10 Things About Final Fantasy 15 That Will Annoy Hardcore Fans

10 things about Final Fantasy 15 that can annoy traditional Final Fantasy fans.

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Final Fantasy 15 is now finally out, after almost ten years of waiting- and this game makes up for the sins of Final Fantasy 13 and its successors. The jury may be out on Final Fantasy 15‘s ultimate legacy – will this game go down as a top tier classic in the vein of Final Fantasy 6, ha7, and 9? – but the fact remains that for the first time in a very long time, people are not disappointed with a new, mainline Final Fantasy game.

But even with everything the game does right, it still does a lot of things differently enough from the other games in the series, that hardcore fans of the franchise may be ticked off. Here are ten of those things about the game that are bound to really annoy hardcore Final Fantasy purists. Please note that this list may have spoilers.

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Final Fantasy 15 is not a standalone product- in fact, to make any sense of it, you’re going to have to first watch at least Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy, and preferably also Final Fantasy 15: Brotherhood. The movie and the anime provide critical and crucial information about the game’s story, narrative, background context and lore, and characters, that the game just assumes you know of. In other words, the game makes very little concessions for players who have never picked up other Final Fantasy 15 media, and what it does is ineffective. This is a very poor storytelling tool, and for fans who by definition expect each Final Fantasy game to be standalone (since that’s the entire point), it can be a pretty big problem.

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