6 Technologies we want demoed at E3 2010

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There’s a lot of movement in the rumor mill about technology waiting to be unveiled at E3, and we decided to stoke the fires of gossip with a wishlist.

Of course we can’t be certain what is going to come up, but speculation is mounting for these cool gadgets;


It recently slipped out that we could be seeing a PSP2 as early as this year’s E3. And frankly, we’re excited. Sony didn’t really nail it with the Go, so this could be their oppurtunity for a second chance. It would be nice to see a return of the removable battery, and if they do decide to bring back the disk drive, for gosh sakes’ make it use something a little more universal, like a MiniDisk drive.

DS 2

Another handheld possibility, the DS 2 has a lot of potential as it has already sold so many copies, relying on simplicity instead of graphical grunt. A higher resolution screen would of course be a welcome addition, as would an ability to watch playback TV online, but we will just have to wait and see.

3D Gaming

As we already speculated on in our Gaming in the Future feature, 3D gaming cannot be far off. Having already graced the PC, and successfully blown many people away in the process (as well as making some people nauseous), console gamers are anticipating the ability to have the Helghast burst out of the screen, or watch as the Locust Horde charges into the room. The rumor mill is in full swing over 3D gaming particularly after some leaked PS3 firmware screenshots revealed an option for 3D video output.


It’s all about Project Natal at the moment, with lag times, predicted prices and more slipping out all the time. However at E3, we want to see a real, properly lengthy demostration of Natal in action complete with definitive lag times and a pricetag. And of course, it’s real name (they may as well just call it Natal now anyway, everyone’s got used to that).

The Sony Wand

While we aren’t nearly as excited for the Wand as we are for Natal, it is something we would like to see more of at E3. Frankly, this editor views the Wand as little more than a cheap rip off of the Wii controller, but there you go. Hopefully our opinions can be improved by some promising gameplay footage.

Some decent PS3 firmware updates

Almost all the firmware updates up until now have been fairly inconsequential; Facebook compatibility, new icons…a sparkly background?! We want the ability to seamlessly swap between web browsers and games without having to jump out of the game. We want to be able to charge our controllers while the console is in standby. And how about throwing some of the PS2 greats on the PSN! I certainly wouldn’t mind Shadow of the Colossus, or Resident Evil 4.


And of course, no E3 wishlist would be complete without:

Duke Nukem Forever

Shut up. If I want to live in denial, let me.

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