’s no wonder the Xbone is down year-on-year. 🙂

      If you went where you’re needed you’d have crawled off long ago. 🙂

      You can deny it to yourself all you want, but a lot of those card sales are to avoid stipulations for overseas accounts. Not enough content to warrant having a US account but PSN cards are routinely the top seller on Amazon. Yep, there’s that cognitive dissonance again. No wonder you’re going mental. 🙂

      So you confirm you’re too useless to make just one hour to try a time-limited beta. I accomplished it and I fit it in easily along with the three other games I’m juggling. No “would rather” here. The highlight? That’s MS advertising a beta because they have nothing else. Good job being a waste of space. 🙂

      No, by other people I mean Xbox fans, who are noticing and they’re making noise. Your cognitive dissonance should let you deny it to yourself longer than other Xgimps though. Add a spattering of emoji spam if it helps, loser. 🙂

      You don’t care, that’s why you bore everyone with directionless rants stuffed with cognitive dissonance whenever anyone recognizes the fact that the Xbone is a joke. Fire up another one I can dismantle, it’s obvious your plastic toy isn’t providing you with any joy. 🙂

    • plop6759

      Point 1) If I’m an Xbox fanboy why are you on an Xbox article.

      Point 2) “you’re the one whose posts can longer and less coherent.” & “I repeat: trying playing games” SATISFIED?

      Point 3) Why would anyone cry over resolution? Give me multitasking and Snap anyday over minute differences that can hardly be seen affecting a minority of titles.

      Point 4) Ratchet & Clank sold because it’s a decent kids game on a console starved of quality. Street Fighter 5 is just poor.

      Point 5) Games get delayed and cancelled all the time but all Microsofts E3 2015 games bar Recore were on time. None of Sony’s were.

      Point 6) Quantum Break never had a solid release date until it’s 5th April release which it met. Crackdown 3 is still in development so doesn’t have a release date. You don’t know anything so shouldn’t presume.

      Point 7) Sony can’t be trusted

    • Mr Xrat

      Point 1) It’s an article about videogames. You don’t get to pick what your turf is, or carve out a little safe space. 🙂

      2) Wow, two typing errors. Meanwhile your worthless arguments drift more into meandering garbage stuffed with holes and logical errors. 🙂

      3) Xgimps have been doing it for nearly three years now while downplaying it as “minute.” Amusing seeing one of you Xgimps use your worthless multitasking as some kind of justifier, I haven’t seen that used since Kinect got ended, at the latest. 🙂

      4) SFV is regarded as having some of the best fighting gameplay ever and will be getting free updates until it will be feature complete later in the year. Of course, you still can’t explain that cognitive dissonance. 🙂

      5) ReCore was never a 2015 game. Not too hard to meet that lineup when it consists of four games released at the end of the year, rushed to meet that deadline. Pathetic!

      6) Xgimps hyped it as a 2014 game, then a 2015 game, then a holiday 2015 game after E3 and then a 2016 game when the final delay came in. 🙂

      7) That refers to digital refunds. Considering XBL’s policies are even more backwards, what does that make MS? Oh, we all know the answer to that. 🙂

      8) In your dreams. Any other depth you want to plunge to so you can make excuses for your inability to plan? 🙂

      9) Haha! Five years ago, maybe. XBL’s been having frequent issues for over a year now, with problems just today. 🙂

      10) You’re joyous enough to churn out thousand-word poorly-reasoned rants every day because the brand you love shrivelled up and died so hard. Cheer yourself up by going to nxtgen720 with your palms outstretched 🙂

    • kee1haul

      3================D~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    • kee1haul

      3================D~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Mr Xrat

    1) I sure am. Anyone with any interest in this hobby knows MS as the
    cancer that it is. Thankfully you scum don’t have long left. 🙂

    2) Wow, three errors versus your continual inability to form a logical argument. Stay incoherent, it makes it easier for me to hammer you. 🙂

    3) Now we know outright that you’re lying massive considering your viewing of CrapGamer’s and nxtgen720’s videos and their weekly whining about power. No surprise you’re in massive denial about it too considering you copy their downplaying and damage control to the letter with those worthless gimmicks no one cares about. Rack that up. 🙂

    4) So it isn’t a great game but it is a great game. Lack of content is a whole different ball game that’ll get rectified before long (unlike, say, Titanfall). Gonna try and keep a straight argument for once? There’s your dissonance again!

