Xbox Scorpio Has Surprised Us With Performance Gains, Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer

You’ll never see it coming.

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xbox scorpio

We’ve long been told that the Xbox One Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made when it launches later this year- and last week, we got to see the extent of hardware resources that the system will boast of, when Digital Foundry revealed it in all of its glory at last.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Xbox head Phil Spencer discussed the system’s specs, pointing out that the performance gains on the Scorpio had been far beyond what even Microsoft had expected.

“I think what they’re going to see in Scorpio is the best version of the game that they’ve seen on console,” Spencer said. “And that’s a little bit of ego speaking, but I’ll say, as we designed the console we picked a certain GPU, we picked a certain CPU frequency we wanted to hit, an amount of RAM we wanted, an amount of memory bandwidth we wanted, and I kind of talked about it more as a balanced system.

“It’s easier to stand on stage with a 6 teraflop t-shirt, and people kind of focus on one thing, but the platform is obviously much more complex than a single number. I think it’s fair to say we’ve been, um, surprised by the performance gains that Scorpio is giving us. Beyond our expectation when we designed the hardware. The engines that we’ve been bringing through and porting over, one, they’ve ported over fairly quickly, as third-parties have been coming in. And our own first-parties. The porting has been fast.”

The good thing here is that Microsoft has made a system that is easy to work with- now we just have to hope that third parties actually do work with it, and that they exploit all of its considerable resources fully.

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  • kee1haul

    This idiot wrote an article to the contrary just next to this one. Playing the clicks.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Why do you keep visiting a site where you claim an idiot is writing the articles???

      I happen to like this site whether I agree with their views, or not. They are obviously offering something you’re not getting anywhere else, or you wouldn’t keep coming back here everyday. Go on over to “Dualshockers” and call the writer an idiot and see how long they welcome your continued commentary. Stand down bro. Just chill. You can call me an idiot all day, but I think you owe the writer here an apology.

    • Learned Handgun

      Why do you visit articles about a product and company you dislike? I happen to like the Xbox… blah blah blah.

    • crazy_black_man-

      The Xbox One is a consumer electronics product. Gamingbolt is not charging anyone to come here. Microsoft is charging hundreds of dollars for their electronic consumer product. This imaginative analogy of yours has no correlation to what I just said. You just failed there buddy.

    • Learned Handgun

      Woo stand down bro. Just chill.

    • crazy_black_man-

      OK. I’m going into chill mode.

    • kee1haul

      for a laugh

  • Legionarius

    As if the head of Xbox would say anything negative about the next Xbox!

  • Mr Xrat

    They had the chance to show it off last week, instead the delivered a whole single cherry-picked screenshot. Good job, Phil. Roll out Porky Penello to tell us it isn’t about the numbers again.

    • Porky Penello xD.. he reminds me of the green goblin from Spider Man hehehe

    • Maryleesmaxwell

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  • Gamez Rule

    It’s good that the Scorpio seems to be *porting* engines over fairly quickly, and seems easy to work with too, and it’s great with all the extra hardware made available in Scorpio to help devs for their gaming needs…….*gaming needs* … So now all we need are some games shown to us maybe by third party devs, or by popular games like BF1, Titanfall 2, running on Scorpio.

    That would be good in my opinion.

    • Yeah the Scorpio already has some nice advantages over our beloved PS4 Pro.. 🙁

      I am a little sad that Sony isn’t responding to anything Microsoft is doing right now.

      Even poking a dead rotting corpse with a long stick has more of a reaction.. Sony needs to do something man..

    • Gamez Rule

      Why would Sony need to give a reaction? Sony holds the gaming market with PS4 this gen when compared to Xbone, PS4 offers more games than Xbone, more developer supported games than Xbone, more choice of gaming than Xbone, more full exclusives than Xbone, more public support than Xbone, bigger install base than Xbone, etc.

      Scorpio’s power will not change that. So that shows Sony has no need to give a reaction as Sony has already tied down this gen’s gaming needs.

    • Yeah ur right :), Sony is doing fine. I’m stressing about nothing.

      I’m not worried for this generation, i am just a little anxious for the future..

      All they have to do is make a PS5.. right now they can fully truely focus on just hardware, because this year, it’s the year of the games. But i hope next year is another year for hardware.

