15 Things Only Role Playing Game Fans Will Understand

It all makes sense (eventually) but only if you play role-playing titles. Trust us.

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For all the idiosyncrasies, cliches and bizarre happenings they contain, role-playing games are probably my favourite genre in gaming. There’s just so much to them, so many systems working together in unison to provide an immersive narrative experience. Of course, not everything makes sense to the average non-RPG fan. So let’s a look at 15 things that only an RPG fan could understand and why.


Diablo 3 Season 13

Pop quiz, hotshot. What do fans of Diablo and action RPG/looters all have in common, besides laughing at Diablo Immortal? Min-maxing. Every time we start a new character or new League or season rolls around, min-maxing is the priority. It essentially means pouring all resources and prioritizing a single stat for the sake of a desired play style. So if you’re maining Shadow Impale Demon Hunter in Diablo 3, for instance, you’re maxing out Life on Hit, Attack Speed, Movement Speed and keep pouring points into Dexterity. Does it make sense to prioritize only one stat in real life? No, but in an action RPG looter, it’s everything.

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