    5) I’m presuming considering MS’ rich record of delays and disappointment. Funny that the only way they can get them on time is by releasing eitherincomplete (Halo 5) or rehashed (Forza 372) games that require little effort. Then again that’s MS to a tee.

    6) Nice, as expected with you – no ability to respond directly so you try and change the subject. Don’t try and damage control it. Delay, delay, delay – it’s the MS way. 🙂

    7)Doing a chargeback on either network will get you banned outright.This has happened before, and they have to investigate to make sure it’s above board before they sort out fraud cases. Pretty hilarious to compare either case when the one you just brought up was due to stupidity instead of criminality and they desperately needed some good PR, but then I’ve come to expect that from you. 🙂

    8) Good job, I embarrassed you enough to get you to sort your life out. You’re welcome. 🙂

    9) More desperate subject changing. Face facts, XBL has struggled hard against PSN the last year and has issues every week, some cases in consecutive days, and it’s nothing to do with “expansion.” As for your other pathetic point about “standing still,” explain Share Play. 🙂

    10) Xgimps deserve a slap no matter when they put their unwanted presence. You’re just another one. Considering your meager excuses and damage control you should consider dropping this dead brand and saving your mind from further cognitive dissonance damage. P.S. “outstretch palms?” Do you actually know how to hold something? I’ve never had to “outstretch” anything when it comes to DualShock controllers or any controller, but considering you’re a troglodyte it’s unsurprising you have difficulty.

    • plop6759

      1) Wow! You actually call trolling a hobby? You seriously need to get a life.

      2) How can YOU form a logical argument? Here are YOUR quotes as you slowly realise your errors.

      Xrat acknowledges 0 mistakes
      “Provide examples then. Oh wait, you can’t. Poor loser”

      Xrat acknowledges 1 mistake
      “Of course I did. That’s why you only provided the one example. Go on, go crazy.”

      Xrat acknowledges 2 mistakes
      “Wow, two typing errors. Meanwhile your worthless arguments………”

      Xrat acknowledges 3 mistakes
      “Wow, three errors versus your continual inability to……”
      Poor Xrat. Is that coherent enough for you?

      3) If resolution mattered to me I’d buy a PC, not a PlayStation 4. If it matters to you then why do you choose an inferior product compared to a high end gaming rig?
      I see you are a fan of CrapGamer’s and nxtgen720’s videos also but then again of course you are. Where else would a bitter PS4 owner hang out other than the comment section of pro Xbox channels. AHHHHAAAAAA! Gungham Style!

      4) Who mentioned it being a great game? Not me. It’s an overpriced demo. Playable? Yes. Worth playing? Not for $60. Is it anything special? Definitely NOT! Are you better off playing Street Fighter 4? Absolutely! Titanfall completely destroyed Street Fighter 5 at launch. Titanfall lacked a campaign but that was widely known beforehand. It still offered plenty of maps, several game types and rock solid online.No wonder people demanded refunds when the game lacked characters, game modes and online matchmaking was near impossible despite it being a 2 player game.

      5) You truly are the master at picking unwinnable arguments. I assume that you have accidentally arrived here from some alternate parallel universe because here it’s Sony who are the king of all things delayed. Outside of the 2 unimpressive launch titles and the fairly mediocre Little Big Planet 3, almost every other Sony exclusive on the PS4 has suffered postponements. Greatness awaits and waits and waits and waits.

      Is it so hard to understand the difference between a game being unfinished and supported? Street Fighter 5 had 16 characters, 2 gametypes and was unplayable online, significantly less than its predecessor. Halo 5 features a campaign of above average length which can be enjoyed in co-op mode with up to three friends, arena multiplayer mode for close quarters combat and Warzone featuring massive multiplayer battlegrounds incorporating AI enemies as well. On release this game featured more content and replayability and then any PS4 exclusive. Post launch 343 have added a new map every month for FREE to keep the community engaged and are adding fan requested modes such as firefight. This is how you support a game properly. Do you really want to talk about rehashes when the next Gran Turismo is literally Sony’s 17th retail release in the series history?

      6) Okay, direct response coming up. It’s not known as the Delaystation for nothing, you know.
      Bloodborne delayed one month.
      The Order 1886 delayed several months.
      Uncharted 4 delayed many months until folowing year.
      Driveclub delayed almost a year and launched with broken online and missing features including weather patched in at a later date.
      The Last Guardian announced almost a decade ago. Still only exists as a trailer with no game in sight.
      Horizon Zero Dawn heavily rumoured to have been pushed back into 2017 leaving Sony fans yet again waiting for greatness with an incredibly sparse holiday line up unless you’re willing to spend another $500 to play Modern Zombie Taxi Company.

