7 Books That Would Make Amazing Games

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Movie tie-ins are rarely any good, but we often come across games based on books that are very entertaining. Given below are seven books we think would make great games. Some of the books/franchises might already have games based on them, but we believe better games in the universe can be made.

Enjoy the list, and tell us what you think of it in your comments below!

Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card)

It would be great if we had a game based on the book Ender’s Game. Not a game exactly following the book’s story, rather a game that sees the training of a normal boy at the Battle School and his following exploits against the buggers, and what else he does in the war. It could be a choice based game. Or we could have a multiplayer game, with everybody choosing an army to be enlisted in the Battle School at the beginning of the game, and playing onwards. it’d be a lot of fun. I’m sure, if the right developer is given the game to be handled, it’ll be a great game for sure.

Foundation (Isaac Asimov)

Again, making a game based purely on the book’s story would not be preferable, though it might still be enjoyable. What I am driving at is a game that sees the entire thousand years through, or maybe even the first five hundred years and the books did, but from the point of view of another character. Playing the role of someone high ranked in the Foundations would be a ton of fun- just imagine managing the resources, balance and safety of the Foundations. Plus, the game would be really long. You don’t merely cover 500 years worth of story in 20 hours, eh?

Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)

Harry Potter, as a game series, has so much potential. Sadly, till now, it has all gone to waste. Even if we follow the story of the series, we can have a full fledged, twenty hour long game, with classes, Quidditch, Harry’s usual exploits, exploration and stuff. Not just that- the game’s universe is such that we can have playable characters too, like what we saw in the Prisoner of Azkabad game. And if we don’t follow the books’ story, but still stick to the universe, we will have an even better game on our hands- a Bully like game set in Hogwarts. Imagine how awesome that would be.

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