Xbox Scorpio 12GB RAM Will Have An Impact on PC Games, Memory Requirements Will Increase – Expeditions: Viking Dev

Jonas Waever also discusses the challenges of bringing their game to consoles.

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Expeditions: Viking has so far been confirmed only for the PC- and for a lot of developers, with a very specific development work flow or vision, it makes sense to stick with the PC, where the hardware is not fixed, and they can target higher end specifications. However, given that consoles have begun to adopt variable hardware as well, with iterative consoles such as the Xbox One Scorpio, is there a potential for some formerly PC only games to make the jump to them?

This is the question we decided to ask Jonas Waever, who is the creative director on Expeditions: Viking– could the game now come to the Xbox One Scorpio, due to the enhanced specs on it?

“The big problem with consoles for a game like Viking is the interface more than the hardware,” Waever said. “The UI is designed from the bottom up for mouse and keyboard, and it’d be a lot of work to redesign and reprogram the whole interface to work with a gamepad. We’ve certainly talked about it though, and again – we can’t rule anything out.”

We also asked Waever about his thoughts about the Xbox Scorpio and the impact it could possibly have with its 12GB of memory, and whether it can increase PC requirements in the future.

“I’m sure it’ll have an effect. RAM is so cheap these days there’s really no reason not to raise the general memory requirements for PC games if you’re not being hamstrung by consoles – you can do a lot with more memory.”

However, even though the Scorpio has a lot of similarities with PC on a hardware level, the problem in porting PC games to console remains.

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for our full interview with Waever in the coming days.

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  • Triton

    Keyboard & mouse support is coming soon.
    Problem solved.

    • D.R.

      Exactly…but who wants to play that game? That’s a different problem, lol.

    • Fweds

      There are many good pc titles coming to Xbox One that you will hear about at the E3 show in 4 weeks.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
    • kma99

      And u keep postinf that troll review. Gullible much

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
    • Omar

      I don’t get it. I have probably put close to 2,000 gaming hours and close to 8,000 total hours on my XB1 in 3.5 years and never had a problem. There is no hardware release of any kind in history without some failures, even if it’s 0.001%, u will see people complain. I don’t know what posting those issues here is supposed to do except piss off XB fanboys.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “I don’t know what posting those issues here is supposed to do except piss off XB fanboys.”

      Omar, you arent that bright, are you?

    • Omar

      Probably a bit brighter than u. And no, my latency issues aren’t “doo-doo” but I’m sure u want them to be. U and I have done this dance before and I’ve refrained from insulting u even though u seem to love doing it to others. Ur definitely gonna get the last word because u have the time and lack of life to continue this for a while. I don’t. So get ur insults out and beef with the air. Whether ur a fanboy/girl or a troll, ur pretty sad.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      But I’m the one who is smiling. Look at your comments and then look at mine. Who sounds more sadder?

      You do.

      You DO know what sad means, don’t you? It means that you’re crying about what some anonymous stranger says about your console of choice.

    • Smart guy

      Dang…you just got lit up young lady. Literally your life is gamingbolt. You probably don’t have the semi pro either. Still living at home old as dirt and waiting for mommy and daddy to surprise you with a new toy 🙂 too bad it’s not all what you hoped it would be but keep waiting. If you are a good girl this year maybe you’ll get it 😀

    • Smart guy

      He can’t help it he’s got nothing else better to do…literally lol

    • Hvd

      the death of xbox live begins.


      According to who? People have been playing with kb + mouse on xbl for almost 3 years now

    • Smart guy

      Lol some ppl like Mrs Xrat and minions can’t think before they type. Dum dums

    • Hvd

      every fps game will be dead on console when they activate mouse and cant have mouse and keyboard vs controllers.

      when people get tired of losing to mouse and keyboard they wont play fps’s again.we have consoles to play with controllers.

      xbox is about to kill xbox live multiplayer.

    • angryguy77

      I seriously doubt MS won’t allow you to filter out players using M+KB.

