7 Big Games We Could See At The PS5 Reveal Event

Ready the soapbox, here are some mostly reasonable and not too out there predictions for what we might see at the PS5 event.

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While we’re still not clear on when exactly it might happen, we do know that we can expect Sony to take the wraps off of the PS5 in an official reveal event… some day. It might be next month (which is what the current rumors say), or it could be all the way down in August-September, but given that the PS5 is a product that will be released, it will definitely have to have a proper announcement and reveal.

What form that announcement and reveal might take is anybody’s guess, particularly in the wake of Nintendo throwing out the rulebook for how the console hype cycle works with the Switch (nee NX). It seems apparent that a similar short hype cycle is what Sony might be going for with the PS5 themselves. However, I hope that even as they learn from others, they don’t lose sight of the kinds of things that have made their own console unveilings so exciting in the past.

Specifically, one of the coolest things we can look forward to when it comes to PlayStation console reveals is actual game announcements, demos, and trailers – and would you look at that, nothing actually generates hype for a game console as much as games. Here are some we hope to see at Sony’s PS5 event.

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The original Horizon ended up being far better than even the most ardent PlayStation fans could have hoped for, ending up garnering extremely positive review scores across the board, and selling over 10 million units. That alone is enough to guarantee a sequel; but that aside, Horizon itself leaves the door open for (in fact, it outright sets up) a sequel.

A Horizon 2 releasing in 2021 (four years after the original) seems to make sense – yes, Guerrilla technically have to handle a console transition, but they also don’t have to create an all new engine, as well as an all new IP in a totally new (for them) genre in the process. Given that, and the fact that Horizon as a brand is extremely well liked (it was the game that went toe to toe with Zelda, how many games can say that?), expecting Horizon 2 to get at least a substantial teaser at the PS5 reveal event isn’t unreasonable. Throw in the substantial rumors and leaks surrounding the game we have seen in recent months, and there’s a lot of smoke here for there to not be any fire.


Like Horizon 2, a new Ratchet and Clank game has also been well leaked for a while now (to the extent that it was originally believed to be coming for the PS4, which at this point obviously feels unlikely). To add to that, Ratchet and Clank are smaller scale outings than something like Spider-Man, and Insomniac is extremely efficient and prolific. What I am trying to say is that I expect a Ratchet and Clank game, and I expect it soon – like, launch PS5 game soon, to be honest. Obviously, given that, I also expect it to be shown off at the PS5 reveal event.

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We know that Bluepoint is working on a brand new game, and that they have called this game extremely ambitious. We know they have teased that it is a Demon’s Souls remake previously (teases that have since then been substantiated by Jason Schreier, who has a near flawless track record with inside scoops on games). Given the fact that it is a remake of a cult classic game that is hugely beloved, Demon’s Souls (or whatever other remake Bluepoint is working on, but let’s be honest with ourselves here) is probably a game Sony wants out for the PS5 launch – as a remake, it’s easier for it to meet deadlines, and as a cult classic entry in a franchise loved by core gamers, it is also the perfect headlining marquee game to get the attention of enthusiasts and get them to upgrade at launch. I expect we will be seeing this game unveiled alongside the PS5.


Leaks almost take the whole fun out of making guesses and predictions like this, because, once again, Resident Evil 8 is a game that has been substantially leaked (by Dusk Golem, Rely on Horror, and Eurogamer, among others). It’s due out next year, Capcom is known for short reveal to release windows, and most importantly, the last three Resident Evil games were all revealed during Sony events. It’s not a stretch to assume that we might see Resident Evil 8 at the PS5 event too – maybe we will even see a look at some presumed PSVR2 compatibility?


Resident Evil 8 is not the only horror game Sony is looking at bringing to the big stage when it unveils the PS5. Also very rumored and leaked is a reboot of Silent Hill, the classic Konami horror game franchise. The specifics of what this reboot will be like are unclear – we have a lot of information (multiple games might be in development, the original team might be developing one of them, Hideo Kojima might be developing one of them, Sony and Konami are working together on the game, and it will be a PlayStation exclusive) – but if they hold true, and Sony is indeed funding the development of the game, then we can almost certainly expect it to be shown off come PS5 reveal time.


This one is more of an educated guess (so not informed by rumors or leaks), but a) Polyphony Digital hasn’t released a game since Gran Turismo Sport (which will be over 3 years old by the time the PS5 releases), and b) Sony has demoed every single system of theirs (except the Vita) with a Gran Turismo game upon reveal – even PSVR. We can probably expect to get a good look at Gran Turismo during the PS5 reveal – whether it’s a proper Gran Turismo 7, a souped up version of Sport, or just a tech demo, is unclear, but betting on Gran Turismo to be there in some form is a pretty safe bet.


As far as predictions in this piece go, this one is the most out-there one that we will get. It might be tempting to conclude that Final Fantasy XVI won’t be at this event, that it’s too soon; and while I can see the logic in that, there is also a lot of compelling evidence to argue that it might be revealed at the PS5 event after all. We know Final Fantasy XVI is in development, and we know it’s a different team than XV or VII Remake. We also know that PlayStation systems in the past have been revealed with hype inducing upcoming Final Fantasy projects – VII for PlayStation, X for PS2, Crisis Core for PSP, XIII and Versus XIII for PS3, and XV for PS4 (once more, the Vita is the only PlayStation system not to get this treatment – are you seeing a pattern here?). Putting two and two together, it’s not much of a stretch to guess that FFXVI might be at this PS5 event, whenever it happens – but of course, Square could throw a curveball, and either only show off 7 Remake running on PS5 (or maybe show us the next part of 7 Remake instead). They could also just not show anything at all. We don’t know. But more than any other game that could be at this event, it’s the possibility of finally getting my eyes on FFXVI that excites me.

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