Xbox Scorpio’s Support For FreeSync And HDMI 2.1 Will Remove Artefacts But It May Not Support Every Game: How To Survive 2 Dev

Jules-Benjamin Lalisse, head of Eko Software also reveals they haven’t yet planned on the Scorpio version of How To Survive 2.

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The Xbox Scorpio is looking to be the most powerful and advanced console ever made, and not just in terms of hardware power. It also supports some incredibly high end technology standards, such as FreeSync and HDMI 2.1.

In an interview with Jules-Benjamin Lalisse, head of Eko Software, who are currently working on How To Survive 2, we asked him what support for these standards might mean for the Scorpio, and for the games running on it. “It will probably remove some artefacts or screen tearing in some games, but as it’s not supported by [the base] Xbox One, it may not be supported by all games,” he said.

He also said that the console and PC versions should have the same level of visual quality, since the PC version has been updated to reflect the work done on the console versions. “There are no specific improvements made just for PS4 or Xbox One,” he said. “The PC version got updates to reflect the latest work done for the console versions. The game is displayed in 1080p, but a full 60 fps [framerate] is not guarantee in all situations.”

And are there any plans on supporting the Xbox Scorpio? “We are not a big company, we are listing all potential improvements and then we decide where to put our efforts and energy. Currently no final decision has been taken, sorry!” he said, apologetically.

How To Survive 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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  • Living While Alive

    Let’s wait till E3 to see what Microsoft has to say or simply go ask Phil Spencer, Gamingbolt!

    • Mr Xrat

      Just wait, like you’ve always been doing.

  • James

    FreeSync is implemented at the backend level of drivers by AMD (this is how it works on PC). Even though console development is generally low level coding (no driver backend), applying AMD FreeSync code to support the Xbox Scorpio version sounds like the simplest task to a game developer.

    Why even make a statement like that? The display and the GPU are doing al lthe work, all you have to do is add a few lines of code…This shouldn’t be a problem for even lesser experienced developers.

    • Its not that easy. They want us to pay more for those lines of codes.

      I think Scorpio games will be much more expensive than the xbox one s games.

    • Zothan

      All previously made Xbox One games will be supported and can be played on Scorpio with improved performance. I highly doubt you’ll have to buy games separately for each console. Scorpio is still an xbox one, just with 4x the power.

    • Yeah but everyone is saying that the Scorpio will be sold at a loss but that they will recoup those losses with software sales..


      How are they gonna make money with games on the Scorpio, if you can just buy the xbox360 and xbox one version of games and play them on the scorpio?

    • Turniplord

      Current Xbox one games will run on the scorpio but none of them will offer any enhancements without a patch from the devs (Devs are charged for releasing patches as well, so it sometimes isn’t in their best interest to release patches if they wont make money out of it – main reason a lot of games on PS4 dind’t get updates.)

      the majority of Xbox one games (about 90% of them) will still run at 720/900p and 30fps on the scorpio – only going forward will you see games optimised to use the extra power – and only if the Devs want too as, unlike Sony, with MS the devs are under no obligation at all to use the scorpio power or to optimise their games – MS have left it to them whether they want to do so or not.

  • Mr Xrat

    Of course, there’ll have to be hardware other than a few monitors that support it first.

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