15 Video Game Decisions That Will Go Wrong Regardless of Your Choice

Things will always go wrong regardless of your choice.

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Video games are full of decisions – do you go right or left, up or down, pick up the Holy Water in Castlevania or the Axe? There are decisions which can have profound impact on the story but there are also some that seemingly punish you. That’s because no matter what you choose, someone will suffer or something bad will inevitably happen. Let’s take a look at 15 such video game decisions where this happens. Spoilers are in-bound.

Kill The Drug Dealer – Heavy Rain

Ethan isn’t having the best day in Heavy Rain. His son Shaun has been kidnapped by the Origami Killer – who isn’t going to take him to Disneyland, if you haven’t guessed – and Ethan has to go through deadly hoops to find him. One such hoop involves killing a drug dealer. However, the drug dealer begs for his life, showing Ethan a picture of his two daughters. If Ethan doesn’t kill him, then he won’t get any information about Shaun. It’s a basic but still competent example of gray morality.

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