    • Learned Handgun

      not to mention the fact that PS4 has keyboard and mouse, the Xbox 360 had keyboard and mouse… seriously some scared fanboys over here

    • Hvd

      they wont just watch as people get tired of loosing to game sales drop on fps games across the board and xbox live subs drop.

      wait until M+KB are in halo and see how many sales there are of it.console gamers dont like to use M+KB and the sales will show that imo.

      just wait in those competitive when some one uses M+KB to win against all the controller think people will stand for that? this will effect fps game sales across the board i wont buy any anymore.

    • Liroku

      If people wanted mouse/keyboard they could have already had it. I was playing with a mouse on the xbox 360 years ago. Just look up products like splitfish, etc. They have them for Xbox and PS as well.

    • Hvd

      just look at overwatch right now the devs all warning players about using mouse and keyboard.just wait until is full blown.

      i as a console gamer WILL NOT buy or play any fps with a mouse and keyboard support on a console.

    • Mr Xrat

      lmao another Xgimp who thinks his sad little Shitpio challenges PC.

      Gonna be funny when KBM support amounts to little too.

    • Rob

      The really sad part about it is that it in fact does and will challenge the vast majority of gaming pc’s out there save for the newer ones which I’d bet my future Scorpio most of the people that brag about their pc don’t even have a newer rig that’s even on par with scorpio never mind better. I’d bet 5-10% of gaming rigs are equal or better, the rest are below Scorpio which is why I find it funny how pc gamers are all lumped into the same superior category.

    • Mr Xrat

      “The really sad part about it is that it in fact does”


      Xbox Mad and its sad little “report” based on an opt-in scan is a joke.

  • Troy Marcel

    How it’s this an issue when 4 gigs is reserved for the os.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
    • Massamo

      i own ps4 and a ps4 pro and day one edtion xbox one and xbox one s and the xbox’s are way better machines

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      oh reeeeeeaaaaaalllyyyyyyy…. do you now…

      That’s a cool story loooool… ahahha

      care to share another…?

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I own a Porsche and a moutain bike and the mountain bike is way better. I’ll believe you if you’ll believe me.

    • Smart guy

      You don’t even know the difference between the 2 lol

    • Omar

      So are u saying that nobody here can go find people who complained about bad experiences out of the box with their PS4? I may not post about it but my PS4 controller has latency issues and pissed me off a few times when playing Horizon. So I stopped playing and went back to Xbox but the game was so great I kept trying again. Took me longer to beat than it should have but it was worth it. One of the best games of this gen but my experience with the controller since in the past few months is terrible. I still wouldn’t tell anyone not to get a PS4. Fanboy trolling is really sad.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      No Omar, what I’m saying is that you and your latency issue are full of doo-doo.

    • Smart guy

      No one is trying to play any line but you kid. This is what you did on every Scorpio page. And kid if you truly don’t give a F the STFU and stay on you ps4 pages 🙂

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      LOL. Thats the kind of response I live for. More please.

    • Rasta4.. ocelot forgot his meds.. is that you??

    • Smart guy

      I returned the semi pro wasn’t worth it on my LG OLED 4K tv

    • Lol why do you guys lie so much? The xbox is a pos

    • Smart guy

      The only ones lying are the puss ststion fans on this page lol. And btw “pos” is known in short for meaning positive so thanks for giving the Xbox a positive :))

  • Luke Skywalker

    If I’m not mistaken wasn’t this an article already?

    • MickaelSuarez

      Same impression

      A remaster ?

  • Will Robinson

    That’s what uwp is for…. It scales and just works

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
    • Massamo

      thats amazon problem

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Obviously its a problem for the customer and this happens all the time at like…EVERYWHERE.

    • Smart guy

      Especially on ps…problems everywhere!! 🙂

    • Omar

      He likes baiting u. I recommend he get an Xbox and have both systems. Being biased and having a preference isn’t the same thing as being a fanboy. He’s got on blue colored shades and can only see what’s good with Sony and he wants to enrage u. Don’t take the bait.

