Xbox One X And PS4 Pro Will Provide Better Conversion Rate And Monetization

DeltaDNA CEO talks about the free to play market in this new era.

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Predicting the current trends is tough. We never thought that free to play titles would become as big as they did or that micro-transactions would be such a significant driving force in revenue. With this console generation seeing a refresh in terms of hardware, particularly with the PS4 Pro and upcoming Xbox One X, what does this mean for the industry?

GamingBolt spoke to deltaDNA CEO and co-founder Mark Robinson who’s company is in charge of deep-data analytics and real time player marketing. When asked about his thoughts on Project Scorpio aka the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro and how they fit into the current space, Robinson said that, “From a F2P perspective, upgraded higher powered consoles can only be a good thing because we know that the better the hardware the better the conversion rate and monetization. This is a trend we’ve particularly noticed in mobile phones, as they have evolved.”

But what about the differences in free to play audiences on PC, where the genre has been firmly established, versus consoles? How does it affect developers the way developers approach their games? Robinson said that, “We don’t see any real difference between how developers should tailor their approach on PC compared with console.

“What’s key is making sure the onboarding is right. You’ve also got to see how players engage with the game and make targeted interactions based on each individual player experience, and you need to make sure your monetization mechanics aren’t cannibalizing each other. You also need to ensure you’ve got a good core monetization loop, which is the same whether it’s a PC, mobile or console F2P game.”

With the Xbox One X releasing on November 7th, the PlayStation 5 rumoured to be releasing in the next few years and more triple-A titles engaging in micro-transaction practices in exchange for free content (and that’s not taking free to play titles into account, it’s an interesting time to be a gamer. We’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out though.

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  • Psionicinversion

    playstation still sucks and shows the true weakness of the console generation, x1x will give console owners a truer to life representation of gaming on pc minus the 60fps on all titles of course. in that respect consoles are still a gaming failure.

    • Dougdec92

      And they’ve managed to sell almost 100million in 4years be them?, or you are yet to understand the concept of failure?

  • KidIncredible

    why group the pro with the x.. the x is coming the pro has come and gone… the pro isn’t native 4k and won’t ever be… there’s like 4 games where you can boost and tell… thats lame…

    play station has alot of work to do

    • Your perspective isn’t very accurate. xb1x will be more powerful true but power doesn’t always lead if it did everyone would be on PC rather than console. The pro has a year head start and piggy backing on 60 million strong ps4 userbase. They haven’t sold one unit of xb1x yet and the xb1 userbase is half at best of ps4.

      Microsoft is the one who has a lot of work to do to bring people back and a $500 console just wont start the fire like you think it will be more like a slow burn at best.

    • Fweds

      The PS what ? Are they still bothering to make the so called Pro ?

      Pointless underpowered console which was panicked released and is paying a heavy price which Sony will never recover the investment from.

      The Xbox1X is going to sell huge numbers.

    • I guess I can’t argue with that logic.

    • Joe Cimmarrusti

      I upgraded to a Pro and will keep it, but it has been a wasteful extra investment…it still has sild 5 million units. The X I will also buy, but overall Xbox will perhaps maintain, but not catch up with Sony. Both companies know that a good start is critical and MS really had a bad start this generation. Because of their stupidity they have been very innovative with many things: Free backward compatibility, faster servers, improved console design(S and X), custom controllers, cross play, etc. Many of these additions will eventually be adopted by competition as well. I still can not stand the crappy batteries that Sony forces their gamers to use, but it demonstrates their main audience. Perhaps Ben Heck will provide a Sony battery alternative fix…enjoy.

  • Juan Carlos Tapia

    (This is more a rant to game developes not Sony). I’m kinda disappointed with PS4’s free to play games. I mean yeah I get it they have to make money, but at least don’t make most of the F2P games looks like a cellphone game.

  • Joe Cimmarrusti

    I am glad to see consoles still valued…I console game for social fun and wish more console companies would bring back more couch coop experiences that separated them from PC’s in the first place…also, besides Solitaire I hate gaming in phones and tablets…I like a large screen and physical controls…cheers.

    • stopbeingafanboy

      Cheers mate.


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