      I already feel better thinking about this 🙂 i know for sure Sony is definitely working on something, they must be.

      Probably they’re just waiting to see the 1st Scorpio to tear it apart and see what makes it tick.

    • Jpilgrim82

      That’s exactly why Sony is going to fall behind. You don’t just sit on your hands because you won one battle. The way Microsoft has put their heads down and gotten to work these last couple of years is great and if Sony gets arrogant and stale then Microsoft is going to blow past them before they realize what’s happened. The PS4 Pro was underwhelming to say the least and Microsoft has basically jumped past them by a half of a generation. If Scorpio is as easy for developers as it’s looking to be then they might just steal the developer love back like they had with the 360. On top of that they also will likely win over content creators with 4k 60 fps game capture capabilities. Things like that can swing the pendulum very fast especially when the other company has gotten comfortable and is doing little to push the industry forward.

    • To be honest the native 4k titanfall and bf1 on the Scorpio won’t make that much difference in quality.

      I’m more afraid of future unannounced Scorpio games that will take full advantage of the hardware.. those are the games that will outshine the PS4 graphically.

      I know it’s sinister and negative of me to say this.. but i hope the best developers just stay away from the Scorpio and that Sony expands more on the game studio and developers front.

      The only way to beat the Scorpio, now that they got the better hardware is with the games and focusing on 1080p 60fps.. whatever people say of 4k, it’s still gonna take some years before it’s mainstream.

      So Sony still has some wiggle room with their own userbase regarding a “true native 4k console”. I mean the PS4 Pro is already capable of native but i would like to see it have that extra power to do it effortlessly.

    • Gamez Rule

      There is no need to worry about Scorpio or PS4-Pro as one has the power and one has games. That’s just how it is.

      Example: Already PS4 gamers have seen more developer supported games with more new IP’s as well as more full exclusive games ( in the first four months of 2017 ) than what has been released on Xbone. Now when compared to Xbone the gamers have seen zero developer supported games, zero new IP’s and zero full exclusive games for the Xbone console within the first four months of 2017. All we get told is….Wait till E3, or games are coming, while PS4 gamers get the games.

    • Luke Skywalker

      When you say more games you just stipulate that you’re talking JRPGs hack and slash games.

    • Gamez Rule

      I’m stating PS4 gamers have more games with more game choices than what Xbone gamers have, including VR.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Easy bro, that’s pretty sinister and unfriendly for your fellow gamers.

    • I know sorry i dont hate Microsoft just dont want them to be on top, they would do better being on the second spot it makes them work harder.

  • Buy buy buy.. consume consume consume.. but i dont need it i dont need it i dont need it..

    I already got a PS4 Pro!.. (echo) (volume fading)

    Why can’t microsoft understand this, im not buying a scorpio even if it has more power. I don’t need it. Period.

    And i dont have the money anymore to buy a scorpio.. why didnt they drop the scorpio last year? If they did i could have bought the scorpio instead of the ps pro.. smh..

    I only have money for a top notch console every 4 years or so.

    In fact the console i had was my xbox360.. till last year when i bought the PS4 Pro! Took me that long to save up the money for it.

    The Scorpio is a really hard sell for PS Pro owners.. even though i’d like a Scorpio as a collectors item, i probably wouldn’t buy the day 1 version.

    I am afraid the longer i hold out in buying the Scorpio.. the closer to the release date of the PS5 i will be, by the time i decide to buy the Scorpio.. i can might as well buy a PS5 with all the latest tech and what not.

    Plus i would still have my PS4 games on my PS5 with forward compatibility.
    (assuming there ever will be a PS5, unless Sony goes bankrupt but then we are all pretty much f..ked)

    On the other side.. if there is not going to be a PS5 i might as well just buy the Scorpio.

    Sony needs to tell us if they are going to make a PS5 or not. No iffs or butts!!

    • crazy_black_man-

      You got a standing ovation from me. You’re on fire. Awesome reasoning bruh!

    • Hahah thank you thank you 🙂

    • Jose Arcadio Morales

      you guys touch each other at night too ?

    • Jpilgrim82

      It didn’t drop last year because it wasn’t a money grab like the PS4 Pro. The power to reach 4k native wasn’t there at a reasonable price point so they made the right decision to wait instead of releasing an underpowered console unlike Sony.


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