    • Smart guy

      I wasn’t enraged everyone knows she is wrong. The puss station semi pro is and underpowered abomination that never should have been given a thought. Crazy black woman and Mrs xrat are the same person everyone knows it it’s just nice to get a little humor in and prove her wrong with everything she says lol all she does is look for Scorpio posts and the uses multiple accounts to give herself likes like a lonely girl on Facebook :))

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      LOL, you guys are like some kind of stupid puppets.

    • Smart guy

      Your right I’ve done circles with the kid too but I’ve got less time then this person does.

    • Take the bait :p..

  • Raymond Chan

    But most PC gamers using graphics cards with 4GB or less.

  • Hvd

    xbox one and ps4 raised the requirements when they launched i dont see any reason why the wouldnt be raised again.

  • Mr Xrat

    Sadly for Xgimps, their vegetable Xbone will keep things held back for a good few years yet.

    • Jose Arcadio Morales

      maybe for your PROnto

    • Smart guy

      It’s puss station semi pro 🙂


      Mmmm PC Master race… Of cheaters! FOH…

    • aawells07

      The Pro is gonna hold gaming so badly. Horrible for those with the superior(Scorpio) system.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      loool… if you say so.

    • Smart guy

      It won’t hold it back it’ll just look much better on Scorpio

    • Smart guy

      Everybody does kiddo these are facts! Look at the specs. Just because you are scared of them lol

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      loooool what is this “you’re scared of the Scorpio” rhetoric you Xbox fans seem to be trying to force on people…? lool
      It makes you all look crazy you know..? loool

    • Smart guy

      It’s just “lol” kiddo not “loool”…lol anyway no one is forcing s proven fact otherwise you wouldn’t be on a Scorpio page. LOL

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      did you actually just direct me on how i should type “lol”..? woow lool… when the kids get desperate to look cool on the internet ehh..

      And what proven fact… because im on Scorpio articles that means im scared…? :S If i was on a sports page reading up on the latest sports news that’d mean im scared of sports teams..? OR if i was reading up on the latest scientific journals i now automatically am scared of the sciences..!!?!
      LOOOOL for a “Smart guy” you’re quite stupid tbh… this whole ‘fear’ rhetoric needs to just delete itself it looks pathetic.

    • Smart guy

      Lol no one forced you to come to the page and rant and your argument for not bring scared by bringing up sports/science makes no sense. Your just typing without thinking. And the direction of typing doesn’t make anyone cool at all lol the only internet thugs in the page right now are you and all the ps fans coming to hate lol typical but keep ranting…and stay in fear 🙂

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      first of all stop liking your own comment please.. it’s making me feel sad for you… second of all, no one forced me, i haven’t even ranted my guy i’ve given you examples… but it’s ok.. you seem to need a pat on the back and something to justify your stupidity and i guess this is your way… which once again is fine but the whole fearing thing doesn’t make sense.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      oohh noooo.. Specs… im soooo scared.. look at the Specsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loool!!!

      Man you look pathetic.. and just when it cant get any worse you’re upvoting your own comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahhahahahahahahahah mannn get a life!!!!!!!

    • Smart guy

      I look pathetic?? How would you know that have you seen me?? No lol dum dum. It’s all good kid I got my d!ck sucked last night bet you didn’t:)

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      ‘look’ is also ties in with perception but if you’re too stupid to even know that you can stop replying to me lool…

      And im sure you and your sister had a lovely time, im not here to judge.. enjoy tonight too my guy 🙂

    • Smart guy

      Correction your sister buddy lol :)) wow and you thinking being cook on the internet lol you are done haves good day low life!

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      you’ve not done well with that last reply ahaha… Please dust off your keyboard and try again… Thank you.

    • Smart guy

      Destiny 2 here we go!

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      Red Dead Redemption 2!! yahhhooo

    • Mr Xrat

      That superior sparse rendering and movie player.

    • aawells07

      I know everything about the Scorpio is superior. I see what you mean.

    • Mr Xrat

      No games and a garbage community. Xgimps will keep being lepers.

