10 Most Unexpected Kills In Multiplayer Games

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The world of online gaming is a bizarre one indeed, with so many complex mechanics and design choices that even normal kills in some games seem pretty crazy. That said, there are clearly a few specific cases of kills that really make you question the laws of virtual physics. Here are ten kills that occur in multiplayer games that really make you go “WTF!”

The Bowler Hat – James Bond series

The world is a dangerous place full of many potentially lethal accidents waiting to happen. That said, I wouldn’t never expect a hat to be involved in any of them. Oddjob’s classic razor-rimmed bowler hat has been in his inventory in the multiplayer of some of the classic James Bond games of the past decade. It’s always a surprise and it always feel cheap, but I’m still ever so glad it’s there.

The Care Package Kill – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Support related items are becoming a greater focus in multiplayer games these days, but one would be foolish to neglect their destructive potential. The care package has become a standard part of the Call of Duty experience since its introduction in Modern Warfare 2 and, whilst it helps out its recipient with a host of kill streak related goodness, it packs a mighty whollop by itself.

The Blind Throwing Knife – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Another bizarre Modern Warfare 2 addition that made for some insanely luck-based killing. The throwing knife is a one-hit kill item that takes a fine balance of fluke and skill to actually aim properly. With its quick arc of descent and the fact that you only get one, the throwing knife is among the most uncommon but awesome kills in the Modern Warfare series.

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