15 FPS Gameplay Mechanics That Make No Sense

FPS games can be fun but they unfortunately don’t always make sense.

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First person shooters are some of the most fun – and successful games – available in today’s industry. However, they’re not always full of concepts that make sense, whether applied to the real world or within that game’s zany universe. Here are our top 15 picks for first person shooter concepts that make no sense.

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Rocket Jumping

Doom is a shooter that introduced a number of firsts and one of those is rocket jumping. In theory, it sounds awesome but it’s still perfectly absurd. Shooting yourself in the foot with a rocket, incurring damage to reach greater heights? It’s ridiculous…ridiculously effective for getting around but still ridiculous. Quake popularized rocket jumping, especially in competitive multiplayer, and games like Marathon, Rise of the Triad and even Unreal Tournament with the Impact Hammer implemented it in some form.

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