    • aawells07

      And the lonely Pony club members will keep praying that they get at least one game that the beast won’t outdue. I doubt that happens as the beastly Scorpio just mows down any chance of that happening. Sorry guys. Just get used to it so it won’t hurt so much.

    • Mr Xrat

      “The beast” doing 30fps on Destiny 2. Get used to that.

    • aawells07

      I know the thought of the PS Fake Pro holding the entire generation back is hard to get used to.

    • Mr Xrat

      That’s the Xbone, pal. Figure out what a mid-gen upgrade is. 🙂

    • aawells07

      But at least we both can agree that the PS Fake Pro is weak in comparison to the Scorpio. The sting from the Scorpio is rather painful already and its not even out yet.

    • Mr Xrat

      More and better games and a better community on the PS4. But hey, AAAs will be slightly less blurry on the Shitpio. You still won’t buy them though.

    • aawells07

      This stuff is getting to you so bad. I love it.

    • Open your eyes.. nobody wants the Scorpio lol

    • Even the failure of the Scorpio is superior i agree.

    • aawells07

      Poor PS Fake Pro gonna get so overwhelmed with games that it can’t run very well.

    • kma99

      Quasi the scorpio gets pc ports while pro get a pro checkerboard patch

    • Mr Xrat

      Those 2007 360 labelled as “ultra” for idiots like you.

    • kma99

      Wth are u talking about quasi? You make zero sense.

    • He makes sense, he is saying u will get backwards compatible crap from 2007 xbox360 era. Lol

      Now go save up $600 to play xbox360 games on your scorpio.

    • kma99

      And your point is? They constantly drop ps2 classics in thr ps store and charge u for them. Whats the difference lol.

    • Difference is those PS2 classics have more value.. than xbox games.

      But you wouldnt know lol.. PS has been around since 1994.

      The Xbox brand is just a 1 hit wonder that will die off soon.. when the Scorpio scam hits the fan and people start seeing what a 4k lie it is.

    • kma99

      U think paying for games u already own equals more value lol. Lol lol

    • But i don’t own those old PS2 games that are being released on the PS4.. stop assuming things.

      I sold my PS2 ages ago.

    • kma99

      Thats what u get for being a cheap gamer. If i was sony i would charge i again also for being dumb lol.

    • It’s not about being a “cheap gamer” lol.. i only buy the games that i like and those are basically 3 games.

      1) Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7.

      2) Gran Turismo

      3) Dark Souls/Bloodborne.

      I don’t care about anything else most of the time. I like the occassional games like ‘Uncharted:4’ for the graphics but it’s not the main attraction for me.

    • kma99

      U say u only buy 3 games yet u just sat here and bragged about nier a game u didnt support.

    • I support ‘Nier:Automata’ but i’m not gonna pay the full price for the game.. i’d rather wait for a sale or discount. But i’m definitely getting it.

    • Oh yeah btw i played the demo of Nier: Automata and it blew me away.

    • kma99

      So u say sony dynamic 4k is a scam also right? Im waiting for the spin lol.

    • The PS4 Pro is a native 4k console.

      Some games use checkerboard rendering that’s all.. don’t make things more complicated.

    • kma99

      Lol list me 5 ps pro games that’s native 4k that isn’t a last gen remaster or indie game. Hurry up dont make this complicated lol.

    • Thank you for asking me to do this! I knew you were gonna ask me for a list of native 4k games on the PS4. 🙂

      You are going to look so so stupid now.

      Check em out.. and that list on eurogamer is 4 months old. Lol..

      Don’t u know anyone with google can look it up for themselfs? U think everyone is as uninformed or as dumb as you are?

      People are not buying your scorpio hype and they never will.

    • kma99

      That list had 1 football 1 soccer 1 basketball a bunch of indies and last gen ports. Did u not read what i said lol.

    • “Lol list me 5 ps pro games that’s native 4k that isn’t a last gen remaster or indie game. Hurry up dont make this complicated lol.”

      But they are native 4k games on the PS4 Pro.


