Yoshida Explains Why SOCOM PS4 Won’t Happen Anytime Soon, Question of Maintaining Balance

SCE’s Shuhei Yoshida talks about gauging interest and balancing things.

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Stealth missions add variety to an otherwise "alright" campaign

Enough has been said about SOCOM, the famous tactical team shooter, and it eventually coming to PlayStation 4. Sadly, there’s been no confirmation of a sequel anytime soon. In an interview with PS Nation following PlayStation Experience 2015, president of Sony Worldwide Studios for SCE Shuhei Yoshida about the reason for the same.

Speaking about the dedication of PlayStation players, Yoshida stated that, “I appreciate the passion and their [fans] dedication. Every time there is a chance to voice their opinion or things they want to see come back. The latest that I understand had over 10,000 people signed up? So there is high expectations and when there is a rumor we are bringing back some of the PS2 games, they are like oh!…SOCOM was one of the PS2 titles, they want to see it and it wasn’t there. I thought I had to address that because there was such a high expectation. I said we had nothing that we can talk about and we don’t have plans for a new SOCOM game anytime soon.”

Apparently this made a lot of people upset with some asking Yoshida to leave the industry.

“That made some people really angry and I have been bombarded with angry messages. Some people say that I don’t qualify for my job, I should leave this industry and something like that. So I appreciate the passion but it’s not easy to bring back.

“In an online game…you know moved on. So much of quality and production values, everything is way, way higher. People have great memories of playing these games many years ago but people’s experiences have moved on as well. So even if they say that they had a great time and they want to experience it again they may not know how much higher their own expectations have become.”

Yoshida further states that it’s a matter of gauging interest and balancing things out. “We have to gauge the interest and what they are saying and what they really want to see or play. We have to balance that with what we can do with the number of people who will enjoy that and we don’t have a good answer to that. So it’s a hard one. We made the game. It’s not like we did not liked the game. We are extremely proud of what our teams have accomplished during that days, but we have to balance everything.”

What are your thoughts on Yoshida’s stance? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Clarence Walker

    That’s Bs bring it back. You can make do much more money bringing it back. In third person mode.

  • Jim West

    SOCOM took skill and patients. Strategy is what you needes. Myself Clancy would actually practice maneuvers and plan attacks. We would print out the various maps and plan each scenario. Whether are mission was offense or defense.

  • Devin Riel Aisaican

    I miss my left shoulder view so much. Only reason i even purchased a ps3/Ps4 was SOCOM. Now sony want’s $69.99 for PlayStation Plus An thats just to play online so I’ve Decided that as soon as my PlayStation Plus expires good bye sony you’ve screwed me over too much too even care anymore. BF4 players are trolls and i hate the repetition. Cod in zombies No one i meet plays at my skill level an die by round 10 quit an I lose my gumballs which is so annoying. An Dbz Xenoverse is filled with players who only use striker characters an spam their moves. I even Platniumed that game an its still annoying. You check the store and the free games they are all pay to play games. It’s not even fun anymore its ridiculous to say the least. SO hello Xbox bye Sony an i bet i’ll opt out of that too and just go back to the original gameing mechanism PC/MAC. I’ve been a Sony Player since 01 thats 16 years an they royally got on my nerves with the discontinuation of socom the one an only Good game. Till the laggers infested it, maintenance went down with promising of a improved Socom that was socom 4. Heck I even bought the PSP an played Socom on that it wasnt Confrontation or Cold Front with that beautiful thermal Scope but it wasn’t Bad. Then Servers went down, and no 1 played anymore because of hacking cheating moding and Glitching. Frostfire was the best. I took an entire 8 man squad after my team all died rushing the Center I forget the name but the one with the river in it Sand an rubble took 7 out with my sniper camping in that rock cave at spawn near the bomb plant in the water an finished the 8th with a headshot with my DE. Man an my motoko ahhhhhhh I miss socom. Not happy with you Sony. You opted out of the best game ever made for Call of duty n Battle field. Now Sony I’m almost done with you an I will not becoming back. I Spent so much for Nothing i feel Stupid now. I realized that these Games arent fun I’m just Bored now. Like Zombies isnt bad but I should be able to activate a God mode or at least not die in 2-4 hits while getting double smacked by every zombie. NO more man i’m seriously done give me what I want or lose my business. But I never get what i want so lose my business not like Sony gives a darn about me an my preferences anyways. What pushed me over the edge Sony your $49.99 PlayStation Plus went to $69.99. Seriously like how greasy is that. Like i’d rather sell my console pay that towards an xbox live account an save my $20 just in spite. Or use that money to Invest into a Pc thats can play any game I want. Ps seige sucked played it once threw it away literary trash game but its on sale . So disappointing

  • Devin Riel Aisaican

    Like i bet this thread isn’t even maintained anymore

  • Devin Riel Aisaican

    Miss the 4:43 nade toss

  • Devin Riel Aisaican


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