7 Recent Handheld Games With Excellent User Interfaces

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Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land is an excellent game, and it makes use of the 3DS very well. It’s user interface is neat and clean, and the menus and the on-screen prompts, which would have otherwise been cluttered and confusing, are perfectly user friendly. The hub world is a perfect example of what I’m talking about- it’s not very different from other Mario games, but it’s easy to explore.

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story has, actually, a very simple user interface. But that’s why it’s so perfect. Logically speaking, a game about owning your own games development company with all the complexities included should have a very complex UI- but Game Dev Story defies that and gives us a very simple, neat and old school UI.

FIFA Football (PS Vita)

Much like the PSP God of War titles, it’s surprising how well FIFA Football ported over the exact same interface from the console version of FIFA 12 to the PS Vita. While it is a shame that the UI does not make use of the Vita’s touch screen and touchpad functionalities, it’s incredible how well the PS Vita version replicates the horizontal menus of FIFA 12 without any cutbacks.


There was just so much going on in Nintendogs at the same times, so much stuff we had to take care of. And it never felt overpowering. The excellent user interface of Nintendogs made going through the innumerable menus and commands easy. The menus were concise and user friendly, and they always made playing with our dogs an easy and enjoyable task.

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