      7) In that case Sony acknowledged and admitted that funds had been transferred fraudulently and still refused compensation until cornered by a national television programme that champions consumer rights. Congratulations on getting second step authentication at last. It only took forever.

      8) I didn’t really play it. I was just being facetious because I find you really tedious.

      9) I offered an explanation not a change of subject. PSN is universally accepted to be poorer than XBox Live. I’ve not once this year had trouble getting online. I did notice the friends section wasn’t updating once but it resolved itself within an hour. Sony is bringing nothing new to the table. Shareplay is so 2014. Isn’t that what you’d usually call a gimmick. All you’ve had since then is streaming to Youtube and streaming to PC/Mac. Oh yes and streaming tears every time I own you.

      10) You couldn’t slap anybody you’re just a limp wristed coward, hiding behind a keyboard. Why wouldn’t you expect to find an Xbox One owner on an Xbox article? Surely a troll like you is far more undesirable. Your ignorant nature, weak attempts at humour, childish ad hominem responses, inability to debate in a mature manner, sidestepping of irrefutable truths and pathetic attempts to deflect once soundly beaten reflect the sad person that you always will be. Your parent must be so proud of you. The more you try and throw “cognitive dissonance” into your posts, the less intelligent you appear. Are you being sponsored to say it? Does your teacher give you a gold star everytime you type it? I wonder?

      If you think Xbox is a dead brand, that’s up to you. Playstation for me is nothing but an exclusive starved, featureless, barebones, lacking in innovation, dustbox of hype and no substance. Abundant with walking simulators, 8-bit monstrosities, rinse and repeat hack and slashers and tired looking jrpgs from 1998 that cater to people who are socially isolated. I’m amazed it hasn’t gone the same way as their phone, television and computer divisions. It goes to show what a far reaching impact the media can have on those not capable of thinking for themselves. It’s almost inspiring to see that you’ve started upvoting yourself again. Good for your confidence, I’ll bet. You’re special!(needs). P.S. To hold something requires opening of the hand or unfurling of the fingers. Outstretching your palm is a ridiculous thing to say but then again, you are prone to saying ridiculous things aren’t you? Maybe you’ve got no fingers? That would probably be the only situation where a DualShock 4 could be acceptable.

    • Mr Xrat

      1) No, I called videogames a hobby. Try reading. 🙂

      2) So, you’re stuck at three typing errors while you continue to flail incoherently like the Xgimp you are. Thank you for making my point. 🙂

      3) 3) Of course, you can’t actually address the argument so you flail incoherently and change the subject. If you cared about games, let alone resolution, you wouldn’t get a potato with nothing on it. I adore CrapGamer, he does an excellent job of exposing to the world just how cancerous the Xbox fanbase is. 🙂

      4) “Street Fighter 5 should have tight mechanics considering it’s linage.” So, it’s a great game then. Don’t try and damage control Titanfall, you’re two years too late. Only three of those Titans in the whole game and a handful of maps and modes. No wonder it died so fast. SFV will be played for years. 🙂

      6) It’s not called the “Delaystation” by anyone outside of Xgimps in denial of their pathetic lineup. Of course, you can’t actually defend MS’ fantastic record of delays and cancellations outside of that Halo/Forza/Gears rehash they’re duty-bound to push out once a year.. Like I said, it’s a shame those delays don’t actually pay-off.

      5) Again, no actual attempt to address the argument so you try and change the subject and ignore MS delaying its games even more, often without pay-off. Poor lad. When do you think you’ll finally see Phantom Dust? 2020? Wouldn’t have happened if MS had games to announce.

      I understand the difference. Halo 5 launched with an SP that won’t be added to and non-existent MP that’s still getting modes it should have launched with released. SFV will be feature complete by the end of the year.

    • This Guy

      Shouldn’t you be playing Uncharted 4 or something? Or is it not all it’s cracked up to be?

    • plop6759

      What a load of utter b*******! All of your responses are typed through tears of frustration and the same loser mentality comes shining through every time. I’ll start at the top and skip to the bottom and let’s just assume it’s another bloodbath where you continue to look like an idiot. It’s the weekend and I’ve got things to do. These things happen when you have a life. I’ve soundly beaten you so often that I’m expecting a visit from a police officer any minute so lets wrap this up.

