Xbox One X Couldn’t Have Been Smaller Than It Is Without Being Noisier, Suggests Microsoft Exec

They made the right choice.

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The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made- but stunningly, it is also the smallest Xbox ever made, smaller than the Xbox 360 Slim or 360 Elite, and smaller than the Xbox One S as well. Microsoft achieving this is a testament to their engineering skill- but could they realistically have gone any smaller?

Speaking to Wired, Microsoft’s Albert Penello said that while it would have been possible, it would have made the console far noisier than Microsoft was willing to accept. “I think for us to have gotten any smaller than this it might have compromised on noise. That’s the other variable out there, we didn’t want this thing to get significantly louder than the Xbox One S,” Penello mused. “That’s the other dimension that we have to work with in a typical living room. I think people will be impressed with the sound level – it will be a little bit louder at full tilt when you’re running really taxing games at 4K 60fps, but for every other usage case it’s as quiet as an Xbox One S.”

Which sounds like a reasonable trade-off- small is good, but you also don’t want your console to sound like it’s a plane about to take off. Looking at the slick design of Xbox One X, it’s hard to see how Microsoft might have done any better, especially given how massive the significantly less powerful PS4 Pro is.

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  • Billy

    They are right any smaller but it would of needed more air, however the use of a Alcohol Evaporator Cooler could come back and bite them with some consoles. Alcohol can be evaporated in an enclosed container using sound waves and most of them are not in the range of human hearing. Sonic jewelry cleaners can produce such waves not all but some of the cheaper ones as well as malfunctioning speakers even cell phones can be made to transmit those sounds. Though some of the causes could be intentional but with the way that cooling fan motors go out then the squealing of it as it burns out could do the same, the sound plus the vibration, I have no prof that combination can do that but I have not tried to do it that way yet with an Evap Cooler. I love the specs and I love how Xbox has been working on the Xbox One X as long as they can hopefully they use an insulated version of the evap coolers those are much harder to make malfunction but again it is still possible and a fire in a house next to all your home entertainment with how entertainment centers are made fast wood fire combined with electrical fire until breakers kick, still can burn every thing in that area and damage much, much more even if you have a class C extinguisher (used for electrical fire and works on wood and paper by covering the surface of the material preventing the material to evaporate allowing for combustion, just so you don’t know how fire actual burns the wood don’t burn it evaporates and the vapor is what actual burns) I hope Xbox sees and cares about the issues of those coolers, if they know I am sure they still did a risk easement and cost evaluation to see if the risk is worth the cost.

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    • Xpower1spikeX

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    • Billy

      Not even a rebuttal, just “…shut up”.

    • Xpower1spikeX

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  • XterminatorbotMK1

    “Microsoft achieving this is a testament to their engineering skill-”

    Yeah, it must have taken a lot of skill to basically rip off Sony’s design or make one similar to the PS4.

    “Looking at the slick design of Xbox One X, it’s hard to see how Microsoft might have done any better, especially given how massive the significantly less powerful PS4 Pro is.”

    The slick design of the Xbone X? Yeah, it must have been difficult for Microsoft to do any better considering it basically resembles a rip off of the PS2.

    And the Pro isn’t much bigger and it isn’t significantly less powerful. It has the same size or amount of GPU units. The main difference is Microsoft went with a more expensive cooling solution which is why it is a bit smaller and has higher clock speeds.

    Noy very impressive and not as sleek looking as the Pro. It basically looks like Microsoft tried to rip off Sony’s older console designs and a bit of the PS4 but the Xbone X still has that vcr look of the launch Xbone.

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