5 Years Of The PS3, Here Are The Top 50 PS3 Games Of All Time

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With tremendous expectations on their shoulders, coming right off what is probably the best gaming console ever, five years ago, Sony released the PS3. And for the first two years of its life cycle, it was in a mess. Everybody was sure that like many others, Sony would succumb to the “third installment curse.” And for a long time, it seemed that everyone was right.

But now, the PS3 is moving from strength to strength. It has developed one of the best libraries ever in gaming history, it has a superb exclusive lineup, great online features, and the best hardware specs out of all the home consoles. But a system is only as good as its games. And the PS3 has a ton of absolutely brilliant games.

In celebration of it completing five years on the market, we have prepared a list of the 50 best games on the PS3. We have, of course, omitted several games from the list, and believe me, it was hard. There are just so many good games on the system, it was very hard to please everyone. So in case your favourite game is not in the list, sound off in the comments below!

NOTE: We are including only one game per franchise. Games released after the month of October 2011 are not in consideration.

50. Devil May Cry IV

The Devil May Cry series hasn’t really been consistent, and while DMC4 wasn’t as good as the third or the first installment of the series, it definitely was a damned good game. Nero was an excellent character, and the traditional arena based hack-n-slash nature of a Devil May Cry game was as enjoyable as ever, and the satisfaction you got out of the brutality was immense. And while we definitely would have liked to see more of Dante, the little we got to see was enough to keep us going.

49. Resident Evil 5

Lots of tears were shed when this franchise went multiplatform, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the best games ever made. Certainly not as good as Resident Evil 4, but except the clumsy co-op mechanics, the game will easily immerse you in its world. It’s a Resident Evil title, and that’s all you need to know. The Gold Edition is exclusive to the PS3 and has Move support, so what are you waiting for? Buy it now.

48. ModNation Racers

Sony’s own take at the popular Mario Kart series, ModNation Racers was a blast to play through. Sure, it wasn’t just as good as everybody would have wanted, but it was still damn good. The customization toold were downright crazy, giving you an immense amount of freedom over what you wanted to do, design, share and play on and/or as. Racing was enjoyable too, and one could literally spend tens of hours playing the game. We’re glad that Sony’s continuing the series forward, and we hope we see more of it on the PS3 in the near future.

47. MLB 11: The Show

Sony San Diego usually makes these Baseball games every year, but it really doesn’t get that much exposure as it is intended for the American market. But if you are a Baseball fan, be prepared to play one of the best Baseball simulators ever created. The players look and animate realistically and if you have a Playstation Move, then you have to get MLB 11: The Show.

46. WipEout HD

Wipeout HD (or WipEout HD, depending on however you want to write it) has to be one of the best downloadable titles ever, and definitely one of the better Wiepout games in recent years. The visuals were great, the lighting effects were awesome, the fast, furious, heart-pumping races were a hell lot of fun, and innumerable gamers put in countless hours into the game. Of course, we are getting a Wipeout sequel with the upcoming PS Vita version. So let’s just hope it lived up to the standards Wipeout HD set.

45. Braid

Highest rated XBLA game finally comes to PSN, and is as good as it ever was. This is a no brainer. It’s one of the best arcade games ever created. The puzzles are challenging and the music is much better than what you find in many games out there. It isn’t that expensive now, so if you don’t have this on PSN, you would be doing the game a great disservice.

44. Limbo

Limbo was black and white, and it was 2D, and that is why it was so beautiful. The game was just so creepy, and atmospheric, and it sucks us right is. The platforming was great, the puzzle solving was a lot of fun- everything about the game was fun. Even the innumerable deaths. The one thing I didn’t like in Limbo was that Playdead ended it too soon- let’s hope it was just a test run in anticipation of a full blown, even better Limbo. Again, fingers crossed!

43. Heavenly Sword

Ninja Theory’s answer to God of War? Not really, but this game was damn good, although, a bit on the shorter side. The one thing stood out about this game was the six-axis implementation and the beautiful motion capture for the characters. Gameplay wise, the game was quite decent, but if you love such action-adventure games, you need to check this out. The game can be found for quite cheap as well.

42. Borderlands

Borderlands was outright brilliant. It was quirky, innovative, addictive, and it wasn’t afraid to move away from the genre conventions. It was similar to games like Fallout in the sense that it was a cross between an FPS and an RPG, but it never felt very similar to them. It always felt…different. It was just too much fun to play through it, and upgrading and customizing your weapons was bafflingly satisfying and enjoyable. And whilw we did not really like the story of the game, the addictive nature of the game more than made up for a lackluster narrative.

41. Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising wasn’t available on the PS3, due to Capcom making it a 360 exclusive. We could say that the PS3 wasn’t even out when the game was being developed, so we can’t really blame Capcom here. If you love killing Zombies, coupled with an open world setting, then this game will give you a lot of satisfaction. Featuring a ton of upgradeable and modifiable weapons, only your creativity is the limit.

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