Ace Combat 7 Guide – How To Unlock All Named Aircraft?

A guide on how you can get hold of 24 Named Aircraft.

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Ace Combat 7 has a ton of unlockables in the form of 24 aircraft which you can get hold of by performing specific actions within the game. Let us guide you on how you can find them all. If you are interested in reading more guides on the game, you can check out our and best tips and tricks, and all about using flares and earning money quickly.

Unlocking Named Aircrafts

There are 24 Named Aircraft in Ace Combat 7. All of them have specific requirements, so, let’s take a look at how you can find them all.

Mission 1:

MiG-21 PYRO – Unlocked by destroying the third fleet of enemies. You need to use 4AAM, 6AAM, or 8AAM.

Mission 2:

MiG-29 JESTER – Unlocked by destroying Radar Vehicles and the Control Tower. You need to do before the UAVs come in again.

Mission 3:

F-16C BAYONET: Shoot the enemies within 90 seconds.

Mission 4:

F-15J RONIN: Until radio silence gets over, fly below 650 feet.

Mission 5:

F-15C FANG: Weapons must be disabled and you need to make it through with a minimum of 75% damage.

Mission 6:

F-14D KITTEN: In the West Base, fly through the tunnel.

Mission 7:

TYPHOON FAUCON: Destroy all non-TGT enemies.

Mission 8:

F-15E GAZELLE: Destroy all oil facilities before you run out of time.

Mission 9:

F/A-18F SPIDER: Destroy all Radio Tower but before you do that wipe out at least half of non-TGT enemies.

Mission 10:


Mission 11: 

SU-33 IBIS: You need to pull off a stunt. Make it through the gap in platforms towards the Northeast side.

RAFALE M CHASSEUR: Destroy all aircraft on the platforms.

Mission 12:

SU-34 WALRUS: Stonehenge shouldn’t get hit at all.

MIR-2000-5 FOUDRE: Fly under the Stonehenge.

A-10C BUFFLEL: Destroy all A-10C Thunderbolt IIs.

Mission 13:

MIG-31 COMET: Destroy Solis as fast as you can.

Mission 14:

SU-47 GADFLY: See that canyon? Fly through it.

Mission 15:

SU-37 SERPENT: Earn 5000 points more than the standard requirement.

F-2A BOGEN: Destroy the Aegis.

Mission 16:

SU-35S AXEMAN: Earn 15,000 points more than the standard requirement.

Mission 17:

F-35C MANTIS: Fly and remain close to the driver rail.

Mission 18:

YF-23 LYNX: Kill and destroy everyone. Reach Shilage Castle in 2 minutes.

Mission 19: 

SU-57 CALAMITY: Earn 20,000 points in first section.

F-22A TEMPEST: Earn 20,000 points in first section.

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