15 Times The Player Was Completely Helpless

Do you feel in charge? With some of these games, you’re definitely not.

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There are many games which make no bones about empowering the player and providing the tools for near-endless miracles. However, sometimes games like to go the opposite way. They like to take power away from the player or make them feel helpless. Though it may only be particular sequences and scenes, here are 15 times video games rendered the player completely helpless.

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Oracle “Dies” – Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham Knight 4K

So technically Barbara Gordon aka Oracle didn’t die – it was actually Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin fooling Batman into thinking such. However, the Dark Knight didn’t know this at the time. To him, Barbara inhaled a ton of Fear Toxin and shot herself to avoid whatever monstrosity she saw Batman as. To Rocksteady’s credit, even if we didn’t notice the gas present on Batman’s side, we would’ve sworn that this was the end of Oracle.

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