Xbox One X Specs Were A Result of Software, Ensured It’s Future Proof – Microsoft Exec

Xbox One X has “a lot of longevity”, according to Microsoft.

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The Xbox One X and all its impressive specs were built based on feedback received from developers who were working and would work on making games for the system, according to Microsoft. In an interview with Shacknews, Microsoft’s Albert Penello said that rather than just deciding on the specs they wanted, Microsoft actually worked towards the specs based on the feedback they were receiving from software developers, so that in essence, the system was ultimately tailored around the games that would be made for it in the future.

“We actually have a really great technology team that works with developers,” Penello said. “And what’s really, really interesting and unique about this console is that the specs were a result of working with software. It wasn’t just us saying, ‘this is the numbers we wanted to hit’. We actually profiled existing code, and we said if we want to hit 4K on existing engines, this is what it takes.”

Penello went on to speak about the role Forza Motorsport developers Turn 10 had in the process. “What Turn 10 is able to do is, they’re able to come in and they’re able to prototype- because they have this great engine on PC, because they create their assets in such high resolution. That’s what really gave us the confidence that these specs are what it takes to deliver on the promises that we’re making to customers.”

Penello was then asked if Microsoft gave much thought to future proofing the console, to which he said that once again, as a result of listening to the feedback they had received from developers, that was exactly what they did, going as far as adding an extra gig of RAM in the console. “More’s always better,” he said when the question of future proofing was posed to him. “In fact, we actually just gave a gig of RAM back to developers. We were originally going to do 8 gigs for developers. And to your point we were getting feedback that was like, ‘in a year or two, that extra gig of RAM is really gonna help us out.’ So we were like, ‘great, we’ll extend that’.”

“We give more memory to games on the Xbox One X than the other systems have in total,” Penello continued. “That’s including the operating system and all the other features. And that was one of the cases where we worked with developers to ask them what they need. And I think we are in the middle of a generation, and that’s what great about consoles. One platform- I keep turning the needle, I keep finding efficiencies. And by using a similar architecture between Xbox One S and Xbox One X, all those refinements work.

“So we think with both of these consoles- the work that you put into this one will make Xbox One S games better, and vice versa. So we think there’s a lot of longevity left in both consoles,” he finished.

This seems in line with what we’ve heard from all the game developers so far. Everyone, from Turn 10 to Ubisoft has been talking about how relatively easy it has been to develop for the One X, and it makes sense that that is as a result of Microsoft having actively worked with them on the system’s specs.

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  • C. Hoffer

    Not sure how to take this article.
    If I look at the system as 4k ‘capable’ and best in class use of hardware specializations – Then I’d say absolutely. 1080p at 60fps or dynamic 4k at 30fps.
    If I look at this system as 4k solid 60fps….or even 4 k solid 30fps…I’d have to say nooope. No can do. Maybe a Ryzen refresh for that CPU. Xbox X-S version later ?

    • Living While Alive

      The thing is it can 4k60 4k30 solid.

      All first party games will be native 4k.

      It’s just that Microsoft gave 3rd party and indie developers NO MANDATION on how to use the power of the 1X.

      So when you have things like dynamic 4k, checkerboard 4k, temporal 4k, native 4k etc all these different ways to make the game look good to hit 4k (persé).

      Alot of lazy developers or just developers in general will choose what’s good for them to develop on.

      If you have a problem with a game not being native 4k30 or 4k60?

      Then take it up with that developer and not Microsoft, because according to factual knowledge.

      All 1st party games will be 4k60, 4k30 natively.

    • Aenea

      You do realise that if the machine was even more powerful devs wouldn’t need to choose how they use the extra oompf of the One X, right?

      If it could easily run any and all game at native 4k no compromises have to be made in the engines to look good in 4k.

      This means basically that the device is NOT future proof.

    • Elie Barreto

      Yes you’re right just like Phill promise the first time he announced. True 4k my ball loll, the xbots fan boys and Phill said Tha devs choose that to do, but is the same case with PS4 pro, and they are using chreckboard rendering on both machines. PS4 pro has some 4k native games Xbox x will have some too definitely more than pro but neither of the machines are true 4k.

