10 of the Most Stunning Innovations in Video Games

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For anything to survive there must be innovation. As one wise guy said, “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” And fortunately that is what the video games industry is doing at the moment. This has resulted in to higher quality games with superior game play mechanics. Through this article we take a look at the 10 of the best innovations in game play in recent years.

Editors Note: Given the plethora of games that have been released in recent years, it’s impossible for me to list every game out there. So if you think I have missed your favorite game, you can always list that out in the comments section below.

10. Bioshock: Plasmids

The reason behind why Mortal Kombat is still very popular is due to the crazy powers that some of the characters have. Liu Kang for instance can throw fireballs or Sub Zero can freeze you. Bioshock bought that fun to the first person genre by introducing Plasmids. Now using Plasmids, the player can eject bees, fire, ice (sub zero style), shocks and much more, all on the tip of a finger.

9. Resident Evil 4: Close to the shoulder view

Not many games before 2005 employed the close to the shoulder view. As far as camera angles were concerned, video games were a tradeoff between first person and third person views. But Resident Evil 4 changed that in 2005 by employing a novel technique: The Close to the shoulder view. Not only this new type of view gave user a more in-depth experience on the game but also laid down a pedigree for future super hit games like Gears of War, Resident Evil 5 and many other shooters.

8. Shenmue II: Command Quick Time Event

Quick Time Events are so common these days and for some odd reason most of the gamers out there criticize the system, I for one actually liked it. The Quick Time Event was first seen in the original Shenmue, but the real next step was the integration of time with the QTE in Shenmue II. In Command Quick Time Event, time will slow down giving you that extra vital moment to initiate the sequence. QTE years later has become more prominent in video games with more recent hits like Heavy Rain having an entire game based on it.

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