15 Games That Tried to Kill Players As Soon As They Began

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We talk about difficulty in video games all the time and while some titles are tough to the point of requiring multiple restarts, others are…different. They’re not content to kill you eventually – no, the act must be done as quickly as possibly, even if the game has just started. Let’s take a look at 15 games that tried to kill you almost instantly (and most likely succeeded).


Bloodborne Celestial Emissary

Bad stuff is going down in Yharnam, if the werewolf that disemboweled you in the clinic wasn’t a good indicator. One trip to the Hunter’s Dream for some armaments doesn’t help to stem the tide of threats. From the rabid dogs and Huntsman that swarm in packs to the Carrion Crows and Trolls, everything is a threat. Yes, even the innocuous old man in the wheelchair.

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