10 Plot Holes Gamers Were Okay With

Sometimes it’s best to just let things slide.

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While games tell great stories, sometimes they have to take liberties with, shall we say, logic and common sense. Whether due to oversight or just because the writers didn’t think things through, we end up with glaring plot holes in games that are really silly when we think about it. None of them ruin these games, of course, and we’re willing to put up with them for the ride. That doesn’t mean we won’t make fun of them, though.

So let’s do that, shall we?

WARNING: Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead for every game we discuss, so if you see us beginning to talk about a game you don’t want spoiled, skip ahead to the next entry.


The time paradox plot hole in God of War 2’s ending is well-known by this point. It’s a causality nightmare- because of Kratos stopped Zeus from ever killing him, that means he never had to escape Hades and then look for the Sisters of Fate, because the only reason he did so was so he could stop Zeus from killing him. But by this point, over a decade on from God of War’s release, we’ve kind of gotten over that point. Before its reinvention in 2018, the God of War series was more about blockbuster action than it was about intelligent, bulletproof storytelling, and that plot hole very much falls in line with that identity. Besides, that plot hole led to an excellent ending for the game, so we find it easy to overlook the flaw.

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