    • kma99

      3 sports games, u know the stuff u sony fanboys say is the easiest to get to 4k on the scorpio and a bunch of indies. No big budget AAA games. gran turismo cant hit 4k.

    • Gran Turismo probably won’t hit 4k natively.. but that’s okay.

      1440p with checkerboard rendering to 2160p is already a huuuuge improvement.

      Yes the Scorpio can do native 4k/low settings.. but it doesnt have Gran Turismo.

      No matter how high the resolution on the scorpio is.. it won’t have Bloodborne, Nier:Automata, HZD.

    • kma99

      Scorpio getting pc port with 4k textures, lol what are u smoking lol. Scorpio doesn’t need bloodborne just wait about a year and play it on pc with ps now. Nier is on pc already with talks of an xbox port also. Lol do some research lol

    • Hahahhah… wait a year for ‘Bloodborne’. Smh.

      On ‘PS Now’? ‘Bloodborne’ 🙂 you wish.

      That’s what all the PC gamers are saying that it will come to PC. . But nobody has confirmed anything, Sony hasn’t said it is coming to PC as a port and definitely not on ‘PS Now’.

      The only thing Sony confirmed is that PS4 games are coming to the ‘PS Now’ service.. but they never mentioned specific games.

      Who is trolling now? U clearly have an agenda because you make assumptions without looking up the correct information.

      Everything you say is a spin to make the Scorpio look better when it is not.

    • kma99

      Ok they said ps4 games where coming so what exactly would they bring that could entice pc players to spend money on the service, Knack? Lol

    • I dont know.. but definitely not Bloodborne or Gran Turismo.

      They might bring a little bit of everything to ‘PS Now’ but they are really vague about it because they don’t want people’s attention focusing away from the PS4 Pro and PSVR.

      It feels like the ‘PS Now’ service is on the backburner for now.

      I think Sony is just waiting for MS to take the big risk with the Scorpio before they make a new move.. if the Scorpio is successful then Sony might come back harder and do something crazy.

      If the Scorpio flops than Sony probably won’t take any new drastic measures and just ride out the PS4 success wave.

    • kma99

      Anything they release this year i would not expect to see in the service but games no one is buying why not give your service a boost in the arm. What would make u subscribe to the service some of those good ps4 games or some random indies u dont even download with ps plus? What make sensr to u?

    • I know what you mean.. but obviously Sony is already making a huge profit with the PS4.. so it makes sense that they don’t feel money is the sole reason for having those games on PS now.

      If it don’t make dollars.. sometimes it makes sense. It’s not all about money for Sony, i mean for MS it is all about money.

      Just because MS overprices weaker hardware like the Xbox one.. doesnt mean Sony is the same.

      Or just because MS is focusing on making money doesn’t mean Sony will only make games if they are profitable.

      Sony wants to bring different experiences to people, sometimes they make money and sometimes they don’t.

    • Honestly.. I don’t like ‘PS Now’ at all.. and it is not for me.

      If it was up to me i would want it to go away.

      The only cool thing about PS Now is that you pay 1 ammount every month and you can play 100’s of games without having to buy them separately.

      As to which games i would like to see on them.. hmm.. probably all the PS2 and PS3 era games.

    • And there will NEVER be a pc port of ‘Bloodborne’. Ever.

      You think Sony is stupid? They increase the value of ‘Bloodborne’ by keeping it PS4 exclusive.

      Lol if MS had a ‘Bloodborne’ equivalent game we should have seen it by now.

    • kma99

      How are they increasing the value by not trying ti make money from the game. Its 2 years old thr people who wanted it have already played it. Sony is abouy making money not caudle you spoiled fanboys.

    • By your logic we should have more Sony games on PC. Sony has never released PS exclusive games on PC, why would they do that now?

      But Sony doesn’t work that way, they are kind of like Nintendo with their IP.

      That whole ‘PS Now’ service is just an extra.. it’s not like they are gonna stop making consoles and just gonna focus on cloud gaming.

