Xbox One Would “Absolutely” Benefit From Cloud Computing

The future is bright if the Cloud comes to life.

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Speaking out recently on The Inner Circle Podcast, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell has spoken on how the Cloud can bring benefits to the Xbox One. The Cloud was one of the most talked about features of the Xbox One and it’s yet to be used in any meaningful way.

Wardell thinks that the Cloud would “absolutely” benefit the Xbox One given that it’s apparently faster to draw information from the Cloud than it is the Xbox One’s DVD Drive. Solid State Drives (SSD’s) would be a far better solution, but this is an unlikely dream.

A simple given example of how the Cloud could benefit games was given, if players were taking on a computer in a game of Chess, the AI would compute its moves in the Cloud while the console itself would only have to handle the rendering of the game. Because of this, Wardell thinks the Cloud has “endless numbers” of applications in the gaming space.

Cloud computing was, and still is, a viable solution to many problems faced by video game developers and programmers, so it’s still a mystery why it’s yet to be properly implemented in at least an optional way.

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  • Brian

    I assume cloud hasn’t taken off because people don’t want to have a lower quality game experience when they don’t have internet connection.

    • David

      That’s a good thought. I do believe that we are getting closer to a time where internet is going to be pretty much expected by developers and gaming companies. Maybe even deemed mandatory.

    • Brian

      I hope so. I just think or the gamers in rural areas who, even if they have internet access, they don’t have any decent speeds available to them. That was the case for me back in the day. But yeah, I could see it starting with MMO games and if those are a huge success then I could eventually see games which still have offline play available using cloud computing.

    • David

      That’s true. They can’t completely disregard those in rural areas. It should be interesting to see how things play out in the future. Because I know Microsoft seriously wants to implement cloud computing.

  • I’m Flat Out Right

    It’s because Microsoft tried to sell people lies and tried to pitch a flawed concept that fell flat on it’s face.

    Gamingbolt is obsessed with Brad Wardell (Mr. DX12 will double the GPU bs), a proven liar and an avid Microsoft supporter. You dumb*sses make multiple click-bait articles a week quoting this guy despite his constant rubbish and contradictions.

    In your article you stated, “The cloud has yet to be implemented” Why haven’t we seen it yet? But if you weren’t so dumb you would know that the cloud is all ready being used and it’s brought nothing but gimmicks and an overhyped lie.

    -Battlefield uses cloud for large player counts and object positions on screen.
    -Forza 5 uses cloud to change AI based on a cheap algorithm.
    -Titanfall uses cloud to change the AI of the bots in matches similar to Forza 5.
    -Driveclub uses the cloud
    -Planetside 2 uses the cloud
    – COD and Killzone ony use cloud for matchmaking because maps are small with less players per match.

    Brad Wardell is also full of it. Games are all ready using cloud for AI. Also, his statement about cloud being faster than an HDD is false. Cloud suffers from much worse latency and internet connections are limited to 20mbps in many areas. There is only so much data you can transfer over the internet and latency makes it impossible for calculations that require miliseconds.

    Microsoft overhyped this cr*p and you ate it right up. Cloud has been used for decades. The reason why fools keep thinking cloud is something new or revolutionary is because you’ve got your head so far up Microsoft’s *sshole that you get hyped for every little thing Microsoft says.

    If Valve would’ve come out 2 years ago and stated that they were going to use cloud to enhance physics and AI in some games, people would’nt have cared.
    But since Microsoft said it, the Xbox defense force and dumb media outlets have overhyped it and acted like it’s the second coming of christ. lol

    • Guest

      Driveclub uses the cloud?

      but.. but.. titanfall uses the AL, physics etc from Microsoft cloud. does Driveclub use drivatars, matchmaking etc from the cloud like forza does?

    • Kevin-Y

      Kinda like the lies Sony told about vita… lol Sony don’t have no cloud compute. All they have is streaming which they bought and still are struggling to get that off the ground.

    • bardock5151

      Actually misinformed fools like you are feeding the flames.
      It’s also.good to see your serious concern that Microsoft will make it happen. Your borderline lunacy and constant foaming at the mouth shows you are scared.
      Why else would you be downplaying it so much?

    • twist of cain

      It seems John Doe is going by a new name these days

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