25 Must-Play Free Mobile Games

Fun AND free mobile games? 25 of them? You bet.

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You’ve probably been told that mobile games aren’t for “real” gamers. You know, the ones who spend hours complaining to Bungie or Massive about the latest “meta” in their favourite grind-fest. However, smartphones and tablets have played host to some of the most addictive, bizarre, new-fangled and crazy games imaginable…and so many of them are free. Here are 25 must-play free titles for mobile you have to experience.

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Clash Royale

Supercell’s Clash Royale could have been a micro-transaction enterprise like Clash of Clans or a Hearthstone rip-off. Instead, it’s proven to be a compelling mix of competitive multiplayer, collectible card battling, strategy and tower defense. The rewards also offer a good balance between free to play and premium, enticing you to keep playing without having to spend any real cash.

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