14 Things We Can’t Stop Doing In Games

I’m sorry, I can’t save the world right now, I have to fail this QTE on purpose.

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Forget about those main quests. Put those side missions on hold. Hell, let’s even ignore the optional, extra activities. When developers create games, they make sandboxes of varying scopes, which have us interacting with the game’s world and doing things that we just can’t bring ourself to stop doing, because they appeal to use for some mysterious reasons we can’t put our finger on- even if they’re the most inane, meaningless, random activities. In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at fourteen such things we can’t stop doing in games. Some of these are more general things that can be found in many games, while others are more specific to certain titles and franchises.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


What’s our first instinct when we first see a body of water in a video game, however big or small? Whether that’s to check whether or not the main character can swim, or to dive underwater to collect hidden treasures, or to hunt aquatic beasts and animals, or just because the water just looks that damn good, when we see water, we all get that uncontrollable urge to jump in and splash about.

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