7 Most Badass Renegade Moments In Mass Effect 2

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Mass Effect 2 introduced this great feature in which we could interrupt a conversation or a cutscene at a prompt and make our Shepard do something badass/saint-like. There were also a lot of normal, dialogue influences renegade moments in the game. And thus, there were plenty of moments which saw Shepard do some pretty badass stuff. Here’s a list of what we think are the 7 most badass renegade moments in Mass Effect 2.

Shepard punches a reporter

This is kind of a given. If you’re ever talking about the Mass Effect series, it’s hard not to talk about the reported who always gets punched. She asks Shepard too many questions, and he gets pissed off. He’s already mad at her for making him look bad during the events of Mass Effect 1, so he takes out his anger by punching her in the face.

Shepard humiliates Turians

Shepard sees two Turians, threatens them that he will beat them up, and when they get up to fight them, he kicks their sorry asses. He punches them in the balls and humiliates them publicly. Then, he sees another turian harassing an asari dancer, so he beats the hell out of him too. Because that’s just how awesome Shepard is.


This is probably one of the most famous Mass Effect 2 moments. Shepard is on a mission to recruit an assassin- Thane. He (she, in this video) asks a guy where he is, and when he refuses to corporate, Shepard punches him and throws him out of a sky scraper. This is perhaps the most badass and awesome renegade moment in the entire game.

Epic renegade interrupt

On Miranda’s loyalty mission, Shepard comes across some mercenaries who’re threatening to sabotage his objective. They threaten Shepard and ask him to turn back, but even though the he’s outnumbered and the odds are against him, he kills the leader and attacks the rest of the mercenaries in a cool, badass moment. Nobody messes with Shepard. Nobody.

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