    • Living While Alive

      Right. So devs don’t choose on PC development?

      You do know there are checkerboard and dynamic scaling games on PC right?

      You making yourself sound like an asinine jackass.

      Please stfu

    • Aenea

      Defensive much? Straight to the insults when they notice they’re wrong and don’t know anything. Typical fanboy behaviour…

      Anyhoo, that other platforms can use those techniques still doesn’t counter what I said. Better hardware and devs wouldn’t need them.

      That MS their first party devs are doing everything they can to get to the promised native 4k (like baked lighting and scripted weather for instance on F7) doesn’t mean every game out there can do the same thing. And no, this has nothing to do with optimising more or being lazy. Yes, sure, plenty of devs will not have time for specific One X optimisations, still doesn’t automatically mean that they could do it even if they optimised the crap out of their engines…

      It’s very game dependent, it’s rather silly (or lazy?) to call devs lazy when they can’t do it when it’s just the hardware that’s just not powerful enough…

    • KashIsKlay

      You do realize optimization plays a large part in how a game runs regardless of hardware right?

    • Aenea

      Yes, but doesn’t change the fact that even better hardware would mean no need for tricks to make something look nice on a 4k TV.

      Plus, straight up native resolution is easier to do than all the tricks devs have to use on the mid-gen upgraded consoles, so basically they are already optimisations to make it work…

    • KashIsKlay

      Not true. There are only a few truly modern engines. You still need to take advantage of the hardware which means a lot of re-writing if they want their engine to really take advantage of new hardware.

    • Mr Xrat

      It sure can, Xgimp, on games like Crackdown 3 that look absolutely appalling. Or games like Forza 7, which look the same they did when Forza 4 came out. Very derivative, very safe. It’s no wonder no one cares about your worthless games.

    • kma99

      You haven’t even seen crackdown up close you’re just spouting off at the mouth.

  • Mr Xrat

    “Future proof” and it’s already showing its limitations. Xgimps can try and pretend all the crud they told themselves for a year didn’t happen but we all remember it well, and every time the Xbollox gets exposed (which is daily) another roar of laughter comes up which gets picked up by seismographs. Hahahahha!

    • ShowanW

      microsoft future proofed themselves on a software level … not a hardware level…

      microsoft has basically built a better “Steam Machine” than Valve did…

    • Aenea

      But this article is about the hardware, not the OS, the hardware will be obsolete one day like with every device ever made….

    • ShowanW

      I guess Albert should have said: The hardware spec covers us for the next 4-5yrs or so…

      But on a software level… Microsoft has finally for the first time, flex their muscle on a software level.

      This is an area Microsoft should have always shined brightest…

    • Aenea

      Two years, tops, then it’s obsolete. 4 years is really stretching it…

    • ShowanW

      2yrs and a new Xbox… i would be ticked…

      4-5yrs doesnt bother me… but i wouldnt bother getting any Xbox that soon after the One X

    • Aenea

      I was also kinda thinking of other console brands, not just Xbox 😉

      And if there’s gonna be a new PlayStation in 2 years don’t think MS will wait 2 to 3 years more to release the next Xbox…

  • TwoLiterSoda

    It will no doubt be great for years, there is only so much future proofing u can do when technology evolves at such a fast pace. We shall see.

  • CT

    How is it future proof? Its still tied to the original Xbox One. So all we can expect is better looking games. All games that come to XB1X will have to come to XB1 also. Even if you can get it to run better on XB1X you have to maintain parody for multiplayer games or you give an advantage to players who payed extra for a new console. I think they should have beefed it up a little more and released it next year as a new console. I’ll be getting one anyways. So why am I complaining.

  • JC

    It’s the first step in putting the ESRAM debacle behind them. Also, when they release the next iteration beyond XBO-X, they should be able to push frames.

    Unfortunately, they don’t want to (really shouldn’t) segregate their user base while playing together based upon fps differentials.

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