      1) The last thing I referenced to the point two posts ago was “You’re the very definition of a troll.” Your response was “I sure am. Anyone with any interest in this hobby knows……..”

      2) I’m too busy so just assume that I win. I always do.

      3) I’m too busy so just assume that I win. I always do.

      4) I’m too busy so just assume that I win. I always do.

      5) I’m too busy so just assume that I win. I always do.

      6) I’m too busy so just assume that I win. I always do.

      7) I’m too busy so just assume that I win. I always do.

      8) I’m too busy so just assume that I win. I always do.

      9) I’m too busy so just assume that I win. I always do.

      10) Here’s the first appearence of the term in question
      “Cheer yourself up by going to nxtgen720 with your palms outstretched”. Now does that sound like me or does that sound like you? Bye!!!!!!!!

    • Mr Xrat

      Are you frustrated that your inability to make an argument gets called out and eviscerated again and again? Take it up with your parents and not me. Yes, it’s about time you take a break before it completely destroys you mentally. 🙂

      1) “You’re NOT a fan of video games.” “I sure am.” Poor little Xgimp, ruined again. 🙂

      2-19) Cry more, you little b****h. You and the rest of the Xgimps haven’t done enough of that these last three years. 🙂

      10) Again, your failure to read and your need to deflect drives your continual illogical flailing. I was referring to palms outstretched in terms of starving men begging for something to ease their pain. You did so as some bizarre exercise because you are a troglodyte Xbox fanboy. I’ll leave you to deal with your emotional issues, it’s clear you need some time on your own. 🙂

    • plop6759

      One last post, just to put you straight.

      1) “You’re NOT a fan of video games.” “I sure am.”
      Yes, “NOT a fan of video games” troll.

      2-19) How many? NINETEEN? Oh and b****h has a * too many as well. Maybe you should take your own advice and learn to read properly before you post.

      10) So you were “referring to palms outstretched in terms of starving men begging” but in your previous post you stated that it was I who brought up the subject of outstretched palms.
      You’re incapable of masterful debate due to continually making mistakes under pressure. Your inability to form intelligent counter arguments and your reliance on buzz words and lowbrow insults such as Xgimp, Xbone & Potato box have cemented your status as a troll for ever.
      I’ve humiliated you again so give up already.

    • Mr Xrat

      So much for that break. Always gotta squeeze in another little tantrum so you can deal with your inability to cope with your plastic toy being a joke, haven’t you? 🙂

      1) “I sure am a fan of videogames.” The extent to which you need advanced diagrams is quite pathetic. 🙂

      2-9) Oh look, another typing error you can cling to as an alternative to actually having an argument, something you haven’t had for a long time. 🙂

      10) You brought it up in a demented way that made no sense, as some sort of key point to back up your pathetic fanboyism. Watching you cling to minor errors or deflect to your own inability to string a coherent argument together just exposes your intellectual inabilities on a grand scale. Can we expect another tantrum in the next few hours? Keep it to yourself and use the time playing games. Oh wait, you don’t have any. 🙂

    • plop6759

      Pathetic troll keeps on trolling………..

    • Mr Xrat

      Nice edit. At least you recognize your arguments are so pathetic you should make a second go of it.

      You did have time to squeeze out thousand-word flaky rants because someone dared call out your fanboy tears. Sorry if telling the truth is “trolling” in your sore, bloodshot fanboy eyes. It must hurt considering you’re the one who keeps coming back for metaphorical slaps out of desperation for something to do, and the one who came crawling back for over a week after you first got destroyed. I’ve already addressed your multiplat situation, I don’t need to do it again. Give your blow-up doll my regards, it’s probably the only thing in your existence that can tolerate your childish tantrums. 🙂

    • plop6759

      Yes, I edited my post because I had a spare minute or two to add to it. So?
      Buddy, you’re absolutely deluded. You only post on Xbox articles, call Microsoft a cancer and still think it’s everyone else that’s the fanboy. Telling YOUR truth to fans of another platform IS trolling. There is no “truth”, only opinion. You don’t own an Xbox One so you can’t see all the ways that it’s better. I don’t own a PS4 but my friend got one at launch and this past christmas bought an Xbox One because “There’s nothing out on the PS4”.
      “Crawling back after a week”? I couldn’t make another post on that article because I was banned by a moderator who accused me of bullying you. The fact that someone took pity on you and stepped in to halt the massacre is indicative of how ineffectual your pathetic responses are deemed. As a fully paid up junior member of The Sony Troll Brigade, I knew that if I followed your teartracks that you’d resurface on another Xbox article and sure enough, you did. You didn’t destroy anyone with your slaps that are as weak as your arguments.
      You’ve addressed nothing. I have just over 300 games on my Xbox One. You try to claim they’re all multiplats. Do you have 300 exclusive Sony titles in your own library? Obviously not so there goes that weak attempt to counter so try again.
      I’m sorry little man but my woman is real. If I had a blow up doll lying, around I’d send it to you. You could turn it inside out, blow it up and then sit on it just to get that full Sony experience.

