15 Life Lessons Taught By Video Games

They’re not immediately apparent but video games can teach quite a lot to the average player.

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We’ve all had that moment in a video game where it’s felt more real than the code or the graphics governing. Like it’s very essence has influenced us in different ways, both big and small, throughout our lives. There are life lessons to be learned in video games and we may be picking them up without even  knowing it. Here are a few.

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Never Giving Up

As in life, video games can present many frustrations. There may be a boss whose patterns you’ve figured out but still can’t beat. There may be that one mission in every Call of Duty (for us, it’s that damn Nightmares mode in Black Ops 3) which you beat your head against again and again. But at the end of the day, you never give up and never give in. Even when everything seems lost.

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