      Why would i play ‘Bloodborne’ or ‘Gran Turismo’ on ‘PS Now’ when i can play it on a console which is far better anyway?

      ‘PS Now’ is just a way for people to try out games before they buy the game on their PS console, it’s not gonna replace consoles as a whole.

    • kma99

      My logic is. If it dont make dollars it dont make sense. Why spend all that money on a cloud service to let it go to waste by not supporting it? No one is checking for bloodborne so put it on your own service and generate some revenue. If thry want people to buy into ps now it won’t be with mantis burn racing and old ps2 classics

    • No. It makes sense to me.

      Bloodborne is special just like Gran Turismo.. i absolutely don’t want those games on PS Now.

      Precisely because most people already own those games on their PS4 and i feel that PC players should just buy a PS4 if they want to play those games.

    • kma99

      It might be special to u but if it cam generate money through your cloud service to fund more games what’s the problem? Do u want fresh new games or to hold on to the memory of 1 game that sits on Sony’s shelf.

    • Not for Bloodborne.. it’s perfect the way it is. I don’t want bloodborne to become like Halo or Gears of war with a new release every year..

    • kma99

      There are 5 main halo games since 2001 that doesnt sound like a gamr every year. There is talk of bloodborne 2 this year and that would be half of the gears main story line there. I listed before how many uncharted. God of war. Gran turismo and rachet and clank there have been. Not to mention killzone

    • Well yeah.. the PS exists since 1994. It’s logical that as graphics get better they release new versions of their games.

      First on PS1 then PS2 etc.. it makes sense there are so many GT’s and god of war games.. although the God of War series is getting a reboot now and it is set to reinvent itself. So this approach refreshes the game and seems like brand new.

      Games on the xbox seem like the same versions of the game over and over again. They should try do a reboot of Halo or Gears of War and take things in a different direction.

    • kma99

      Just because u enjoy playstation more doesnt mean xbox doesn’t have great games. Its the same for guys who simply like xbox.

    • The quality of PS4 games is just noticeably better.. these are things you can technically test.

      The xbox has playable games.. but i wouldn’t call them pioneering games.

      If it wasn’t for Sony this console generation we wouldn’t have had so many awesome games.. just think about that.

      Whether you like it or not, it is Sony who pushed the frontiers with games and came up with new types of games and experiences.

    • Killzone and Uncharted are the last of their kind. There won’t be a new Killzone or Uncharted game. I think they are done with those.

    • Bloodborne was released a couple of years ago.. there hasn’t been anything like it since.. even if there is talk about Bloodborne 2 dont expect it to be released any time soon.

      And last time i checked those rumors were false.. although i still hope a Bloodborne 2 is secretly in development. It will never come out on the xbox though.. so if u have a xbox ur screwed.

    • You only want to hear whatever suits your agenda.. things don’t work that way.

      If you would be more balanced regarding the PS4 Pro’s capabilities you could have more converts to your beloved Scorpio.

      Just be honest about the power of the PS4 Pro and then when you talk about the Scorpio people might actually believe you.

    • kma99

      I have no agenda. U came to me with this now either shut up or just admit u dont know what you’re talking about and stop trolling.

    • For those that like to have the data broken down for them, based on our testing, we count ten pure, native 4K 60fps titles available right now for PlayStation 4 Pro:

      FIFA 17 (some 30fps camera modes)
      Hustle Kings (HDR support)
      Mantis Burn Racing (HDR support)
      NBA 2K17 (some 30fps camera modes)
      Neon Chrome
      Pro Evolution Soccer 17 (some 30fps camera modes)
      Rez Infinite (Area X may be sub-4K)
      Viking Squad
      Wheels of Aurelia

    • MS is a sh*t company.

      They couldn’t beat ‘Apple’.
      They couldn’t beat ‘Google’
      And they can’t beat ‘Sony’.

      The Scorpio is a big sitting duck about to get blown up. lol

      I can’t wait for the Scorpio to be released omg.. you will see what a lie it is.

      Don’t change ur nick after the Scorpio drops.. lol i will be on the lookout for your posts and comments.

