15 Biggest Video Game Bosses of All Time

Some bosses tower above the player, simultaneously creating spectacle and challenge.

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Bosses serve as the bookends to chapters in video games. These harder, more fully realized enemies are meant to instill fear and awe in the player, and some do this through sheer size. Here are the 15 biggest bosses of all time. Please note that we are only considering the size of these bosses and not their individual difficulties.

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As Kratos steps into the Pits of Tartarus he is greeted by Chronos, the titan banished to the deepest regions of the underworld. But to Kratos he is just another obstacle in his quest. So he fights the towering being, working his way up his leathery skin, ripping out his fingernails, pulling out his organs, and killing him in a suitably gruesome manner. But the mere size of your opponent is hard to comprehend, making it one of the most memorable fights in the entire series.

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