    • Mr Xrat

      Oh look, another boring extended rant from you. What happened to that break you were supposed to be having? What happened to that time you were spending with your loved ones? I guess those were lies as well. Takes me mere minutes to dismantle your hot tears, Xgimp. I don’t spend all day on Disqus making thousand-word rants and continually editing them. 🙂

      My repetition of facts and reality is not trolling. Your desperate attempts to convince yourself you’re not an Xgimp loser are. I don’t need to eat turds to know it would be unpleasant. But please, tell me more about your mythical friend who bought a console with few fewer games. Do you spend as much time with him as your mythical loved ones? 🙂

      You don’t think that might a sign that you are unwanted? You went off on two other people there as well, so it’s clear that any criticism of your plastic toy cuts very deep. 🙂

      Good job on those 300 games, 97% of which are on other platforms and perform better there. Does that make you feel better? 🙂

      So sorry I dragged your blow-up doll from another day of passion, maybe if you exercised some self-control you might be able to deliver for once. 🙂

    • plop6759

      I enjoyed my break hence only using 900 words to expose you as a weirdo instead of the usual 1000.

      Just read your comment.
      “My repetition of facts and reality is not trolling. Your desperate attempts to convince yourself you’re not an Xgimp loser are.” Do you not see the obvious contradiction here?

      You really are lonely aren’t you? You’ve spent so much time chasing demons on your excellent game(sarcasm) that you think it’s friends and family that are “mythical”. It’s such a sad, twisted, isolated world that you inhabit. I blame all those strange Japanese fantasy games which you throw yourself into whenever PSN is down again. It’s not your fault, it’s Sony’s!

      Why do you want to know about my friends you freaky stalker?

      Of course I’m unwanted by Sony trolls. I don’t go looking to squish them but when they keep turning up on Xbox articles, they get under my feet and I just can’t help it. The other two were rank amateurs just like you so I had no problem taking all of you to school at the same time.

      I have a lot more than 9 exclusives so you’re wrong again. How do they perform better? Can I snap my apps alongside my 300 games or choose anyone of them by voice control from any part of the UI without wearing headphones on this other platform? Does it play CD’s? Are there any worthwhile multiplayer exclusives? Can I use my prefered controller? Does it still have regular scheduled maintenance all the time? Will my security details be safe? Are the games that are included in my online subscription service still terrible? Will it control all my media devices? Can I Skype my friends through the TV? Can I connect my 8tb external hard drive to it? Is there any point going on because we both know that your “better performing” option can’t do any of the simple tasks that I use my Xbox One for most days. Enjoy your limitations, fanboy!

      Wow. YOU made up the blow up doll and now you actually believe it exists. Is this the same little mind trip you go on to convince yourself that PS4 has anything worth playing? Yes? I thought so.

    • Mr Xrat

      I sure hope that was an attempt at a joke, it would be nice if you showed some self-awareness for a change. All the same, another limp rant for me to destroy!

      No contradiction there. You’re deluded, I’m sensible. It’s just that simple. 🙂

      “You’ve spent so much time chasing demons on your excellent game(sarcasm) that you think it’s friends and family that are “mythical”.” Do you want to try that again so it makes some kind of sense? It’s good to know you’re so triggered by the mildest criticism that it brings all the way into the deepest incoherency you’ve been in yet, further proving my point. 🙂

      LOL I don’t care about your friends. It’s obvious by now you don’t have any, anyway. 🙂

      More of that delusion. All you’re doing now is throwing your toys about and screaming like a loser. Seems the mod there put you out of your misery out of pity. 🙂

      Nine? Please, at this point you can count the number of Xbone exclusives on one hand. It’s no surprise you have to try and talk up those worthless gimmicks I haven’t seen Xgimps try and shill since launch.