    • The PS2 games that drop is because people obviously want them.

      Nobody asked for the crap backwards compatible xbox games did they?

      Why didn’t MS put more effort into new games? That is what this is about.

      I don’t want backwards compatible games.. i already have played those on my xbox360.. don’t you get it?


    • Smart guy

      No what this is about is 12BG RAM lol again thiiiiink before you type I know it’s hard for the likes of you but it’s important! If you need help scroll to the top of the page on the cell phone your parents are paying for and try again:)

    • I dont listen to xbox liars and trolls “:)”.

    • Smart guy

      Lol yeah you do 🙂

    • marc Berry

      You would like to hear that right?

      Now in the real world Xbox 1 OG/S will not hold Scorpio back. MS’s XDK will scale all code to match each systems hardware just like on your PC, have you not got that in your head yet? All parts of a game engine can scale up or down.

      They already do Gears of War 4 on PC to Xbox 1.
      High textures on XB /max PC/ max on Scorpio
      1080p XB1s /4k PC/ 4K Sp
      shadows low XB1s /ultra PC/ ultra Sp
      Mid polygon count / max PC/ high Sp
      4x AA / 16x PC / 8x Sp
      Low LOD/ max / max

      Low particles / max / max

      Every thing in the game world can be scaled based on the hardware.
      Need more npcs lower the textures and polygon count.
      Need more AI use less lights.

    • Smart guy

      She doesn’t get it she just rants on all Scorpio posts that’s all Mrs Xrat does

    • Mr Xrat

      Scaling = downgrading, of course. All games will be built on PC then downgraded to fit the Xbone. You’ll get the middling middle.

    • Smart guy

      And what would u call it for your puss station?? Lol not much of a thinker are you gal?? If its “downgrading” for the Scorpio then it’s not even worth doing anything higher then the standard puss station let alone the semi pro haaaa

    • Mr Xrat

      Cool to see your user name is still ironic. It’ll be the best price-to-power option for the discerning consumer, same as the PS4 was. But hey, just like 2013, you’ll have that movie player and that “awesome holiday lineup,” hahahahhaah!

    • Smart guy

      Ps4 was but semi pro vs Scorpio lol no kid you are not on par with power and that’s ok 🙂

    • Mr Xrat

      And you are not on par with games. 🙂

    • Difference is.. Sony supports their own 1st party game studios. And has a ton of new IP.

      MS announces a new game.. then delays it, then cancels it and finally closes the game studio.

      The best games are on the PS4 now kys.

    • Smart guy

      I like how on the other page you let everyone know you blocked me and unblocked me just to reply anf block again lol anyway again not true they did that to 2 games that’s a FACT. And ps has a bunch on new IP? I guess if you like Japanese games sure but other then that no (again FACT). And with that being said the best games will be playable on Scorpio hands down. Have a goodnight and feel free to unblock me reply with nonsense and block again:)

    • I unblocked you by accident because i didnt know who was commenting to ‘crazyblackman’ his post.

      I saw a reply but it said ‘blocked user’ on one of his posts so i unblocked.. and it was you. Sigh.

      Not interested in anything you say cause all you do is lie and provoke bad vibes.

    • Smart guy

      No you didnt and no thats what you have been doing but again block, unblock reply and relock kiddo 🙂

    • Sorry but for today you have lost any privileges. Therefore i will not be able to answer your replies.

      Please try again tomorrow.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      LOL. Shut him down.

    • I had to! He keeps baiting lol

    • Smart guy

      Lol ok good bye kid 🙂

    • Lol why not buy a PC for the money you would spend on a massively inferior hyped up lie called the Scorpio?

    • Hvd

      ill enjoy sonys trailers of delayed games and games 4-5 years out at this e3 maybe they will have a banjo band play?

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      you do know that Xbox games get more delays than PlayStation games right…? looool

    • kma99

      You know every game Sony released this gen got delayed at least once

    • Better delayed than cancelled.. or worse having the studios shut down like MS routinely does.

