15 Mods We Want To See For Grand Theft Auto 5 On PC

Let the modding begin!

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Games are fun. That’s about as obvious as it gets. Everyone enjoys something or the other in games; we have handhelds, we have power hogs of consoles and then we have PCs. The latter enjoys a smug expression and an insufferable hubris, but there’s merit to all that. We PC users have modding at our disposal. It comes only second to being a developer in a way. A game may have superb replayability value, but mods take this value to ridiculous new heights.

GTA 4 and Skyrim are just a few of th examples. And now again, the PC community is abuzz, especially with the PC version coming a little after the console versions, there seems to be a proving ground that has subtle notes of revengeance to it as PC users buckleup to dive into an all new rapture. Here 15 mods that need to be there in GTA5.

15. Carmageddon

This one is pretty obvious to even the ones with geese feather for brains. Carmageddon is a laugh riot as the mod messes with the physics of all the cars in the game, and you may be beholden in awe as you appreciate the energetic spectacle of the traffic making beautiful arcs all over the road. But beware; the ‘Wasted’ screen would be an all too familiar screen while you clutch your belly after a bout of laughter.

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