15 Terrible Games That You Bought For Their Box Art

Never judge a game by its admittedly sweet-looking box art.

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Of all the things to consider when buying a game, box art may be low on your list. Back in the day, however, it was a deciding factor while window shopping – the venerable cover of the book being judged. You know how the old adage goes though so let’s take a look at 15 terrible games with awesome box art.

Unlimited SaGa

There are probably worse criticisms that a game could receive than “ruined the SaGa franchise” but that’s what Unlimited SaGa did. You wouldn’t know based on the game’s elegant box art with its butterflies and flowers, rendered in gorgeous water colour. It was all the more disheartening at the time because Square was releasing classics like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Drakengard, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Kingdom Hearts. Unlimited SaGa stands as proof that even Square could mess up big time (and not for the last time either).

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