      Lol don’t start talking about PS4 games.. stick to talking about Scorpio hardware.

    • kma99

      So now the argument is what was cancelled? Hmmmm i can name a few can u? Matter of fact a know a good bit of studios that sony shut down, one not too long ago lol.
      At what point was i talking about ps games? The argument is subjective to who likes what. My opinion might be different from yours so who’s to say im right compared to u?
      You can’t talk about ps pro hardware because there is nothing there to talk about not unless u wanna bring up this magical 8.4 tf lol.

    • Smart guy

      Yeah this kid is a joke I already shut him down :))

    • kma99

      He’s trolling hard. I guess he wants to be the new xrat. BTW i caught xrat posting under 2 names a week ago. He quickly deleted the post and has been crying every since. He will show up with his alt name soon enough to cry again.

    • Smart guy

      Lol always I can’t lie I thought his magical 8.4 tf was funny too but then after that he said tf don’t matter….come on guy

    • It’s not magical 8.4tf.. the Ps4 Pro can do it. Lol Mark Cerny said it himself and he is the lead architect of the PS4.

      Everybody knows what i mean when i say that MS cancelled it’s best games and shut down studios without putting something else in it’s place lol

      Ur gonna play the same games u were playing on your xbox one on the Scorpio. Lol

      Wow what an upgrade :O.. nobody is gonna fall for the Scorpio.

      Lol if the Scorpio costs more than $500 i’m buying a GTX1080 TI..

    • kma99

      Of course it csn do it but who is creating games like that these days and how come sony went with thr magical number of 4.2 when it was all said and done? Spin it how u want.
      How did ms cancel its best game when halo amd gears havr both came out this gen? Doesn’t sound cancelled to mr. As far as playing thr same games your still playing uncharted, god of war, infamous, demon souls/ bloodborne, rachet and clank and gran turismo.
      So noone is gonna fall for the scorpio likr no one fell for thr pro right? The console isnt for everyone just like the pro. If u dont want it dont buy it. And you know u wont buy a 1080 if that was the case u would have gottrn it already lol. Stop with the excuses. You’re gonna have to pay far more than 500 just to game on pc. Facr it you know nothing about what you tried ti make me believe.

    • Smart guy

      No it can’t kid I know every bit of your soul wants it too but just because you want it too doesn’t mean it can. And FACT kiddy kid it CAN’T! 🙂 And did Mark actually prove that it could or just said it could??…thats what I thought. The semi pro has been ripped apart to see what it’s inside are capable of and FACT it can’t. Max 4.2 tf. And that’s pushing it no game will try to hit that because the poor thing would fall apart. It’s fine to hate on the Scorpio it is an actually 4k console. I returned the semi pro because it wasn’t worth it at all. Don’t worry rumor is ps is planning on something for you guys next year. It’s just a rumor but hey have at it little guy. There’s plenty of ps pages out there why come here to try and bash on something that you can’t even touch or know anything about just because it’s proven better then what’s out??

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      really… EVERY sony game ehh…? care to prove that….

      And just FYI what has that got to do with my comment… :-S mine was factual lol… yours seems hyperbole.

    • kma99

      Drive club. Infamous. Bloodborne. Horizon. Gran turismo. Last guardian. Uncharted all were hit with delays. Do you need any more proof?

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      those are SOME games… you said ALL PS4 games… i can list you games that haven’t been delayed… regardless of anything your initial comment is exaggerated and false…

    • Mr Xrat

      Banjo band is probably what will serenade out the Shitpio on its tractor trailer driven by Aaron Greenberg.

    • Hvd

      enjoy you sit* show of delayed games and trailers of games 4-5 years out.

      where is ff7 remake?where is kingdom hearts 3?,where is gt sport that ps3 delayed game?.

      enjoy your shi* show of delayed games and non existent games.

  • angryguy77

    “However, even though the Scorpio has a lot
    of similarities with PC on a hardware level, the problem in porting PC
    games to console remains.

    Yeah… UWP makes porting a non issue.

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