Xbox One’s XDK Update Gave Us Minimal Gains: Warframe Dev

Has the XDK update’s significance been over played?

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Ever since the launch of Microsoft’s June SDK Update for the Xbox One, more and more developers have been using it to push up the resolution or improve visual effects and frame rates. The update allowed developers to capitalize on the 10% GPU reserve if their games did not utilized Kinect.

In a tech interview with Warframe developer Digital Extremes, GamingBolt asked their opinion about the importance of that update and whether it affected their development process in anyway. “It is minor for us since in most cases we are CPU bound,” Sr. Programmer, Ron Janzen said to GamingBolt. “We disable Kinect during the course of our normal gameplay thus freeing up the 4.5% GPU power, but from our performance reports, this gave minimal gains.”

So it seems not all developers will be able to utilize the SDK update, especially those games which are limited by the CPU. Perhaps Microsoft can take a look into this and suggest ways to free up more cycles on the CPU side of things.

Warframe is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Well its to late now you need a better CPU and that can’t be fixed. Increasing the ghz would help but nothing they can do now

  • ShowanW

    As time goes on, I’m sure MS (and Ninty, Sony) will continue to give Devs better SDK’s to work with, that squeezes a bit more performance out of games than the last SDK…

    This is how it’s always been…

    • Guest

      STFU fool! What the heck is wrong with you, Sony’s SDK will never give you a iota of improved performance, eva! Recognize pony!

    • ShowanW

      Actually I’m a X-Pony… Than you very much…

      Or is it Pony-Bot…???

  • d0x360

    Perhaps they can look into it? You mean like…direct x 12?

    • Guest

      Your lord and savior?

    • d0x360

      Sorry fax that’s ya mamma.

  • Edonus

    Major points to take away…..

    It wasnt major gains FOR THEM because their game is CPU bound.

    Warframe is a cross gen game it has been completed for a long time, the data pipelines and engine are already set. This means it wasnt built use the system at its most affective.

    And MS already has 2 answers to the CPU side of things….
    1) DirectX12 by enabling more efficient multicore processing.
    2) Cloud Computing, which can offload lots of CPU tasks.

    Warframe was alright, the trailer looked cooler than the game actually turned out being.

    • Psionicinversion

      well tbh DX12 is just catching upto opengl in terms of speed

    • Vance

      boy go sit down in a corner

    • Psionicinversion

      its true DirectX has stagnated as an API ever since the xbox got introduced almost as if MS didnt care about it for the PC gaming market whilst opengl being open means its developed more got faster and more streamlined, whether DX12 was MS’s answer to Mantle or not or if it was in development anyway means that its catching up to opengl in terms of speed, being properly multithreaded using newer faster and more efficient ways of doing things and most importantly dropping support for legacy hardware.

      DX11 is still designed to work with GPU going back 2 decades. Thats alot of bloat and keeps everything high level so you cant get more performance out of modern architectures. DX12 is basically starting from scratch where GPU architectures are concerned and will make it faster and more efficient to

      Btw do you know one of the reasons nvidia hardware wins AMD’s alot? because they use low level custom opengl extensions alongside dx11. Thats why

    • d0x360

      That’s not how direct x works. It doesn’t support any gpu. A GPU supports it. Direct x provides precoded calls at the system level. GPUs don’t have access to system level functions they are required to pass through a trusted intermediary like DX or opengl.

      As for which is better today? Direct x is still better than open gl. If that weren’t the case everyone would use open gl. Open gl does some things better across multiple platforms but most windows developers aren’t concerned with supporting more than just windows. If you want to talk stagnant code I suggest you take a look at the tar set for open gl. Its got legacy code written when glide was popular and its still being used today…which is why almost nobody bothers with it on a professional level. Even Sony is using direct x function calls in the ps4. Unfortunately for them they have a license for dx11 through AMD, they won’t get a license for dx12 and will therefore need to do thr legwork themselves which puts them 24 months behind unless they force every Dev to use SDK integrated mantel which would only put them 12-14 months behind.

      You will know when every major release on PC supports mantle. Ifthey do Sony is using it. If they don’t Sony isn’t.

    • Psionicinversion

      well dont sony use there own version of opengl thats done in house?

    • Michael Norris

      Sony has a whole company for developing the the API/SDK for Ps4/Ps3/Vita.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah I’ve heard they’ve got them trying to improve the cpu with its load but its not designed as a high performance part so they will be squeezing little bits and I mean little bits. Most likely virtually negligible

    • Michael Norris

      ROFL……DX12 won’t do anything for you Xone sorry but DX12 is a Pc developed version of the API used for Xone.

    • Guest

      Yeah, Psionic, go sit down in your corner for daring to not sweat the X1. Don’t you know how it works?

    • Michael Norris

      Dude you know that is bullshit right.DX12 will boost Pc’s not Xone the draw calls for the Cpu on both consoles is already there,while Pc’s atm have much lower draw calls.

    • Mark

      Oles from 4A Games would say ur wrong. C’mon Mike, I know u read this EuroGamer interview with the Metro Redux developer. Stop trolling man. Both systems will improve on an SDK basis. Also, there’s some info for u in there related to what Draw Calls look like currently on Xbox 1. In short, they’re overloading one CPU core.

      Now I’ll say this, imo, some studios have better SDKs than others (especially Microsoft first parties). Still, there’s alot of improvements (not just frame rates) coming to the One with DX12. In summary;

      Digital Foundry: To what extent will DX12 prove useful on Xbox One? Isn’t there already a low CPU overhead there in addressing the GPU?

      Oles Shishkovstov: No, it’s important. All the dependency tracking takes a huge slice of CPU power. And if we are talking about the multi-threaded command buffer chunks generation – the DX11 model was essentially a ‘flop’, while DX12 should be the right one.

    • Psionicinversion

      I think it will help the x1 with its CPU resource usage because dx11 loads 1 core mainly and doubt that had changed in x1 it will most likely help it keep a more stable frame rate than anything else.

      But yeah PC is where its at, can’t help to think there going gimp the PC version some how so it doesn’t help low end systems embarrass the consoles even more than there doing now.

      Main advantage of the consoles was low cpu overhead and to the metal coding… that is quickly disappearing. I doubt a PC will ever get as close to the metal as a console but all things combined with more powerful hardware the performance gap is just going to increase

    • Guest

      Man, prepare to be letdown.

  • Guest

    Isnt this game only 30fps on the X1 with major drops?

    • Psionicinversion

      i dunno, id imagine its 30fps thats the most cinematic framerate after all!


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