Xbox Scorpio Now Gives 9GB Of Usable GDDR5 RAM

The most powerful console in the world becomes better.

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The Xbox Scorpio has 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, which is 4GB more than the standard Xbox One. On the standard Xbox One, 5GB of that was available for games, and the remaining 3GB saved for the system itself. On the Scorpio, 8GB was reserved for games, and 4GB reserved for the system and OS. However, that has now changed.

According to a tweet from Mike Ybarra, Microsoft has now freed up an additional GB of memory for developers, meaning they can now use 9GB of GDDR5 memory- this is almost double the memory that is available on the PS4, Xbox One and One S, and it is more than the memory available to developers on the PS4 Pro as well. 9GB of usable memory is a lot- and it should remove any bottlenecks the developers might have run into (though, of course, the CPU being Jaguar remains a very real constraint, still).

This further adds to the Scorpio’s entire aura of being the most powerful console ever made- now let’s hope developers actually leverage all that hardware properly.

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  • The Knight

    MS is coming for Sony’s neck.

    • uptownsoul

      “MS is coming for Sony’s neck” — In terms of power, yes.

      In terms of console mindshare & marketshare…Sony swats away Microsoft like a fly

    • But what is better for actual owners of the systems? Real gamers don’t and shouldn’t care about “mindshare and marketshare.” What is popular and ego-stroking around the watercooler is not what I am interested in when it comes to my home gaming. One of them is alright, The other is knocking it out of the park. Have pride in Sony’s marketshare all you want. and I’ll take pride in being able to play the best games in the best ways.

    • uptownsoul

      “Real gamers don’t and shouldn’t care about ‘mindshare and marketshare.’ ” — Wrong…

      Do you know why Phil Spencer took his trip over to Asia a little while back? Do you know the reason why several games in 2017 (like Yakuza, Nier:Automata, etc) were not on Xbox? Its not b/c Sony paid to keep them exclusive, its because the pubs/devs didn’t think it was worth bringing over to Xbox. A higher marketshare would absolutely make it more worth bringing over some of those titles. Real gamers want access to more games on their preferred console.

    • No not wrong. That isnt the same thing. those are developers, publishers and potential investors. Not gamers. He didnt take a trip to Japan for the Japanese gamers, lol.

    • uptownsoul

      Those developers, publishers and potential investors decide where their games go & what consoles get their games (i.e. Cliffy B decided to put LawBreakers on PS4)…I guarantee marketshare is part of that decision making process. And again, real gamers want access to more games on their preferred console.

    • You are talking about two different things as if they are the same thing in a strange way to salvage your original point, which was false. Just because developers want to make money by advertising their game on the “right” system or systems that would represent their game the most… does not have anything to do with gamers wanting the most and best on their platform. Like I said at first, “I take pride in being able to play the best games in the best ways.” I’m not every sure what you are even trying to say at this point.

    • uptownsoul

      No, I’m talking about the same exact thing. If a developer/publisher (for whatever reason) has to release their game only (or first) on 1 console, more times than not they will chose the console that will bring them the most revenue. The console that will bring the most revenue, most of the time, is the console with the biggest marketshare…

      Not to mention there is a reason why Ryse, Sunset & Quantum Break probably wont get sequels.
      More console sales increases the likelihood of more software sales
      More software sales increases the likelihood of sequels
      More sequels = even more games

      And for a 3rd time, real gamers want access to more games on their preferred console.

    • Yet, none of that matters to someone who owns all of the platforms (real gamers) because they have access to all of them anyway.

    • Smart guy

      He also confirmed that it will come to Xbox as well 🙂

  • Sp4ctr0

    Xbox Scorpio – total memory 12 GB
    – 3.0 GB reserved for system (9.0 available for games)
    – 1.5 GB game logic
    7.5 GB graphics (textures)

    PS4 and PS4 PRO – total memory 8 GB
    – 3.5 GB reserved for system (4.5 available for games)
    – 1.5 GB game logic
    3.0 GB graphics (textures)

    Xbox Scorpio have more than 2x free memory for graphics!

    • Riggybro

      You need to update your pretend comments with PS Pro with + 1 GB DDR3

      Also fixing 7.5 GB for textures and only 1.5 for game logic seems a bit unbalanced. 4K textures don’t need 7.5 GB. And only 1.5 for “game logic” actually sounds quite low.

    • Mark

      Lol. Sp4ctr0 loves them specs man ahaha

  • So developers will be able to further optimize games on the system. Nice.

  • Elie Barreto

    Xbox scorpio cant do 16bit flops.

    • Psionicinversion

      yes it can actually but only 1 of them so its pointless

    • Elie Barreto

      No it doesn’t and is confirmed by Microsoft

    • Psionicinversion

      yes it does you absolute tool as its a core part of the architecture lmao and has done for a while MS has no control because its not theres

      The difference is The Pro can do 2x FP16 instructions per 32 bit instruction but the scorpio can still only do one. so doesnt matter if they create there shaders (for example) in 16 bit or 32 bit it still runs at the same speed. whereas the pro can do 2x FP16 in the same time it takes to execute a 32bit instruction so its technically twice as fast.

      Theres your difference. id wait for an apology but it wont ever come.

      to me doesnt make any sense that theyve customised the polaris gpu with vega features but left out the main one that can boost performance by a lot.

      could be it uses vegas tiled rasteriser which was one of the perf improvements nvidia did from kepler to maxwell while they were stuck on the 28nm node. so in a racing game maybe theres power to spare because the sky doesnt need to be re rendered alot but in a much more changing environment then perf drops

    • Wei Feng

      Yes PS4 PRO 8TFlops vs the very weak scorpio 6TF

    • Psionicinversion

      congrats you added more weak lol

    • Mark


  • Elie Barreto

    PS4 pro has 9gb of ram, 1 of them is ddr3 for multitasking, so they can use more of the gddr5

  • Elie Barreto

    The Xbox problem is not the hardware but the brand. They think scorpio will save them loll

  • Mr Xrat

    Interesting how they went from 3GB RAM for the OS to 4 and then back to 3. Almost as though Slimy Mikey has got the PR spin machine all warmed up.

    Odd-numbered RAM, LOL!

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  • Mark

    Nice, even better textures coming? Hopefully. I was wondering when they were gonna open up another 1GB of RAM

  • Elie Barreto

    According to Goossen, some performance optimisations from the upcoming AMD Vega architecture factor into the Scorpio Engine’s design, but other features that made it into PS4 Pro – for example, double-rate FP16 processing – do not. However, customisation was extensive elsewhere. Microsoft’s GPU command processor implementation of DX12 has provided big wins for Xbox One developers, and it’s set for expansion in Scorpio.


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