      It’s pretty obvious you’re the proud owner of a blow-up doll. I might have believed you actually have a lady, but your lack of social skills, communication difficulties, behavioural issues and mindless led me to conclude you don’t have anyone. 🙂

    • plop6759

      Awwww. The little puppy repeatedly keeps making an unfortunate mess even though he knows that I’m going to rub his nose in it. Maybe it’s retarded?

      You’re the biggest joke around here buddy. If you had a modicum of self awareness, you’d realise that you and these unintelligible responses are a stain on the reputation of reasonable people who choose to game on PS4.

      You claim to not be a troll and in the very next sentence, lose control completely like the sad little fanboy that you are. That is a contradiction. “It’s just that simple.”

      “But please, tell me more about your mythical friend who bought a console with few fewer games. Do you spend as much time with him as your mythical loved ones?”

      I’m assuming that “few fewer” was just another mistake and more evidence of the cracks beginning to show as the frustration builds. All I can salvage from the rest of your statement is that you don’t believe in friends and family so I can safely presume that you have neither. Awwww!

      I bought a console that offers useful social features such as Skype so I can contact pretty much anyone, anywhere, on any device. The most heralded social feature on PS4 is a share button so you can send a picture of the game you’re playing to another PS4 owner. Which one do you think would be most beneficial to someone with real friends in the real world and which one caters to sad little nerds, isolated from society? I think we all know which box you tick.

      I don’t look at Sony articles because I don’t own a Sony console. There’s literally nothing there for me. I don’t hate the PS4, it’s just irrelevant. I’d have to be incredibly bored, and slightly unhinged to deliberately look for articles related to a product in competition with one that I chose and post negative comments daily. Actions such as this would imply that deep down, I’m not happy with my choice. Those feelings of buyers remorse would probably build up making me feel angry and stupid with a need to vent my frustration with myself for being such an idiot for believing the hype. I’d hate the fact that those who made a different choice are considerably happier with their product that I am.
      And thus the Xrat troll was born and now we have to endure endless tears and inaccuracies. Thanks Sony! Because of your obvious shortcomings, I feel that it’s my duty to squish all these pathetic maggots who direct all their disappointment and dissatisfaction at Xbox owners who are more than happy with their choice. It’s about time that they just accepted that they bought a barebones, simplistic console with an abundance of indie titles, Japanese curiosities and little else.

      There are plenty of titles available on Xbox One that are not available on PS4 and vice versa. I still have over 300 titles to choose from whilst you’re playing THREE.

      I’m guessing all the really useful features that Xbox One has that PS4 is incapable of are of no use to you because you have no life outside of solitary gaming, trolling and combining adult websites, lube and those overworked “palms” of yours.

      I do have an inflatable air bed. I can only conclude that you go for very plain looking girls (or boys, I’m not judging you) so it’s probably an easy mistake to make on your part.

      “your lack of social skills, communication difficulties, behavioural issues and mindless led me to conclude”. Thank you Dr Freud
      Mindless……..what? Anyone? Hello? Isn’t it me that’s supposed to have “communication difficulties”
      As for “behavioural issues” Buddy? Have you even read one of your own posts? Maybe you should concentrate on “your lack of social skills” considering trolling websites seems to be your only outlet.

      Please stop posting you’re inane drivel. It’s getting embarrassing.

    • Mr Xrat

      Is that puppy line how you attempt to rationalise coming back after getting owned time and time again? 🙂

      It’s pretty clear by now that you’ve completely lost the plot, in case yet another of your extended, pointless rants showing up wasn’t a massive clue.

      No contradictions here. The few typing errors I make are nowhere near the league your projection, insanity and total lack of logic resides in. Your hazy answers about your supposed “loved ones” are yet another indictment of your sad loneliness. That comes with being an Xbox fanboy, though. No wonder you need CrapGamer for company. 🙂

      Considering your history, you don’t look at anything outside your sad little Xbox bubble, and it’s no surprise. Slightly wandering off the reservation leaves you a triggered, gibbering wreck. If you actually want something that meets all your needs, you should get a bottle of pills and some scotch. 🙂

      Like I said, you can count the number of Xbone exclusives on one hand. Considering your inability to disprove that and every other point you’ve failed to tackle, I’ll take this exchange as a win just like I’ve taken every single one of our exchanges so far. Get cracking on your next rant, watching you try and assemble some kind of point amid your hot tears, projection and breathless rage is quite something. 🙂

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    • This Guy

      You’re deranged.

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