Xbox One X Info Blowout: New UI, Crossplay, Resolution/FPS Options, Optimization And More

Get the latest details on the upcoming Xbox One X.

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Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

With the Xbox One X just a little over two months away from launch, anticipation around the system is ramping up, and we have some new information for you to sink your teeth into. Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra and Larry Hyrb recently spoke about several things during a live version of the Major Nelson Radio podcast from PAX West.

One of the most important things they spoke about was the architecture of the system. Ybarra said that Microsoft was very careful about what hardware to put into the system, so as to make sure that development of games was easy on the system. As such, Microsoft have made it so that the architecture for the One X and the One S is very similar. This will allow developers to optimize games on the One S while also doing so for the One X as well.

It was also confirmed that features for the store such as gifting and wish lists would also be coming soon. Another important confirmation made was that the Xbox One X would be receiving mouse and keyboard support for sure, to allow people playing cross-platform multiplayer to be able to play with similar setups and controls.

As for crossplay, Microsoft mentioned that it was working closely with other companies as well, mentioning that they have a great working relationship with Nintendo. Hyrb went on to jokingly ask Sony to follow in those footsteps as well. Microsoft is also investing heavily in Cortana so as to improve voice controls for the system as well.

There are also options for customising visual fidelity options. Developers will be given the option to prioritise between focus on frame rate and focus on resolution. An update to the Xbox One X’s UI was also presented, which would include things like notifications that appear while you’re idle, dark and light modes, as well as a “looking for group” feature that will allow people to look for people to play with. The achievement menu was also shown off in both, light and dark modes.

The Xbox One X launches on November 7. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for continued coverage.

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  • Xbox One X unlocked

    They have not even started yet either

    • And they never will.. this is pre-sales hype.

      Let’s wait untill the actual console gets released and then we will talk sales numbers.

      Xbox one x will flop so hard lol.. i will spend my money on all the new PS4 games coming out instead of this crap xbollox console.

      The PS4 Pro is cheaper and can do VR! Ahahah.. now back to you Microsoft/Xbox one X 🙂

  • Apollo Dean Campbell

    The power of the X, the behemoth has awoken.

  • Fweds

    November 7 should be a national holiday.

  • Mr Xrat

    More vague answer from another garbage Xbox executive at another cuckfest.

    • The reality is that there are about 5 people out of millions who are interested in the xbox one x lol..

      It’s pathetic how Microsoft tries to emulate Sony’s success.

      Yes making the better hardware is the easy part.

      Now try making the next Uncharted game Microsoft!

      They can’t make the great games that Sony can, people will soon realize that the xbox one x is an empty box inside.


    • GodLike Clarens

      When retards like u assume everyone likes uncharted

    • Everyone likes Uncharted.. they just don’t know it yet. And you are blocked as well xD

    • Ritsuko Blue

      Hahahahahahahahahaha! A Crying Sony fanboy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Ian Williams

      Try making the next forza, halo and gears of war sony.

    • Ritsuko Blue

      LOL! Another hate post! By a Sony fanboy!

    • Ian Williams

      Poor fatty on a meltdown as usual.

  • If Sony wants they can make a console that blows the Xbox One X out of the water.

    Sony already has prototypes for a PS5 that will once and for all destroy the whole xbox brand in one fell swoop.

    What i hate the most is all the lies these Xbox fanboys put out there, such as the lie that the “PS4 Pro can’t do native 4k”.. the PS4 Pro already has 4k native games.

    Why is Gran Turismo Sport overspecced for 8k then?

    Be warned xbox trolls.. There is a PS5 coming and it will destroy the xbox brand once and for all. Go ahead and laugh while you still can..

    • Ritsuko Blue

      You know. Microsoft is making the next-gen Xbox too! If the PS5 is going to be RUSHED as the PS4 Pro. The next Xbox ( Not Xbox One X ) will have no problems at all!

    • blakjedi

      Microsoft can outspecc Sony in any generation at any time. But they want the brand to be self sustainable (ie make money)

  • Don

    Hey thanks gamingbolt for a good article! Microsoft just keeps making the Xbox better and better.


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