15 Features Players Paid For That Should Have Been Free To Begin With

Some features seem a given for games, but companies can’t help charging us for the same.

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There are features in some games introduced to incentivize players to spend money. It’s not the biggest crime or anything. Some titles will offer free updates and content just to build up enough good will so that hopefully you’ll splurge on some microtransactions. However, there are other games that just outright charged for things that should have been included in the game for free. Let’s take a closer look at 15 such things here.

Changing Soldiers’ Names – Heroes and Generals

Free to play titles generally tend to make their money back through microtransactions, whether they’re cosmetic or pay-to-skip the grind. Heroes and Generals in 2016 decided to go an entirely new and dumb route however. When players would recruit new soldiers, they had to pay to change their names. It’s one thing if this is a user profile name or Gamertag but in-game soldier names?

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