10 Controversies that Rocked the Gaming World

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As with any other entertainment industry the video games industry also had it’s own fair share of controversies in the last decade or so. Today we take a look at ten such controversies that had a major impact on the people that play and control video games.

10. Postal Franchise

Banned in a handful of countries, Postal has taken the number ten spot for its relentless violence and vulgarity. With the ability to shamelessly hack celebrities and civilians alike, among other disturbing acts, caused quite a stir in the gaming world for really testing the boundaries of what is acceptable. Upon release, Postal 2 was the 2nd ever banned title in New Zealand, following Manhunt.

9. Germany bans WWII Nazi propaganda

Germany removes all swastikas and Hitler related imagery or similarities from games suggesting that it is unconstitutional.  In Germany computer games are legally classified as children’s toys, therefor all Nazi imagery will be removed from any title containing it. When the newest version on Wolfenstein was released it was instantly pulled recalled for swastikas alone.

8. Duke Nuk’em, nudity and murders.

Since the days of old Nukem has been stirring the pot with vulgar language, murdering helplessly bound females,  going to strip clubs, and over all destroying everything. In 1999 Duke Nukem 3D was banned in multiple countries, being considered pornographic and too violent.  There are censored versions out side of the United States. 3D Realms in general has played a huge role in pushing the envelope and creating controversy.

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