15 Most Absurd Boss Battles That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Bosses can be epic but they can also be some of the strangest parts of a game.

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Boss Battles are often the highlight of a game, showcasing phenomenal design and creating a satisfying difficulty spike. But these 15 bosses range from incredibly easy to just plain bizarre. We aren’t quite sure what the developers were thinking. 

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Steroid Joker – Batman Arkham Asylum

After putting the Dark Knight through dozens of devious traps the Joker decides that tricks won’t cut it for their final confrontation. So he pumps himself full of the venom drug and bulks up, flexing his giant muscles and swinging wildly at the caped crusader. The Joker is known for dastardly schemes, so why just give him some muscles and turn him into another thug?

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